Remembering American History on National Day of Prayer 2020

Happy National Day of Prayer, America!

Did you know, prayer and fasting were woven into our nation’s fabric from the beginning? It is important to preserve the evidence of this truth.

Today, in this spirit, we give you a few facts and photos from history. All of them serve to acknowledge the United States of America’s roots are irrefutably Judeo-Christian, and prayer and fasting have been a bedrock of her beliefs, of her strength.

Never let us forget where our power comes from, Lord! You are our Founder and Provider. We look to You for forgiveness, healing and blessing upon our great nation. In Jesus name, Amen.

Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving (we still celebrate as Thanksgiving) was inaugurated on November 26, 1789, by first President, George Washington.

GW Pic


Day of Humiliation, Fasting, and Prayer was established by the U.S. 2nd Continental Congress from 1775-1783.


Again by President John Adams in 1798-1799.



President Abraham Lincoln proclaimed National Day of Humiliation, Fasting and Prayer in 1863.




In 1945, President Harry S. Truman declared a Day of Prayer following the defeat of Germany in WWII. Then, in 1952, President Truman declared an annual, National Day of Prayer.



The words and example of these giants in American history speak for themselves, and continue inspiring us today. What a privilege, in 2020, to follow their wisdom in praying and fasting for the healing and restoration of our beloved America, our home.

God Bless America!



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