The Star of Bethlehem

For months, I’ve been looking forward to sharing this video, The Star of Bethlehem, by Rick Larson. It came out a few years ago, and is one of the most impactful documentaries I’ve ever seen. While I had been planning to share it with you, I had no idea the Star of Bethlehem astronomical event might be repeated this year!

According to many news sites, a rare appearance of the Christmas star, the Star of Bethlehem, will appear in our skies on Monday, December 21. This year’s event in astronomical terms is the alignment of planets Saturn and Jupiter which hasn’t happened in several hundred years. This alignment will make them appear to us as joined, forming what will look like the largest star anyone has seen in the sky.

So, how pertinent and timely to help this video make the rounds once again to the people of God. Christian attorney, Rick Larson, set out some years ago to research the Christmas star and find the truth behind it. Is it just myth? Or did something actually happen that we can confirm? His journey is astounding and inspiring. I cannot watch this video without ending in tears of humble awe and joy.

What Mr. Larson reveals is not just about the Star of Bethlehem. It is about the overwhelming love and power of God who can use even the stars to speak to His children. A Creator who encoded His plan for salvation from the moment He flung the stars into place.


You see, the birth of Christ was the beginning of the most important and pivotal series of events in human history. The gift of the baby divine King who came to love us and give His life in exchange for our souls, if we would only trust Him.

I pray you are infinitely blessed in knowing this story. And in two days, in seeing the rare event of the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter just in time to reflect on the most precious and important story on earth, God’s greatest gift to mankind: the birth, life and death of Christ.

Merry Christmas, people of God. You are loved beyond measure by the good Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ. May you experience His love in a new way this season and beyond.




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  1. every Christmas I paint something to remind myself that my gift comes from God. Today I was painting on a bigger than normal painting where it had the star, the angels choir, the shepherds and the sheep, and wiseman. I don’t know how I came to your blog ( a God appointment?) and see star of Bethlehem in your side bar. WHile I was watching it suddenly occurred to me, that it is the same star I was painting on today. amazed, because is is not a coincidence, it is His gift to me, letting me know that also the timing of my paintings are pre ordained by the Father. to Him be all the glory. The jesh

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