Jonathan Cahn Video: Call For Day of Prayer & Fasting on Election Day November 3, 2020

Friends, we are pleased to share with you Jonathan Cahn’s video warning to American Christians of the choices before us today and also calling us to prayer and fasting this day. Our readers at Faith and Fasting know we are in the last day of a 3-day fast for the election, so this fast called by Pastor Cahn dovetails with our fast perfectly.

Be assured, fasting with prayer has great power! Jesus told the disciples, when they asked why they could not cast out one particular demon, that it was because, “this kind only goes out with prayer and fasting (Mark 9:29). Many Scripture versions left out the phrase, “and fasting”, but it is in the original language. It is the secret of maximum spiritual power.


God bless every follower of Christ in America and around the world, who are supporting our election in 2020 through prayer and fasting! Let’s unite in prayer once again today, on election day, November 3.

Heavenly Father, we love You and surrender now to Your Spirit. Fill us and make Your agenda ours. Guide our actions and words today, use us to shine light wherever we live, to make a difference in this land You gave us for refuge.

Lord, You know what is at stake like no other. If America falls, where does that leave Your people within her borders, and around the world? Evil has been pressing us in on all sides for too long. You’ve shakened and awakened us, and we are on our knees before You in fasting and prayer, crying out for You to step in and rescue us from the spreading evil.

Bring back the godly values of life and Biblical truth in America. Restore what the locusts have eaten. Restore law and order and freedom of speech and honest journalism. Restore truth in schools and churches. Secure the integrity of our voting processes.

Lord, we are in Your hands. Our nation is in Your hands. Do not let us be ashamed before our enemies. We trust You to be faithful to Your promises, for You “are not a man that you would lie or change Your mind” (Numbers 23:19). What You speak, You accomplish.

Praise Your holy name, and we ask all these things in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus! Amen.

Prayer warriors, we wait and watch together. Remember the dream some of His prophets had months ago, that we may feel like our ‘ship is sinking’, but it will not sink. We are in it together. Hang on tight. And look to Jesus, the AUTHOR and FINISHER of our faith!

God bless you all, and God bless the United States of America!