“Iceberg is Coming. Firewall.”

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Heard these phrases, separately, this morning, December 10, 2020, in my spirit:

Iceberg is coming.” “Firewall.

I will not yet attempt interpretation. So much is happening right now!

Maybe completely unrelated, but here is a paraphrased summary of a few headlines probably going ignored in much of the mainstream media:

18 States join Texas in lawsuit (going to U. S. Supreme Court) against 4 battleground States over election fraud.

Arizona and Georgia legislatures refusing to certify election due to rampant irregularities.

House GOP urging President to appoint special counsel to probe 2020 election.

Covid vaccine causing adverse side effects in healthcare workers in UK. Setting up “resuscitation centers” by vaccine centers.

China is already mocking Biden’s Covid response, before he has even taken office.

Big Tech coverup collapsing with Hunter Biden investigation.

FTC and 48 Attorneys General are suing to break up FaceBook “monopoly” (similar suit expected soon against Google, probably more to follow.)

These are only a handful! Guys, these are epic times. My over 90 year old Aunt (who lived through Pearl Harbor) told me the other day, I’ve never seen anything like this year in my lifetime. That speaks volumes.

If you are anything like me, you are tired, often discouraged, but stubbornly resilient underneath it all, thanks in full to the Lord’s sustaining grace! He is good, no matter what is happening around us. And He is trustworthy.

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Remember the story of Sodom and Gomorrah? The people had become so wicked that eventually Abram and Lot were ordered by the Lord to leave and resettle elsewhere. But, before that day came, Abram begged God for mercy, if there were found enough godly people left in those towns.

Paraphrasing Abram’s plea: “Will you spare them if there are 50 godly people? Will you spare them if 40, 30, 20, or even 10 godly people remain?” (Genesis 18). The Lord’s answer was yes. That is grace. Of course, the tragic end of that story was, there were not even 10 godly people, Abram and Lot had to leave with their families, and Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed as the Lord forewarned.

America has a lot of sinful similarities to Sodom and Gomorrah, but we still have millions of God-fearing Christ-followers within our borders. In fact, we harbor the densest population of Christians of any nation in the world, which serves to make us the global defacto, ‘heart of God’s people’.

Now, the heart is admittedly sick and in need of divine medicine, surgery even. But, the Lord has assured several of His prophets this year that God is not through with America. In fact, quite the opposite. He is winding up to clean house. Perhaps we see evidence of that in the few headlines above.

Will He keep Trump in office? Several respected prophets said yes. Mark Taylor, for one, declared Trump would serve 8 years. Does that mean those 8 years are broken up and we have to wait another 4 to get to the second half? Time will tell, as they say.

One thing I am confident of is that God showed me destruction is coming to the Democratic party for their refusal to realign with His precepts (sanctity of life being at the top of that list). I wrote a sober article about this very clear prophecy weeks ago on Faith and Fasting.

He promised a political, directional shift right-ward. That already happened in the House election results, with every single Republican challenger this year winning his or her race! (Note all polls and main news media predicted the opposite.) I suspect that is only the beginning.

Alongside the right-ward movement, the Spirit showed me significant election fraud happening. I saw that coming from the Summer forward. But, He also showed me there are so many security checks in place, the perpetrators would be caught.

By the way, every dream, vision or word from the Spirit we’ve had is listed and kept updated on our menu Page, Dreams and Visions for America, in case anyone wants to review it. Many have had separate posts along the way, but the entirety are contained on that Page.

Where does all this end up right now? Along with you, we wait to see. We are in the Lord’s hands, and He is good. He is trustworthy to His people. And when we delight in Him, He gives us the desires of our hearts. (Psalm 37:4). What a great Father. What a precious Bridegroom.

In the waiting “meantime” (and yes, that in-between can be “mean” time, as an old Pastor friend of mine used to say), we pray and keep our hope where it belongs. Not in men, not in government, not even in the law, but in Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. Remember this: He always finishes what He starts. We can count on Him to be at work on our behalf. We have His heart.

We’ve done the work of repenting, fasting, praying, and crying out to our Savior. Now, let’s watch and see what the Lord will do. Our eyes are upon You, Lord!


News sources: Breitbart, The Gateway Pundit, and World Net Daily

One thought on ““Iceberg is Coming. Firewall.”

  1. Hello! Thank you for sharing what you sensed the Holy Spirit telling you this morning—. “Iceberg is coming” And then separately “Firewall.”

    I wanted to share what came to my mind as soon as I read these words—

    Firstly, like when the Titannic encountered the iceberg, it came out of nowhere. It was totally unexpected. And it sunk the proud unsinkable ship in a couple of hours.

    The Texas lawsuit generated by AG Ken Paxton came out of nowhere just recently and goes right to the core of the matter—huge violations of election protocols instituted by PA, WI, MI, GA which bypassed state legislatures thereby violating US constitutional law.

    I believe God has heard our prayers and is bringing this election into the light. And that Texas will win the lawsuit on constitutional grounds at the US Supreme Court because God is behind it and His plans are never thwarted! We want to see God’s glory here!!

    A firewall will be needed by all Christians and Republicans/Conservatives after this overturning occurs because Satan and his minions in the Democratic Party, Antifa and BLM will go absolutely crazy and on a rampage and there will be widespread chaos and destruction.

    I live in San Antonio and have been praying with many Texans for President Trump and the real truth of this election.

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