Hindsight is 2020: Dreams Really Did Reveal Everything!

Recently, I promised my followers a review of the previous year and messages delivered by the various prophets. Guys, I’ve struggled to get my head around the volume of it all, and I finally came to a conclusion: I don’t need to address all the messages given by other prophets. They can speak for themselves and be judged in perpetuity.

What I will share with you now are the dreams and visions I’ve had regarding America in a super reduced, summary style overview.

It is amazing when you look at the messages summarized below, you see that EVERYTHING that happened this past year in America was forewarned by the Lord through dreams or visions.

If you’ve ever read my Bio, you know I’m a Southern Baptist who until a couple years ago didn’t know a thing about dreams or visions of God (except in the context of being a long-ago Biblical story). I still consider myself a novice on a steep learning curve to navigate this gift of prophecy. I’ve made mistakes but have learned a lot in a short time.

The biggest lesson of the past year has been: be very careful attaching opinions to what you’ve heard from the Lord. He is faithful and His words are trustworthy, but a prophet’s human opinions can cloud the message. So, for all of us, me included, when we listen to “prophets”, pay attention to the message they heard from the Lord, but when they start adding opinions to that message, take it with a big grain of salt.

For today, let’s take a moment to reflect on all the Lord spoke here on Faith and Fasting. We may not love every message – especially when it is something we didn’t want to hear – but we can certainly appreciate how informative and accurate the Lord has been.

Take heart, beloved people of God, dear followers of Christ. There is still a LOT of hope ahead. Your Savior loves you, is on track with HIS plan, and will never leave or forsake you!


Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, [I] the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, [and] will speak unto him in a dream. Numbers 12:6

[Feb/2022 Update – Because of the way the table below was formatted, I’m not able to add additional lines now. But, I’ve realized I should have included a powerful, haunting vision of a giant pale horse I had on April 6, 2020. If you want to read more, I posted an article about it in June of 2020. I can’t stop thinking about it and wonder whether or not it was the pale horse of Revelation, which represented death. Covid-19, for one, has certainly delivered death to the world since 2020.]

Dreams/Visions Revealed Message:Comments / Prophecies Fulfilled:
1May 5, 2016A shaking coming2020…
2Jan 5, 2017Storm coming; church leadership diluted and weak2020…
3Feb 12, 2017Enemies threatening but there will be a way of escape
4March 26, 2018A shaking coming2020…
5April 1, 2018House would turn for DemsHouse turned over Nov 6, 2018
6Nov 2, 2018House to turn dramatically overHouse turned over Nov 6, 2018
7May 27, 2019Obama attacked America 2XA reflection on his terms, or more?
8July 18, 2019Some sort of double “crash” coming2020…
9July 23, 2019Left wing halls of power corrupt to the bone, also starting on the Right, flesh being eaten away2020 revealed much of the depth of corruption in our leaders on both sides
10Aug 30, 2019Protests and looting to come2020…
11Sept 6, 2019A plague coming2020…
12Sept 28, 2019God’s people promised provision
13Oct 7, 2019A chaotic year coming2020…
14Oct 17, 2019A severe storm coming2020…
15Nov 14, 2019God’s people praying for Trump2020…
16Nov 25, 2019Impeachment just a show, no meatJan 2020 House impeaches on skimpy allegations
17Dec 20, 2019Shift to the Right2020… (10 million more people voted for Trump than 2016 and House Repubs win every seat they compete for)
18Dec 22, 2019African Americans shifting to Right and being welcomed2020… (AA community sees significant shift to Right)
19Dec 25, 2019Asian army gatheringCovid, or more?
20Jan 2, 2020Untrustworthy situation ahead; wild beasts being groomedCovid +?
21Jan 19, 2020Storm and predator coming; sheltering offers some safety and it won’t last foreverCovid
22Jan 29, 2020Heavy hits coming to our soilCovid
23Feb 7, 2020Vaccinations in our future; will come close to the “Left edge”Covid +
24Feb 8, 2020Mass quantities of death comingCovid
25Feb 10, 2020Lab workers trying to contain a dragonCovid
26Feb 12, 2020Something about Pete Buttigieg and a woman being significant
27Feb 16, 2020Though our nation is spiritually and in ideology “divorced”, we still need to make peace with each other
28Feb 22, 2020Accidental death, and things that should be outside instead stuck insideCovid lockdowns/quarantines
29Feb 23, 2020Republican victories comingRepubs won every House seat for which they ran in 2020
30Mar 6, 2020A refining coming to the people of God
31Mar 7, 2020I would be used to deliver bitter messages; storm long forewarned now upon usCovid lockdowns began a week later
32Mar 12, 2020Something being tested for military would crash into our country and cause great damage with promise of eventual recoveryCovid
33Mar 14, 2020Death and decay comingCovid and political upheaval
34Mar 19, 2020A plague born in a lab from a large, nation that had birthed many additional plaguesCovid/China
35Mar 28, 2020A dangerous ‘marriage’ to extreme Islam happening in the church
36Mar 31, 2020All people ‘covered over and smothering’Complete lockdowns were happening, businesses being hurt and destroyed
37Apr 8, 2020The nation standing back up but leaning leftWe started re-opening late April/May w/heavy restrictions, especially where Left leaders in charge
38Apr 16, 2020Mass graves will eventually be in the past
39Apr 17, 2020Two unusual people making questionable decision for AmericaDrs. Fauci and Birx led the plans to fight Covid, which many questioned
40Apr 21, 2020Covid and Democrat leadership will eventually be a thing of the past
41Apr 26, 2020The AMS device on the International Space Station, searching for anti-matter, may bring great destruction in the future
42Apr 28, 2020The nation tilting, unbalanced to the leftCovid brought many intrusive controls; Dems would ‘take’ WH, Senate in elections
43May 6, 2020God is using even this difficult and complicated year as part of a divine plan which ultimately has a good ending
44May 9, 2020A destructive stirring in NYThere was much controversy over the leaders of NY’s handling of Covid.
45May 16, 2020Many deaths will follow one death which is connected to the symbol of a neckGeorge Floyd died 2 weeks later and riots started after which led to more death
46May 23, 2020A sick man loved by the Left will be marginalizedBiden to be marginalized in future
47May 31, 2020I would be used to deliver bitter messages like Jonah
48Jun 2, 2020Left ideologies designed for emotional comfort, not health
49Jun 11, 2020A hand pointing to a clock reveals the time is the Tenth hour
50Jun 14, 2020Movement to the Right by boatBoat parades for Trump and Americans flocked to his rallies
51Jun 21, 2020People who bring false teaching will fall away
52July 7, 2020It is time to take up spiritual armor
53July 8, 2020Bibles burningPortland rioters burned Bibles in news Aug 1
54July 9, 2020God appreciates Trump defending human babies in the womb
55July 17, 2020Ground will fall away from some angry people
56July 18, 2020Democrats will “multiply records” in a fraudulent fashion; we will feel our ship is sinking, but it will eventually come back upElection 2020
57July 19, 2020The Left will steal somethingElection 2020
58July 21, 2020Something big stolenElection 2020
59July 23, 2020Biden “replaced” by a woman; something connected to the election will stink
60July 27, 2020A Republican will die and the left will act unhingedHerman Cain died two days later of Covid; some on the Left said he deserved it
61July 31, 2020Law-abiding citizens destroyed; dead bodies en masse lifted into the air
62Aug 1, 2020Shown a majority for Trump and connected to the number 73.
63Aug 5, 2020Movement to the Right by camperRV parades for Trump happened; multiple thousands flocked to his rallies
64Aug 7, 2020A huge wall would lean left at the topBorder wall or policy to be changed and lean left again
65Aug 12, 2020Party of “dark awareness” prophesied to loseIs the Right more aware of spiritual darkness than the Left? Evangelicals are predominantly on the Right…
66Aug 23, 2020Spirit reveals His will for the people is ‘go right’.
67Aug 24, 2020A man will fail to get into a large White door, but the Right will remain hinged over it.Trump’s loss did not cause riots or burning of businesses.
68Aug 27, 2020The year will end with a whimper instead of furyThe end of the year was calm compared to much of the year.
69Sep 2, 2020God warns Dem party of future judgment and collapse if they do not repent and return to Biblical values, reject abortion.
70Sep 14, 2020The same Dems shown cheating in former dreams will control the “master bedroom” of a white house and four “containers” of corruption and unhealthiness will followBiden inaugurated
71Sep 15, 2020Spirit reveals a return to darkness is being pursued; Also reveals a woman on the right is working to correct theft
72Sep 19, 2020There will be a bump to the left before God’s final goal is reachedBiden inaugurated
73Sep 26, 2020An empty vessel high up is destroyed before anyone can take it down.
74Sep 27, 2020Someone tries to stop a vehicle from moving to the right and failsAmy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court, solidifying its constitutionally conservative bent
75Sep 30, 2020A negative thing coming is forewarned with the promise it will eventually work out
76Oct 4, 2020Swamp coming up everywhere but the Lord eventually drains it all
77Oct 8, 2020An injustice from the Left coming to the ‘land of shepherds’
78Oct 9, 2020A theft happens, but the thief is reprimanded and eventually we get everything back
79Oct 10, 2020Spirit says, test Me in this… movement to the Right is inevitable
80Oct 16, 2020Saw someone entering a place from the right but suddenly moving leftVote switching foretold
81Oct 17, 2020This time, specifically saw voting begin on right but shifting to the left and person on right being no helpVote switching by the Left foretold and unchallenged by the majority on the Right
82Oct 22, 2020Theft foretold twiceNovember and January election irregularities were rampant
83Oct 23, 2020Spirit reveals number 73-74 million is significantSecond dream with number 73. By all accounts, Trump ended up with 73 -74 million legitimate votes
84Oct 29, 2020Spirit reminded that Covid is a plague and is a judgment for the people’s rejection of His will
85Oct 30, 2020Attacks from Left to Right shown; also shown is Jesus working on a plan to lift and secure His people’s house
86Nov 2, 2020It is revealed the handling of Covid drew many away from the LeftMore people voted Repub than 2016, and people leaving Dem States in great numbers
87Nov 3, 2020The Left will attack the Right for voting for Trump; eventually the Right catches the destructive onesMany on the Left would later call for severe persecution, loss of jobs, etc, against Trump supporters
88Nov 4, 2020God’s people comforted with a message of peace from the Lord
89Nov 7, 2020America face to face with “the grim reaper”; vision of Biden as Jimmy CarterElection called by media today; Biden will be one-term President
90Nov 12, 2020Delivery of something delayed but assured “on the other side”; people trying to muzzle each other on both sides, Left and Right; God promises His people will eventually win.Tech and media censorship rampant to silence their political opponents. Thru social media, both sides working to silence the other.
91Nov 16, 2020Master bedroom occupied by people who don’t belong, aren’t homeowners, but the Lord can take over any moment when He choosesThe election results delivered fraud and displacement of the true rightful master of the house; God is allowing it for a reason
92Nov 24, 2020Promise: death will be swallowed up in victory in the endNo guarantee of time frame or of this election being corrected, but a promise of victory in years ahead
93Nov 28, 2020The data, statistical analyses, to reveal the truth being on the rightData scientists did confirm (tho no one heard it from liberal media) that Trump did win when all irregularities and fraudulent votes thrown out
94Dec 1, 2020Jesus preparing to take charge of all the mess
95Dec 3, 2020Kamala Harris is the ‘end of a rope’ to her party; in the meantime, destruction and corruption will run rampant
96Dec 8, 2020Destruction is coming to someone in a chair and connected to Harvey Weinstein
97Dec 10, 2020Someone working to recover the vote
98Dec 12, 2020Christmas in shadowsOne of the prophets had predicted Trump victory by Christmas, but God was saying, not this Christmas…
99Dec 13, 2020The Lord promises, though it may feel we are falling, He will not let us fall completely; draining of swamp still promised to come
100Dec 15, 2020Ballots will be put away and it will be the Dem’s celebration. We will worry about China’s influence, but God says America is neither the Left’s nor the Right’s. It is Mine.
101Dec 16, 2020The American ‘game of thrones’ power sandwich is eventually going to be remade with meat; something frozen is starting to crack
102Dec 18, 2020While the people may think Trump is up to one thing, he is really doing something elseMany thought he would try to keep power by old law or military force, but he did not attempt it
103Dec 19, 2020A triangle image blown to dust in the sunsetEconomic downturn ahead?
104Dec 21, 2020The year is still in conflict, not where it belongs
105Dec 22, 2020God’s people promised provision; the right launching an offensive in the works
(Sorry, this one proved a personal message, so it was removed.)
106Dec 26, 20202021 revealed to start with dramatic conflictFulfilled in Capitol attack on Jan 6
107Dec 28, 2020Christmas shown yet ahead to have silver lining
108Jan 2, 2021Dream message: make peace with Trump losing this battle
109Jan 6, 2021Shown a subdued rally for Trump, Biden being congratulated, and swamp waters rising
110Jan 8, 2021Another shot seen coming from the right
111Jan 9, 2021Decorating for Christmas still ahead
112Jan 11, 2021An attack launched from the Left to the RightThis week, the House would vote to impeach Trump again
113Jan 16, 2021Saw George Washington smothering in cellophaneBoth DC were in lockdown for the inauguration the following week, and metaphor for freedom being smothered
114Jan 17, 2021Saw the new year as if it were frozen, suspended, unable to go forward
115Jan 19, 2021Train, although late, still coming; Left shown as a corrupt family that will never condemn or confront itself
116Jan 21, 2021Jesus loves His people… is seeking heat in the body of Christ!