Visions: A Glimpse of 2022

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Family of God, I had these visions on July 13, 2021. I confess I’ve all but ignored the blog in recent months due to personal life needs that dominated my attention, but when I delayed sharing these obvious visions for the people of God, the Lord gave me another vision this week of me dropping keys to His church!

So, forgive my delay on these precious messages and I pray for the Spirit of wisdom to go before and come between the visions to us!

I will share my tentative thoughts, but be aware my thoughts and opinions are not necessarily a message from the Lord. Only the visions are purely from Him.

July 13, 2021

  1. Upon waking, I had a vision of Jesus bending slightly down and reaching out His arms to me with a huge, loving smile.
  2. A second vision immediately followed the first: I saw a dining table behind multiple curtain panels. The panels were sheer and also had narrow gaps between them. Then, I saw a full grown cow facing me, standing behind the table, and before the vision ended, it turned its head to its right. The cow was standing center/right of the table and had subtle, variegated markings, not solid brown, etc.

Thoughts: I love the vision of Jesus! Smiling lovingly, arms outstretched as if ready to pour out a blessing. He is precious.

One thing I am certain of in my dreams/visions is cows represent years! The last two years the Lord warned me in advance (usually in the Fall) what the coming year would be like through dreams about cows, and they have been dead on accurate:

On Oct 7, 2019, I dreamed a wild cow came at us and then headed into a mass of people, frightening them. The year, 2020, was exactly like that cow, a year of Covid, fear and uprisings. Then, in Aug, 2020, I dreamed of a cow laying on its right side with only a back leg slightly kicking. I missed that one, thinking it was about the end of 2020, but it was about 2021! The year, 2021, has been a year of losses, exhaustion, dead businesses, slow come backs, etc.

This new cow dream is strikingly different from those last two. This cow is calm, standing over a table about to seat people for a meal, and then at the last it turns its head to the right.

Why was I seeing it behind curtain panels with gaps? I cannot answer that question. But the thing that haunts me most – and this is where you take my thoughts/opinions with a big grain of salt – is the last part where I see the cow ‘turning to the right’ at the end of the vision. The end of 2022 will bring a mid-year election in America. Will it ‘turn to the right’? Why was I seeing the cow’s right was to my left? I pray it is not another year of election fraud, but nothing should surprise us. We should pray for fraud-proof systems to be put in place so the honest voice of the people is heard and not suppressed.

In closing, I ask you to remember: stay surrendered daily to the Holy Spirit and pray for wisdom. Pray for our nation, the nation who often forgets she belongs to the Lord. He loves His people and He has plans for us which will work together for our good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28).

God bless you today, people of God.


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