Recommended Study Helps

Tips and Resources for Anyone Wishing to Further their Skill in Studying the Bible:

The Holy Bible, Literal Standard Version (LSV) by Covenant Press – This one is new, just out in 2020, and is a major improvement over its peers. It draws from older texts (Septuagint, from the 3rd century BC, and Pentateuch, even older than Septuagint) in addition to the Masoretic Text (MT), circa 1000 AD, from which most modern versions of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible stem. The MT has been found to contain significant errors, so the LSV is a vital reference for anyone wishing better accuracy of original languages. I own and refer to this new version in Kindle.

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The Pentateuch (Samaritan version of the Torah) – From several centuries BC, the Pentateuch may be the oldest translation of the Torah, the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, the books of Moses, still in existence. This resource is amazing, for it includes the Masoretic text alongside the Pentateuch, enabling the reader to see the differences in translation between them. I own and use this in Kindle.

The Septuagint – From the 3rd Century BC, the Septuagint contains the entire Old Testament / Hebrew Bible translated into Greek by Jewish scholars living in Alexandria (Greece) who understood both Hebrew and Greek. The image below is of one copy in English which happens to also contain the Apocrypha. The Septuagint is the version of Scripture quoted by Jesus and the disciples! A must have for serious students of Scripture. Much older (by 12 centuries) than the Masoretic text and should probably be considered more faithful to original languages. I own and refer to this in Kindle.

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Complete Bible Reference Study Library by James Strong – I have a copy on Kindle and it is excellent. Contains the Bible, both Hebrew and Greek Bible dictionaries, concordances and more at your fingertips. It contains in-verse links to Strong’s Bible dictionaries. This allows you to literally dig into word studies of the original languages on the fly — can have the Kindle app, which is free, on phone and/or computer. I believe there is also an app for this library.EBCD94A4-9099-441B-8442-298BBC2C4FC3_1_201_a FREE tool for searching the Bible in many modern versions (be aware, most come from the Masoretic Text which can have problematic areas of translation – just always fact check against older texts). You can do a search of the English translation of one verse with one click. Also offer commentaries and libraries of info to study, along with devotionals, etc. Contains a free copy of the Septuagint. In addition to having my own copy of the Septuagint, I have this resource bookmarked on my laptop! contains a free copy of the Pentateuch for online use. In addition to having my own copy, I also have this valuable resource bookmarked.

Young’s Literal Version (I also have on Kindle) is another good backup Bible version to have on hand if you can handle old English. 53F167E0-9301-4640-AAAD-C1FBBB3A11BA_1_201_a

Audio Bible! (many options in Amazon or iTunes) FREE with many articles, resources, and devotionals and much more

Additional resources I have in hard copy, to name a few favorites:

The Interlinear Bible: contains Hebrew, Greek and English line by line on every page5519F25F-26E4-496F-8B02-0B8DA1F9767D_1_201_a

Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance (this is included within Strong’s Complete Reference Study Library mentioned above…)

KJV Illustrated Bible handbook: includes summaries, author and date info, audience info, principles, and moreA1791E82-08F2-4184-9D50-B179BFE9D1AB

Nelson’s Compact Bible Commentary by Radmacher, Allen and House (contains outlines, illustrations, and more)48C61549-EBC9-4543-9C07-BF349CF1A8D1

Nelson’s Quick Reference Chapter by Chapter Bible Commentary by Wiersbe.BDE40FC5-949C-46AD-909A-E5927F869F4E