Dream of a 7 Year Old Child about End of COVID-19

[This article was written by Will Ford at Will Ford Ministries. We at Faith and Fasting found it so powerful, we are sharing it in its entirety today.]

boy prayingEvery day in our family prayer times, both of my young boys (ages 5 and 7) pray for the coronavirus crisis to end. Lately, they have taken their own initiative to pray for this. Even after they bless their food, they’ll pray, “Bless our food, and destroy the coronavirus, in Jesus name, amen.”

For a few weeks, my response was, “That’s cute.” But now, I’m starting to believe that God wants to raise up an army of child prayer warriors in the midst of this crisis.

Out of the Mouth of Babes…

Recently, while I was teaching my online class, I overheard my 7-year-old son tell my wife, “Mom, I believe the coronavirus is gonna end on April 30th.”

Dehavilland said, “That would be amazing, sweetheart. What made you think of that date?” He said, “God told me.” When I finished the class, my wife and I asked him to explain how he heard this from the Lord.

He then said, “Well, God gave me a dream last night. In the dream, I saw this huge, green plant which had a crown on its head, and it was squeezing the world. The more it squeezed the world, the more hands or tentacles it grew. Out of nowhere, a lion that had the body of a lamb appeared, and it destroyed the plant and ripped it to pieces. Then a date appeared in my dream: This will end April 30th. And the dream ended.”

I was blown away. First of all, my son hasn’t heard any talk regarding a date linked to the end of the coronavirus. Neither my wife nor I have spoken about an end date. Also, my son didn’t know that corona means crown. Though he didn’t know this, my son identified the crowned green plant that was choking the world to be the coronavirus.

He didn’t know what to make of the half Lion and half Lamb that destroyed the plant, but I interpret it to represent Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, Who is also the Lamb of God that passes over us, and cleanses us of our sins. It was the blood of the lamb that stopped Egypt’s plague against the Jews, and the Blood is warring for us now in ways we probably can’t imagine.

Pay Attention to Your Children’s Dreams and Visions

Now, I’d love for this to mean that the coronavirus pandemic will suddenly end on April 30th, but it could mean the beginning of the end of this plague. Or, it could also mean that something significant will happen on April 30th connected to the demonic, ivy-like tentacles of the coronavirus.

All I know is I’m contending for my son’s dream to manifest. I’m fasting until April 30th and I’m praying through this dream.

I shared this with a few friends, and their children are also having dreams and visions, hearing from the Lord about this coronavirus coming to an end.

What if we all engaged our children to pray for an ending of this pestilence? Let’s deploy the younger generation to pray for an end of the coronavirus crisis!

I was recently told that it was “praying children” that fueled the revivals of the great awakenings. I believe God is using His children as His secret weapon to not only pray against the coronavirus, but to also pray in another great awakening.

Let’s agree together in prayer:

“Oh God, we agree with the prayers of our children; have mercy on us and destroy this coronavirus! Lord, our children have lost grandparents, fathers, mothers, and other family members to this plague. They’ve been separated from their friends and classmates whom they miss so much. Father, we ask that You answer their cry for the ending of this plague.

“And in the meantime, teach us all to become like little children in the place of prayer. Take our children into a deeper place of intimacy with You, Lord. Thank You for strengthening our families in the midst of this crisis. Surely, we, and the children You have given us, are for signs and wonders (Isaiah 8:18). In Jesus name, amen.”

William Ford III
Will Ford Ministries
Website: willfordministries.com

Will Ford is a prayer intercessor in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. A graduate of Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, and Emmaus Road Ministry School in Euless, Texas, he is the founder of Will Ford Ministries. Will is the owner of a kettle pot used by slaves in his family for prayer. Forbidden to pray by their slave master, Will’s ancestors would pray underneath the kettle late at night to muffle their voices. Turns out that they were not praying for their freedom after all, but the freedom of the next generation.