Thanksgiving for The Mystery Beneath the Beatitudes

The Beatitudes are a wonderful reminder as we head into Thanksgiving week here in America, to consider the blessings inherent in knowing Christ and seeking His kingdom. They were among the earliest teachings of Christ. He taught them to a huge multitude of people clamoring to hear His message and are recorded in Matthew 5. … More Thanksgiving for The Mystery Beneath the Beatitudes

The Bridegroom

Before the time of Christ, the leaders of Jerusalem and Israel were expecting a conquering King to rise up for the nation, to make it great again. They did not get what they expected. Those who know Old Testament prophecy may remember the prophet, Isaiah, had centuries before the time of Christ proclaimed that the … More The Bridegroom

Day of the Cross

Good Friday. It is the day of the cross. Those who celebrate the death and resurrection of Christ remember this day as the day He hung on the cross for our sins nearly 2000 years ago. For Jesus, it was the worst day of His human life. A day of torment, utter agony and humiliation. … More Day of the Cross

How Do We Save America?

Long before this blog began over a year ago, and many times since, I have found myself mourning, weeping, crying out to God for America. For some reason, He has pressed into my soul an urgent passion on behalf of what was (and in His eyes, I believe, still is) His country. As a nation, … More How Do We Save America?