Mario Murillo: Did the Prophets Fail by Forecasting Trump Will Win? 11/20/20

Pertinent, balanced as always approach by Mario Murillo. An important word for God’s people in this crazy season of uncertainty in America!

The better question, per Mario, is not “did the prophets get it wrong”? It is, “did our election get stolen”?

People of God, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith. He does not begin something that He doesn’t finish. That goes for our personal lives and His national or global will also. And as Mario says, “we keep our hope in the Word of God“. Amen!

IF God told His prophets He will do something, then He WILL do it. We walk it out by praying, fasting regularly, and watching in faith. It may not come in our preferred timing. But God’s will wins in the end.

Remember, the same prophets who predicted a Trump win also predicted this Fall we would feel our ship was sinking. And that is exactly how we feel now. But, the Lord promised through the prophets that our ship would NOT sink in the end. So, let’s choose courage over dismay, knowing Jesus can calm the storm and waves, and watch for the hand of the Lord to right our ship.

Yes, Mario, we agree with you in asking God that our nation be spared a stolen election! Holy One of Israel, we ask You mighty God in humble faith to deliver us from thieves and criminals. We ask that Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, and the Trump lawyer team be given the strength of eagles and the support of Heaven and all people who still care for truth and integrity. We ask more credible witnesses come forward and evidence needed be revealed to convince federal courts to overturn fraud. Lord, we choose to trust Your word because You are good and You are for us. We love You, Jesus. In Your mighty name, we pray and rest! Amen.


Friends, Faith and Fasting just added another page: Prophecy to Rulers and God’s People – Ezekiel 34. It is a powerful word from the Lord against rulers who serve their own interests along with His promise to His people to deliver them! It is a shockingly timely message we urge you to check out!