DAY 2: Prayer and Fasting for American Election 2020

Prayer warriors, we have finished the first 24 hours of fasting and praying for the American election! I pray you are experiencing the comfort and supernatural strengthening of the Lord, drawing closer to Him as you set aside personal pleasure for such a time as this.

By now, we are all hungry. I will tell you, with every hunger pain I think to myself, this small pain is worth it for the goal of seeing God’s hand and God’s plan released freely in America! For seeing the enemies’ grip on our land smashed beyond repair! Our agreement on earth with the Lord’s plans in Heaven carries incredible power. We are playing a huge part in bringing His plans to fruition.

So, stay encouraged. Remember, Jesus “for the joy set before Him endured the cross…” Hebrews 12:2

For Day 2, we have more prayer points if they are helpful to you in your prayer time over the next 24 hours.

The first set of prayer points are ours at Faith and Fasting. The points in blue text are excerpts and inspirations from John Eckhardt’s book, Prayers That Move Mountains, adapted to fit our prayers for America.

Lord, as we begin, we want to tell you how much we love You. You are precious and holy, worthy of our praise and adoration.

As we surrender completely to You now, fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Jesus, give us Your mind. Father, give us Your wisdom. Guide our thoughts, words and cries to You to be in line with Your heart and plans.

Lord, we have barely a day to go before election day, and we want to ask the following things, in the name and power of Jesus:

  • God protect every soul heading to the polls on Tuesday. Guard their lives and the sanctity of their votes.
  • Lord, wherever there has been or continues to be cheating and fraud, expose it and cause it to fall away to nothing. Let nothing be stolen or defrauded from the American people in this 2020 election.
  • Father, we ask special protection for President Trump, his family and Your chosen leaders and their families, that no attack on their lives or homes will succeed.
  • Lord, many expect rioting after the election. We ask you minimize the actuality of this in every way possible, and where trouble does break out, we ask You send help to quell it right away. Don’t let it be allowed to go on and on.
  • Holy Spirit, be released in our land to open spiritual eyes and ears to Your plans. Unite Your people in voting according to Your will. Have Your way in the outcome, not just in the Presidential race, but in every race locally and nationally.
  • Lord, You are the God that swallows Your enemies. You swallowed Pharaoh in the Red Sea. You caused the earth to swallow the flood released by the dragon (Rev. 12:16). You prepared a great fish to swallow up Jonah (Jon. 1:17).
  • Stretch out Your right hand, O God, and let the spiritual enemies of America be swallowed up.
  • Let the mouth of the swallower be closed and bound, in the name of Jesus.
  • Let all assignments of hell against Your people and our nation be swallowed up.
  • In Jesus’ name, let all curses spoken against Your chosen, anointed leaders in America be swallowed up.
  • Punish the enemy, and let every blessing of America he has swallowed come forth, in the name of Jesus (Jer. 51:44).
  • America’s destiny and purpose will not be swallowed up by the enemy!
  • In the name of Jesus, let every generational stronghold in American leadership be swallowed up!
  • Let all persecution against Your plans for American life be swallowed up. Fear, witchcraft, worry, anxiety, frustration and violence, be swallowed up!
  • The water will not overflow us. The deep and the pit will not swallow us up (Ps. 69:15).
  • Send forth your mercy and truth (Ps. 57:3).
  • Hear us, O Lord; for Your lovingkindness is good: turn to us according to the multitude of Your tender mercies (Ps. 69:16).
  • What time we are afraid, we will trust in You (Ps. 56:3).
  • Lord on high, You are mightier than the noise of many waters, yes, than the mighty waves of the sea (Ps. 93:4).
  • You are the God that swallows death in victory. Let all demonic spirits of death and destruction against America be swallowed up.
  • We will leap over Our enemies like King David.
  • We leap into our destiny and purpose, in the name of Jesus.

Holy One, we thank You for hearing us, for rallying Your people and responding to our cry. Our faithful healer and deliverer, what would we do without You? Every second in Your presence is peace and fullness of joy. Thank you, Jesus, for giving up Your life for us, that we might be part of Your family forever. Use us for Your glory in Your land now!

In Jesus name and power, we ask and trust the Lord with all of these things. Amen!

God bless each prayer warrior! Thank you for being part of this pivotal moment in American history. We will be back in another 24 hours with prayer points for the final day. To God be the glory!

Source of excerpts: Eckhardt, John. Prayers that Move Mountains: Power Prayers that Bring Answers from Heaven (pp. 75-81). Charisma House. Kindle Edition.
Frederick Arthur Bridgman, Pharaoh’s Army Engulfed by the Red Sea; Image