Thursday, November 12, 2020

Dream: Had a curious dream about trying to get home in heavy traffic and ordering food online to be delivered once we got there. I remember paying a lot of attention to the online order form. I typed our address in two (2) places and our street number was eight (8). We got home very quickly in spite of the traffic, and the food also arrived quickly. The delivery person went first to the front door, but I didn’t get there fast enough, so he went to the back door where I did greet him. He was a young, African-American male with a big, gracious smile on his face. I remember tipping him $5.00.

Thoughts: Two terms for 8 years total? And will the delivery of that result come in through a “back door”, perhaps through recounts or court order? Does the $5.00 have any significance? The fact the delivery was by a young black man? More questions than answers. But the next dream and the vision all seem to go together with this one.

Dream: I saw people in a parking lot dressed in fancy clothes launching sizeable objects at each other. One side would throw something and the other would catch it and throw it back. I didn’t see anyone get hurt. I believe I saw at least one large truck (or perhaps shipping container) in the background.

Vision: Just inbetween sleep and awake this morning, I had this VIVID vision. I saw tall, thick, white letters (looked as if they’d been painted) hovering over a dark background. This is what it said:

This is an obvious, clear and decisive sign of VICTORY for the people of God. I will not add additional thoughts, but will leave it for the people of God and His prophets to discern in the spirit.

What I will say is, YES, we agree with You, Lord! We receive Your victory! And we will give YOU all the credit! For the love of Jesus and in His mighty, matchless name, Amen!

God bless His people today and every day! And God bless His United States of America!

“I’m gonna see a victory, for the battle belongs to the Lord!” Thank you, Elevation Worship, for continuing to bring us power-packed worship: