Three-Day Prayer and Fasting for 2020 Election Begins Tomorrow (Oct 31) at Sundown

Hello Friends! Just a reminder, many of us will be fasting the last three days leading into the election, and we welcome all willing and led by the Spirit of God to join us! During those days, we will post prayer points which anyone can use if helpful.

We will begin fasting after an evening meal around sundown on Saturday, October 31. Then, the fast will end at sundown on Tuesday, November 3rd (election day), after which we will eat an evening meal.

We have reason to be excited, in anticipation. Different groups of people have been fasting and praying for weeks. We started fasting once a week in June. Another group is in the midst of a 21-day fast! Franklin Graham led the nation in a one-day fast on Sunday, October 25. And we at Faith and Fasting will once again lead this 3-day fast, a last countdown to the election.

The Lord is at work, mightily, be assured of it! No matter what we see with our eyes or hear with our ears, He is moving mountains for our people and nation behind the scenes.

Our prayers and fasting are part of His plan to release His power. Isn’t it exciting to be part of something so important? We will remember these pivotal days for years to come.

For those who are new to Faith and Fasting, this blog was created in early 2016 for the express purpose of encouraging believers in our nation to fast and pray for America. It grew out of a deep conviction of the necessity of fasting to deliver us from the destructive plans of the enemies of God. For such a time as this… (Esther 4:14) And, what a journey it has been. We’ve already seen mountains move, and believe there are more to come!


Anyone new to fasting, should you need tips, check out former post: How to Fast. It contains a few suggestions which have helped us over the years.

The Bible does not mandate specific rules for fasting, as it does not mandate fasting. But, Jesus did say to the disciples, “When you fast…” (Matthew 6:16-17). So, He expected fasting to be a part of their life.

There are different examples of exercising discipline or fasting across the Scripture. Esther called the people of God to fast and pray three days and they did not eat or drink anything. The King of Ninevah called his people to do the same when Jonah brought word to them of pending destruction.

Daniel ate only vegetables two different times for God’s purposes. John the Baptist ate only locusts and wild honey as a way of life!

Matthew 4 tells us Jesus spent 40 days in the wilderness fasting. A human body cannot go without water for 40 days, so we have to presume Jesus at least drank water. Although God in flesh, He was limited by His human body just as we are.

John the Baptist;

For me personally, I love the Isaiah 58 model of fasting. Isaiah challenged the people to fast in secret, give to the poor, take care of their families (i.e., don’t ignore their needs just because we are fasting) and go about normal lives otherwise. It is simple and practical. We aren’t putting on a show when we fast, covering ourselves in sackcloth and ashes. In fact, Jesus said, “wash your face, do not fast as the hypocrites do disfiguring themselves to be seen fasting by others…” (Matthew 6:16-17)

Well, those are a few thoughts and examples of dietary discipline or fasting in Scripture. Use your own discernment how you will carry out the three-days. From personal experience, our gracious God has blessed every single effort of discipline or fasting in my life no matter how varied. Let the Spirit lead.

To God be the glory, great things He is doing and has done!

Jesus in the wildnerness;



One thought on “Three-Day Prayer and Fasting for 2020 Election Begins Tomorrow (Oct 31) at Sundown

  1. Posting a comment from a friend to Faith and Fasting named Rachel. (Thank you, Rachel, adore your comments and agree with your prayers!)

    “I want to let you know that I am joining the three day fast. I was looking for a group to do this with during this time. After reading many posts on your blog, I am comfortable with your sincere faith in God through Jesus and your commitment to the Bible, so I will look here for the posts during the fast.

    Besides God’s will in the election and in the following months- I am mostly praying for God to open eyes of believers to not be deceived by worldly counterfeits of goodness- namely racial justice via BLM (which is really God-hating Marxism, occultism, divisiveness, violence and lawlessness) or the DNC as more compassionate to the poor, etc. I am praying that they would be convicted of a fear of man— a desire to fit in with the world and to have approval of society by despising Trump so avowedly and by embracing DNC candidates.

    I’d like Francis Myles to be correct in terms of the vision he shared! But also I know so many young believers who are deceived and feel very righteous in their support of democratic candidates. And there is almost a stench in their nostrils when the issue of abortion is raised bc they hate that issue being raised as an indictment on their candidates.. it is an irritating bother bc they may say they do not support it, but they are unwilling to stand against it- saying there are too many other important matters, etc.

    They wish other Christians would just stop talking about it; it is an embarrassment to them, associated with an outdated (to them) evangelicalism that is narrow-minded, judgmental, ignorant, wealthy and racist (white supremacist). They feel enlightened and educated beyond it. And I am talking about dear hearts who grew up learning scripture and loving the Lord. I am praying he awakens them like the young Black woman whose testimony Sid Roth shared.

    I am praying for Christians to fall single-mindedly in love with Jesus again, —but first also to be flooded with an immense fear of God, to fall flat before his holiness and majesty. To repent fully for alignment with the plans of Satan. To vomit – as the woman who testified- out of repulsion and contrition for cooperating with demons. I pray we will all gain clear discernment and wisdom as we view events and culture. And I pray we will be granted passion for sharing the gospel above all, and to embrace God’s perspectives and agenda, and abandon anything else- whether our own purposes, or the world’s.

    Bless you during these final days before Nov 3, and all who are calling out to the LORD at this time.”


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