Promises of Recovery and Victory!

The two dreams and vision below were published this morning on our Page, Dreams and Visions for America (DAVA). But, after the Spirit spoke a powerful follow-up word, we’ve come to believe they require a separate post. And this will contain more details not previously shared.


Tue, Dec 22, 2020
Dream 1: In a vehicle (like a bus) with my husband, and a girl was inviting us to her pizza restaurant she’d just started. We agreed and started driving toward it. Though I was not driving, I was at the very front of the vehicle, felt almost dizzy watching through the glass as we drove quickly. At the place, saw a large black cast iron stove and chefs cooking on it behind a counter. The owner was in process of painting the black iron stove a bright gold, which made it look uniquely appealing.

Thoughts: my husband represents Jesus, the Bridegroom of His people. Black turning to gold represents death and loss turning to success! I’m not the one driving the ‘bus’, that is the Lord. But that I was at the front of the vehicle, almost right up against the glass, means I see where He is taking us before others. A nod to a gift of prophecy. The anxiety of seeing first is also accurate. I’m always a bit nervous sharing what I’ve seen, wondering how it is received, anxious that I don’t get what I’ve seen or heard wrong… the personal acknowledgement within this dream lets me know He understands me.

Dream 2: Saw a lineup of home businesses, all successful. Friends’ kids selling rabbits and other animals like a pet store. Their business was growing, they were expanding. Another friend selling home cooked food near their home and it was very popular.

Thoughts: Both dreams above contain multiple images of entrepreneurs with small businesses thriving! All of the people in the dream were friends of ours, believers, followers of Christ. Promised economic recovery… or provision, at least to the people of God. Yes, Lord! Your people blessed, sharing their gifts and receiving the reward, blessing others!


Vision: After waking and pondering above dreams, suddenly saw a catapult launching a large white boulder from just behind/over my right shoulder toward something in front of me and downward.

Thoughts: Thinking the Right and/or Righteous must be ready to launch a significant and destructive attack to those operating below the people (and will) of God. I am seeing it from His vantage point, above the fray.


Lord, Your will be done! We praise and adore You, surrender completely to Your Holy Spirit! Have Your way in Your people, in Your land.

Stop every act of evil, of deceit, of wickedness plotting to hijack Your nation! Return our people to full knowledge of the truth. Pull back the curtains hiding truth, and expose and destroy the wickedness festering behind every one. Protect EVERY person working to preserve truth and fairness in America! Cover their families and do not let evil ones stop them from accomplishing Your will.

Father, spread Your victory in Your land to those in need around the world. We love You and welcome Your plans. Use us in every way to see Your will succeed. Bless Your name, Jesus. By Your power, our wonderful Savior and Deliverer. Amen.

Isn’t it exciting to belong to the Lord? God bless you, people of God, today and every day. Thank God for His gift, Jesus, to the world, and for His victory to come!

Merry Christmas,


Please enjoy this gorgeous Christmas song from our worship playlist, from Elevation Worship: Here Comes Heaven (Christmas Medley):

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2 thoughts on “Promises of Recovery and Victory!

  1. Thank you for faithfully recording every word the Lord gives you. It encourages people like me more than you can know.
    Ever since the election I come to your site everyday looking for encouragement. I feel a heaviness looking at the wicked plots, deeds and words of people so given in to the devil.
    i am an immigrant from India and I have great respect for the constitution of the US. The God of heaven and earth who gave the fathers of this nation such a great wisdom will have the last word. The work which He started in this nation, thro his servant President Trump, He will complete.

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    1. God bless you, Annie! The Lord is good, no matter what is happening in the world. I know you believe that, too. We stand together. I am so grateful you visit our site daily! What a blessing to connect with fellow believers from all over. Thank you for your comment, it encouraged me!


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