Dramatic Visions: A Glimpse of 2021?

People of God, for the sake of time I will get straight to it today. I had two visions related to what I believe may be a glimpse of the start of 2021. It looks like we are still in for some chop, rough seas yet ahead…

Sat, Dec 26, 2020

Vision: Last night, before going to sleep, had a quick and foggy vision of the head of a spotted cow. I was looking at it from above, as if it was in a bucking chute (what bulls are kept in before being released at the rodeo). It seemed very agitated.

Thoughts: When I dreamt of 2020 as a wild cow (in Oct/2019), it did not have spots, but was more plain brown in appearance. I fear this new vision may be a preview of 2021. It may come in angry…

Vision: Waking, had a dramatic vision of two beasts in a glowing sky facing my view. The one, much larger beast with two big, long horns was chasing the smaller beast. Both were glowing as if on fire, as if entering our atmosphere like objects from space.

Thoughts: The larger animal was a bull. The smaller, maybe a cow or much smaller bull. Both were wild and intense. Again, could this be what the start of 2021 will be like? Coming in hot? What is the significance of the larger bull in hot pursuit?

[Had a sober thought after originally posting: I hope/pray these two beasts aren’t what the next two years will be like, one worse than the other… PRAY, people of God. Stand strong for righteousness and be ready for anything. Know the Lord is with us, will not leave us alone.]

[Jan 20 UPDATE: more reflection on these visions… the one picture that went the most viral from the Capitol attack on Jan 6 was the man in the helmet with two long horns on it.]

Image Source:scienceabc.com

Beyond that, will leave for the people of God to ponder. But let’s do the most important thing we are supposed to do when the Lord reveals something: Pray!

Lord, we adore You and surrender to Your Spirit now. We see there are more trials to come, and really we shouldn’t be surprised. We understand, when we stand for truth and righteousness, when we ‘poke’ the beasts of wickedness, they get angry and fight back. Please comfort and strengthen Your people, give us Your wisdom and make us ready. Go before us, come between us and every enemy, and fight for us. Jesus, we owe You everything, and we look to You to lead us, to show Yourself strong and victorious. None can stand before You. None is greater than You! We give You all the glory, in advance. You are everything. Amen.



One thought on “Dramatic Visions: A Glimpse of 2021?

  1. Early this morning (Sunday, February 14, 2021…it also happened to be Valentine’s Day) Jesus was speaking to me about His Servant; PROPHET DANIEL. I had been reading quite a few Biblical accounts (Old Testament mostly) concerning the “trials and tribulations “ of His “Chosen Vessels”. This morning Jesus chose to speak with me about the Prophet Daniel. We realize that some Bible Scholars, Jewish Leaders and other Prophets compare President Trump to King Cyrus. Book of Ezra, Book of Jeremiah 51:20, Book of Isaiah & 2 Chronicles 36:17-23 In some circles, President Trump is regarded as a “modern day King Cyrus. But the Holy Spirit was shining the spotlight on His Servant Prophet Daniel. If you’ll remember the prophet had several experiences with the “swamp creatures” of his day. (Daniel Chapter 6) Prophet Daniel was one of 3 Presidents (Daniel 6:2) He had proven himself to be more capable than the other presidents. Of course this made them VERY JEALOUS of Prophet Daniel. His enemies began searching for some fault in the way he was handling his affairs. Doesn’t this sound very much like the “modern day swamp creatures” on the scene today? These enemies of the Prophet decided to devise a plan & have the king pass a law! (Daniel 6:6-9) Without further explanation, we all know the dire consequences of their EVIL & HATEFUL plan against “GOD’S ANOINTED MAN & PROPHET”. (Psalm 105:15) Although Prophet Daniel was an “ANOINTED & A CHOSEN VESSEL” this did not exclude him from experiencing some very difficult situations; trails & tribulations. But note my dear friends, Prophet Daniel ALWAYS CAME OUT “VICTORIOUSLY”!!! Who ended up in the LION’S DEN? (Daniel 6:24) My advice to everyone: DO NOT “TOUCH OR DO ANY HARM” to any of Jesus’ ANOINTED SERVANTS! It will certainly lead to the “DEN OF LIONS” as a Judgment from the Almighty God! AMEN!


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