Why did Isaiah 53 Become a Forbidden Chapter in Rabbinical Traditions?

David the future King of Israel while a shepherd at Bethlehem by John Rogers Herbert; Image source:charles-e-mccracken-ministries.org

Readers, I’ve waited a long time to share this video, always having it on the back burner of my mind and virtual desk. It is so powerful, significant and insightful on Jewish thought regarding the subject of Christ and His identity. It points a finger lovingly but urgently to the need to reach the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob with the truth of the arrival of their long-awaited Messiah, a fact which far too long has been withheld from them.

The video reveals a general lack of knowledge of the ancient Hebrew prophecies which perfectly and exclusively matched the birth, life and death of Jesus Christ and every detail connected to Him. However, it is heartening to see there are believers in Israel and around the globe working to reconnect the precious Jewish people with their Scripture and prophecies, to make them aware of what they’ve missed and of the One Who still loves and waits for them with open arms.

Image Source:christinesfineart.com

We must always love, support and pray for our sister nation: Israel, and the Jewish people. Let’s pray together now, and I encourage you to watch this short video from YouTube embedded below regarding Isaiah 53, to know why it became a Forbidden Chapter.

Great Yahweh, Creator God, we adore You and come to You with thanksgiving and praise for all You have done, all You have sacrificed for us. Thank you for the roots of our faith, for the nation standing again today which birthed those foundations of Life and hope. We ask You to again shine a special light of love and grace upon our sister nation, Israel, and the Jewish people worldwide.

Please tear down the walls, the blindness that divides the people of our roots from accepting Your Son, Yeshua, the Messiah Who You call the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Open blind eyes to the evidence, the prophecies abundant in number and fulfilled. Fight to reclaim every soul who has been called and gifted by You, restore them through faith in Christ to our family, Israel of God.

Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! For Your glory, honor, and praise forever, in Jesus’ name. Amen.

To Life!


[Postscript: I want to begin faithfully promoting this series by Dallas Jenkins: The Chosen, available for free on Angel Studios app or website. (FYI, no one is paying me to promote it, it is just THAT powerful and worthy of sharing with everyone we know.) Words alone are not enough to describe its relevance, quality, Biblical authenticity, and heart. You will feel you are there with the disciples and first followers of Christ, and Christ Himself! Don’t miss it!]


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