March 6: The Blessing Before the Storm

Friends, these are my notes from Friday, March 6, a most unusual day on which I believe God fore-ordained the release of The Blessing, a song that would go viral and literally put His blessing on His people before a great shaking would hit America and the world.

Friday, March 6
Before going to sleep (in the wee hours of the morning), I sensed the Lord saying in my spirit, “wait for it” and “gird your loins”. I wondered what on earth was about to happen. And then, this:

In the middle of the night in our room I smelled an odd smell I’d never smelled before, like ‘burning crap’. My husband, however, did not smell it. Hours later, I woke to the smell of sweet perfume, though it was gone after I fully woke up. I don’t wear perfume, didn’t have a window open…

It would prove to be a unique and powerful day full of praise and prayer for our family, starting when a friend sent me a YouTube video of a new song called, The Blessing by Elevation with Kari Jobe.

This day, that song led to me weeping in passionate grief over every lost sheep in my many branches of family, and claiming the Numbers 6 blessing over every household, asking the Shepherd to recover the lost and bring revival for everyone else.

I felt the significance of my grandmother who had prayed weeping for her children’s salvation, and to all my ancestors who knew the Lord and must have prayed for future generations.

As the day progressed, I posted the song on Facebook and ended up literally praying for every Facebook friend and their families, too… I couldn’t get past the incredibly powerful emotion, the passion I felt this day, which was rare.

[As I continue to reflect back upon that day, I realize the Holy Spirit of course knew what was coming to America. Without any understanding on my part, He used me to pour out in prayer His Fatherly heart of protection and compassion on those I love, to bless and cover them through the trials in weeks ahead.]

Also found another song by Maverick City with Steffany Gretzinger called Refiner. Incredible. About being in the refiner’s fire.

I was thinking, when we are in the refiner’s fire, all the ‘crap’ gets burned up, and what remains is pure before Him. I reflected back to the bad smell in the middle of the night, ‘burning crap’!

As strange as it sounds, I believe last night I had a sense experience with the Lord – literally smelling the refiner’s fire followed by the sweet aroma of His presence that signaled what would be a remarkable day of passionate prayer and worship.

[The very next day, I would have the dream about a giant tornado hitting us, which I shared in post, Coming Clean: Dreams and Visions About COVID-19. Within that post, I also mentioned the refiner’s fire “smell” mentioned above.

Not much more than a week later, a national emergency would be declared that would eventually lock us all down in our homes for weeks, waiting for Coronavirus to pass us by.

Barely anytime would pass after we would try to stand back up, and we would be hit by George Floyd’s tragic death, followed by rioting and violent protests spreading across the nation.

I believe this time in America and the world is part of the shaking Jonathan Cahn predicted, which I also saw in dreams beginning in 2016. We are in the Refiner’s fire, and the result is us as pure gold, clean and sweet smelling to Him!

On March 24, another unique dream would show me Steven Furtick , the Elevation Church Pastor and co-writer of The Blessing (without a beard, for if he’d had a beard, I believe I would have mistaken him for Jesus, ha!) in the sky speaking words from an old stone tablet. Through that dream the Lord was revealing He was using Pastor Steven to bring God’s ancient blessing over His people to life again, to powerfully project His protection upon the global believers. How incredible is our God?

People of God, your Father KNEW what was coming, and covered you with His blessing before the storm hit! Don’t doubt how much He loves you, apple of His eye. You are precious to Him. Stay in Him, stay surrendered and filled with the Spirit of Christ, and know He is FOR YOU.