The Mantle of Deborah by Christy Johnston – March 15, 2021

Women of God, this is a powerful word for us today! God is working. No matter what is happening around us, He is working and WE are part of His plan.

May God bless the sharing of this powerful, prophetic word to His daughters today.

Deborah, prophetess and judge. Source:


3 thoughts on “The Mantle of Deborah by Christy Johnston – March 15, 2021

  1. Question…. according to Rev 7:14 this Great Worldwide Revival comes during the Great Tribulation. So all these prophetic words from All these prophets saying it’s happening Now…either the rapture is upon us or it’s not God speaking. Can you clarify? Thank you.


    1. Hello, Deby: From my memory, I’ve been taught Rev 7:14 is about the martyrs that come out of the Great Tribulation. Regardless, maybe it helps to know I am not in agreement with any teacher who claims the rapture will happen at any moment. I think we are decades away and I also believe the point of the rapture has actually been revealed in the Revelation timeline. I posted an article about it a year ago (see link below). I believe much has to happen yet in Rev prophecy before we are at the point of delivery. Bottom line, I believe John revealed in Rev that the rapture takes place at the 7th and last trumpet (during the 7th seal). Check out the article and see what you think. God bless, and I pray you are comforted today and every day by the Spirit of Christ.


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