Symbolic Reveal of the Cross through Jewish Tribes

Admittedly, this one might be more for the nerds, like me. The information below came out recently as I was obsessively digging into the math of Numbers and Revelation.

While doing so, I sensed the Spirit tell me, add it up, diagram it and see what it reveals. So, I did. The astounding results are below.

What clearly pops out when you diagram the numbers and organizational descriptions of the Jewish tribes from Numbers 1-2 and Revelation 7… the Cross!

First, the basics:

Tribe numbers in Numbers and Revelation

Then, the diagram of the tribes organized by Moses in Numbers 1-2:

Diagram of Tribe Organization in Numbers

And again, in Revelation:

Organization of Tribes in Revelation 7

You see, we cannot get away from the CROSS! He implanted its image into the very organization of the tribes of Israel from the beginning, and per Revelation 7, it will still be with us in the end.

Friends, take comfort from this promise. The foundation and heart of your faith is built upon the Rock: Jesus, Yeshua… and He isn’t going anywhere! He is for you, with you, and coming back for you, if you have trusted Him to be your redeemer and Messiah.

Blessings upon the people of God, today and every day!