A Vision: Uncle Sam Stands Back Up

I promised I would not fail to share any dream or vision significant to the people of God in America, so let me share a vision from just this morning.

Upon waking, as I began my brief morning greeting to the Lord (I am Yours, fill me Holy Spirit… my day is Yours…), suddenly in the eyes of my spirit, I saw this:

Uncle Sam, upside down at first, suddenly turned right side up. After being righted, his legs were strong, slightly spread apart and steady, but his torso was somewhat bent to one side, with his arms angled downward and reaching out.

After considering, I realized how much was packed in such a short vision! While I may update this later, here is the immediate interpretation:

America, currently upside down suffering under COVID-19 along with the rest of the world, will soon be stood back up. I believe this means we will get back to work and school, back to business. Our legs are strong and we will stand on our own two feet! However, we have suffered with human loss and economically, and so our back will be stooped somewhat, needing time to recover from both.

While recovering, we will reach out to help others! And note, we are still taller than the rest, because our arms are not reached up, nor side to side, but downward.

Friends, we Americans know we are far from perfect, we don’t claim to be. But, we want to be a friend and help to our world neighbors because overall we still have a good heart. Let’s give all the credit to the Lord and the Christian founders who built this nation on God’s principles and law. As long as we hold to His values, aligned with His heart, we will remain good.

The time is near, friends, America will stand back up. Let’s be faithful to give God the glory and to pray for our full recovery, that we will stand straight again, arms outstretched for generations to come.

God bless His people today!