Prophetic Dreams: A Strange Series of Events

Hello, family of God! It has been awhile. What a crazy year! Life has had me distracted and busy for months and thankfully the Lord slowed the flow of dreams for me or limited them primarily to our personal life.

But, a few weeks ago, He began giving dreams again connected, I believe, to America or the people of God as a whole. It has taken me some time to reflect and record my thoughts, and I’d like to share a set of them from October 23 with you today.

As always, please understand dreams given by the Holy Spirit are trustworthy, but as the dreamer, my thoughts on them are not necessarily part of the message. The trustworthy portion is the dream, however symbolic or cryptic, not my human opinions. I share my thoughts only as possibilities and ponderings.

Holy Spirit, we invite your control and guidance as we seek to understand Your messages to us. Use us to draw others to Christ and shine for Him, always.

Sat, Oct 23
: I saw what looked like a lab environment with partial glass walls. Others and I kept going in and out of the doors which were up a few steps from the ground floor. I was frustrated with one of the young men who was having an issue with a key to one of the doors to the lab.

Dream: My husband/bridegroom and I were eating together.

Dream: A movie was playing that contained a song of faith at the end and I loved the inclusion of truth, appreciated it, felt comforted by it.

Dream: Many others and I were in an auditorium watching a show and most of the performances were very short. One of them was a song of faith and the audience was being invited to guess which one. The last performance was much longer than the others. The three performing it seemed mentally challenged and were wearing masks that changed and hid the appearance of their faces. They wove back and forth with each other, dancing in sync.

Dream: I was with another and we were trying to get back to the safety of the lab above the ground floor, and there were dead cows, whose number I didn’t count, laying everywhere with their blood pooling outward. We knew we could not touch their blood, for it was toxic and would kill us. We ran through the scene, finally tip toeing through smaller and smaller clean spots, but we did make it through, barely.

Dream: I saw a scene of future peace, a family playing on a beach.

Thoughts: I honestly am not sure if these are scenes of imminent events or something deep into the future. They could be connected to Covid or something else, or they could be a series of dreams connected to the last days before the return of Christ. [A later dream actually interpreted the cow dream as being about Covid, so keep in mind now while reading this original post.]

The meal with my “bridegroom” could be the marriage supper of the Lamb, something shared after the rapture of the church. The odd performance with three who hijack the show… could be connected to the anti-Christ, beast and false prophet? Or of leaders in government?

Cows represent years in dreams. Recall Joseph and the cows that represented years of famine or plenty. So… years of death where even the blood is toxic to anyone touching it. The tribulation? Or something more imminent? I cannot say. [Again, a later dream actually interpreted the cow dream as being about Covid. The more I’ve reflected upon that dream, I believe there were a minimum of three cows dead on the floor, bleeding. That means here at the end of 2021, if I am correct, we have at least one more year to go dealing with it.]

The Lord showed me in more than one dream over the last two years that Covid is a plague akin to the frogs of Egypt. I was reading after this series of dreams that another of the plagues of Egypt brought about the death of animals. Not sure if the current dream, though, is actually about animals, but probably about years of death and destruction.

Important to note, though, in principle, that even in the plague of Egypt where animals were affected, the animals of the people of God were protected!

EXO 9.4 And the LORD shall sever between the cattle of Israel and the cattle of Egypt: and there shall nothing die of all [that is] the children’s of Israel.

The hope within these dreams is that my friends and I (probably representing the body of Christ) made it through unscathed, albeit barely and the last dream was of a return to a peaceful future.

Stay in prayer and TRUST the Lord, family of God. Remember, in human history the last word is His and we will have peace and safety forever someday. Until then, stay in Jesus, stay surrendered to the Holy Spirit daily, and watch the Lord provide for and deliver His beloved bride.

ISA 54.10 For the mountains shall depart, and the hills be removed; but my kindness shall not depart from thee, neither shall the covenant of my peace be removed, saith the LORD that hath mercy on thee.

God bless His people and His nation again, bring the last great revival and harvest before His return!


4 thoughts on “Prophetic Dreams: A Strange Series of Events

  1. P.S. During this tornado a chicken farm was completely destroyed and 40,000 poultry were killed. Thankfully no human was injured or killed during the storm that night. (December 10, 2021) There was so much destruction during this time, we’re very sure that there were other animals that perished.

    Also, a sudden and unexpected tornado occurred in Fort Myers, Florida today! A radio personality heard the sound of a strong wind while on the air. He also noticed that some palm trees were bending in the wind outside the radio station. He was totally unaware that there was an EF 1 tornado in the area!


  2. Greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ!
    On Friday and Saturday, December 10 & 11 (2021) there was a massive and deadly tornado outbreak that affected multiple southern states. There was death and horrific destruction from Tennessee to Kentucky during that time.

    We were tremendously blessed by Jesus not to have suffered from the severe weather. Over 100 people perished in the storm and I was surprised by the number of children that were killed; as young as 2 months old to an entire family of seven (five were children). I began to pray about this, I asked Jesus, “Why did so many children die during the tornadoes?” He later revealed to me that they were being taken out of this wicked world and there would be more children taken away!

    I was burdened by this news and contacted one of my nieces and urged her to HUG ALL HER CHILDREN and be sure to tell them that she LOVED ❤️ them! We do pray that every parent and guardian will do the same!

    Peace and Blessings


  3. This is for you personally. I read your updated dreams from the last few months, and saw that the dead cows related to covid. The thing that came to mind was the two phrases “herd mentality” and “herd immunity.” I hope this finds you well.


  4. Thankyou for sharing your dreams. Although you have not posted in a long while, I come by now and then and check. Am always looking for what the Lord is saying. He alone gives us hope during these trying times

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