A Prayer for America

The Power Of Prayer by Lester Kern

This is a cry out to our Bridegroom, people of God. I want to share my prayer, if you will join me in the cry. We are the precious bride of Christ, and He wants us to call out to Him in trouble. He is here for us.

Before we pray, I want to say, in October, 2019, I had a dream of one chaotic cow. I blogged about it in early June. (Think of when Joseph interpreted Pharoah’s dream about 7 fat and 7 skinny cows, and each cow represented one year.) That dream keeps coming back to me. I explained in the article, I believe the cow was the year, 2020. It was wild, out of control, and came at us out of nowhere.

But in that dream, as I saw the cow headed for the densest group of innocent people, I cried out to my husband, my bridegroom – a symbol of Jesus – and after he chased it, it left and disappeared.

My earthly bridegroom and I committed a month ago to fast for America 24 hours a week the rest of 2020. We generally fast Saturday sundown to Sunday sundown.

I want to tell you that while praying to the Father for us today during this fast (I didn’t know at time of writing, but this fast actually stretched into 3 days), He confirmed how He sees us. I was asking, please deliver Your people, and I heard in my spirit, My sheep. My first ashamed and regretful response was, but Father, we are not innocent sheep. He countered by reminding me, I see you through the lens of My Lamb, Jesus. Yes, you are innocent sheep to Me.

Wow! He only sees us through the lens of His Son, for those of us who’ve trusted Jesus. Trusting Him means we agree with God, that we need His Son to make us right with Him because we cannot make ourselves right enough, pure or holy enough to suit a Holy God. But, Jesus is enough. He became the final, sacrificial Lamb.

Understand though, He does not force His gift upon anyone, for He is a gentleman. We have to willingly take it through trust. But once we have it, we are given a heavenly birth certificate which is irrevocable. We are secure, His family, the treasured sheep of His pasture.

This year, a wild and destructive cow has come at His sheep, fueled by plans from Hell and the people who’ve been duped by them. Modern prophets have seen this year still holds much trouble and potential violence. People are anxious and many frightened. It is time to cry out to the Shepherd on behalf of the sheep and the land that shelters so many of them!

Jesus, help! This year is out of control. Shepherd, it is believed there is more to come. Your people are frightened and all we can do is cry out to You and beg You to deliver us. We are helpless and dependent upon You.

Father, Holy One, we surrender to You now, ask You fill us, Holy Spirit. Overflow through us to this nation, and renew her once again. Please deliver America from the unseen armies of Hell. They are coming at us on all sides, stirring conflict and violence. They want to divide and destroy this nation, Your nation.

Please tear down every lie built up within our nation, from spiritual lies to social and political ones. TEAR DOWN THE LIES. EXPOSE THEM in undeniable ways to everyone believing them prior to now. Then, please heal the wounds left by them with the balm of truth, love and grace.

Show Yourself strong for Your people, don’t let us be ashamed in front of our enemies. Cover Your people under the shelter of Your wing until these calamities pass by (Psa 57:1). We trust You. In the Great Shepherd’s name, Jesus, and in His matchless power, Amen.

Thank you, friends, may God bless and keep you today and every day going forward. He is able. Is anything too hard for the Lord?


[All willing, please join us in a weekly, 24-hour fast for America! Fasting is spiritual maximum power. This kind comes out only by prayer and fasting (Jesus, Mark 9:29). This is the best solution to seeing this year of chaos end in grace, peace and protection of all that IS good in America.]