2020 Washington PRAYER MARCH with Franklin Graham

Friends, this has been a mighty day for Heaven and earth in America! Both The Return with Jonathan Cahn and 2020 Washington PRAYER MARCH took place in Washington, D.C. on this day, September 26, 2020.

Part of the PRAYER MARCH event is contained in the video above. You can find The Return with Jonathan Cahn in separate post with video also on this date.


Both events were equally powerful, mighty for the pulling down of strongholds, for seeking the Lord on behalf of our nation, and the world. I believe Heaven and earth were moved today due to the prayers, the cries, of God’s people!

From the testimony of my husband who attended the Prayer March, it was such a powerful and we trust, pivotal, moment in modern American history. He said people were walking individually, some in groups. Groups would stop, stand arm in arm, praying, praising. People stopped to kneel, arms lifted. He saw elderly people walking slowly, arms lifted and knitted together, weeping as they walked and prayed. There were many tears everywhere as humble hearts were turned Heavenward.

Friends, life in America is about to change! This moment will not be forgotten in Heaven. Chains are breaking! Can you hear them? Hallelujah!

To You alone, Jesus, Yeshua, worthy of all glory and praise! We agree with all of Your children today, unite in proclaiming America is the Lord’s. Restore, defend, and deliver us, from Your enemies, Father, as we repent of our national sins and seek Your face!

God bless every reader, and God bless America!


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