Dream: Warning or Prophecy of Destruction from Search for Anti-Matter

I’ve held onto this one for two to three weeks. At first, because I didn’t know what it meant. Later, because the subject matter is way over my head! And lastly, because I couldn’t bear to cause more fear when we are already in the middle of a crisis with COVID-19. But, I cannot delay any longer. When God reveals, we must speak.

On Sunday, April 26, I had the following dream:

the dream pear

On my way home, someone handed me an unusual gift to place on my bosses’ desk. It was an expensive and fragile, golden, glass pear. It had whitish vines, maybe leaves, coming out of the top in a somewhat chaotic manner to include coming down one side in a spiral. I was told it had been sent by George Takai.

When I got home, I struggled to get in the door because I was carrying so much stuff. At first, I could not find the key, but finally did. I went to my bosses’ office to put down the glass pear. I saw someone had been there, boxes of stuff were everywhere. It looked like preparations for a wedding event were being made. 

Please forgive the odd picture of the pear with scribbles. It is as close as I could get to my memory of the image in my dream. This picture is just a drawing of a pear with my added markings of the white vines, etc, spiraling out the top. If you can imagine the pear and markings are all elegant, solid glass, then you get the idea.

Working the symbolism, my boss in the dream was ‘played’ by an actual former boss of mine, a Pastor. He is regularly used to represent God in my dreams. So, I was being given an object to put on the Lord’s desk, and His desk was in my house. This is a symbol that God is in charge of our home – good!

The golden, glass pear with unusual vines was a mystery. I had to sit on that one. However, I could identify that the wedding preparations in ‘God’s office’ must have been about the marriage supper of the Lamb! This is an event that will take place after the Rapture! Ok, so we might be talking about end time stuff here.

That is as far as I got for several days, which is actually predicted in the dream by my ‘fumbling to find the key’. Also, that I was carrying too much stuff was another symbol of my decision to delay due to already dealing with COVID issues.

So, in reality, I was carrying ‘too much’ and struggled to find the key to the dream, exactly as the Holy Spirit had predicted! But that wasn’t to be for long.

Several days later, on April 29, I was surfing Amazon Prime for something interesting or educational. I happened upon a documentary by NASA released in 2018. I love space stuff, so it caught my eye.

But, it was the moment I saw who narrated the documentary that my jaw dropped. It was narrated by George Takai. All the red flags in my spirit went up, believing I was about to learn the identity of the pear symbol in the dream, and possibly more.


The subject is the AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) which was put on the ISS (International Space Station) in 2016. A Chinese-American man named Samuel Ting had the idea for the AMS, advocated, pushed it thru Congress over many years to the completion of the project. The AMS is searching for particles of anti-matter, similar to the Hadron collider at CERN.


By the way, the first rendition of the AMS had a golden interior housed inside the structure, like the golden pear in my dream. The AMS-02, as shown above on the ISS, is white on the inside. Could in the dream, the symbol of putting the golden pear on God’s desk have represented that it is now in space on the ISS? If earth is like His footstool, is space akin to His desk?

Take a look at just these few screen shots taken while watching the documentary:

2D059590-F959-4475-950B-0447C9F6F263_1_201_a35E54BAE-9F88-4175-8227-B8EAEE0C8471_1_201_aB2CA2D7B-6F68-4437-9211-B60FA8FE7F68_1_201_aActually, this last number has now been updated. The AMS-02 has recorded over 150 billion cosmic events, adding 50 billion in only 2 years since the documentary was published.

Before watching this documentary, I’d never heard of the AMS-02. And guys, this subject is beyond me, but let me share the additional meaning from the dream which unfolded after, and what I’ve learned about anti-matter.

First, after watching the documentary, I talked it over with my husband and shared the dream details with him. He honed in on the white vines I’d seen coming out the top of the golden pear and commented, did you know Asians view the color white as unlucky, as representing death?

Source: https://www.shutterstock.com/blog/color-symbolism-and-meanings-around-the-world

Realizing I might be dealing with a prophecy containing a warning of destruction, I researched to learn more.

One article, Antimatter and Its Dangers by Paul Gilster, published on November 26, 2005, stated, “It is quite possible to build atmospheric vehicles using an antimatter drive. After all, a tenth of a gram of the stuff could power a vehicle to orbit and back. But no machine is perfect, and even that tiny smidgin of antimatter would devastate a countryside if anything went wrong.”

The same article went on to mitigate the warning by saying, “none of this should be construed as an argument against antimatter propulsion, but rather a reminder that the real breakthrough will come not from engine design but a host of new techniques in antimatter production, storage and transport.”

Why isn’t this a comfort? We’ve seen in history, with every breakthrough discovery of a massive power source, it seems at some point governments find a way to use them for weapons. From what I’ve read online, an anti-matter weapon would be more powerful than a nuke.

The tamer side of “What could go wrong?” is no less discomforting, simply the probability of an accident with something so volatile if contained poorly or used in a flawed machine. Humans aren’t perfect and neither are the devices we create. Accidents happen.

So what is the point of all this? The concerning piece of the dream is the white spirals coming out the top of the “pear”, resembling the results of an explosion. This dream may be either a warning or a prophecy.

If this is a warning, all I can do is ask God’s people to pray that, either we stop searching for anti-matter, or that our efforts are over-abundantly planned and properly executed using extreme caution and consideration for human life. Further, that it never falls into the wrong hands.

However, I soberly acknowledge this dream may be a prophetic warning of something destined to happen in the future. And the ending of the dream seems to suggest it will be close to the last days before the Rapture of the church, as indicated by the preparations being made for a wedding event, very likely the marriage supper of the Lamb.

People of God, if you will join me, let’s just cover this in prayer:

Father in Heaven, we praise Your name and acknowledge Your sovereignty in our lives and over the events of history. We place ourselves in Your hands now.

Lord, if a potential destructive event can be prevented by our prayers, we ask you now to stop any future harm caused to our planet, to human life, by the discoveries or creation of anti-matter.

However, if this dream was a warning of a future event, then we trust no matter what happens, You will be faithful to show Your people Your delivering power and grace.

We surrender to Your will and Spirit. Use us every way You will to help bring about another worldwide harvest of souls for Your kingdom. We look forward to coming home to You and know it won’t be long, Lord.

We love You, Jesus. In Your name we pray, Amen.