2020 A Bumpy Year Forewarned in October 2019

Friends, I was shocked tonight in reviewing my dream journal from last Fall when I came upon this dream I’d forgotten!

October 7, 2019
A large cow was running chaotically, back and forth, not in a straight line. Then, it ran into the river where there were a lot of people. I shouted to my husband to stop it. He swam after it, and it got out on the other side safely and disappeared into the woods.

In my notes at the time, I wrote: Could this dream be a prophetic warning of a bumpy year ahead?

Cows represented years in the book of Genesis. Joseph interpreted the Pharaoh’s dream of seven healthy cows that represented years of plenty and seven skinny cows that represented famine. Each cow represented one year.

Could this one crazy cow represent a year of “back and forth” chaos on the national scale, but that His people will escape mostly unharmed? I pray so!

In dreams, my husband represents Jesus, my Bridegroom. That I cried out to Him in the dream, and He went after the cow in the water, after which it ran out and away, may be significant for the people of God.

Also, I’m holding onto this, that the excessive craziness will only last one year. My dream was of 1 cow. One year. Counting on that being true, from the Lord. May it be so.

The only question is, when did the ‘year’ begin? For America, I vaguely recall an impeachment in January while COVID was hitting our shores. The COVID lockdowns began in March.

Hang on, people of God! 2020 isn’t over. Keep praying and fasting for America (come on, 2021)!

Be merciful to us, O God, be merciful to us! For our soul trusts in You; And in the shadow of Your wings we will make our refuge, Until these calamities have passed by. Psalm 57:1 adapted

[We are asking all believers to join us at Faith and Fasting to fast 24 hours a week for America the second half of 2020. Satanic forces are pulling out all the stops to divide and destroy us. How might we transform 2021 by our determined efforts to seek the Lord now on behalf of our nation? Perhaps these efforts will be the necessary turning point, the crying out to our Bridegroom, as the dream suggested.]



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  1. I think that is great that you understood that the cow represented one year. I probably would have said, “What is this crazy cow doing running all over the place?”

    “I shouted to my husband to stop it.” I believe this means that the political shenanigans, the riots, the anarchy are going to happen and our prayers are not going to stop it. We can pray that the Lord protects President Trump and our loved ones, but our prayers are not going to stop some of the anarchy. We sow to the wind and reap the whirlwind. Look at Seattle: years and years of wicked people being put in power and now we have lawlessness, chaos and anarchy. It is no surprise. I believe it will die out in time–maybe at the end of this year. Evil shall slay the wicked.

    This mini-Bolshevik Revolution in Seattle reminds me of what Alexander Solzhenitsyn once said about the 1917 Revolution in Russia. He asked older Russians why the 1917 Revolution happened. They replied, “Because Russia forgot God.” Welcome to Godless Seattle. (Just a side note: some people believe that what happened in Russia in 1917 was not a revolution, but an invasion. In most or all of these turbulent American cities, it is not local people rioting and destroying property, but people being bussed in from other states that are causing the anarchy. Communists are the same everywhere.)

    Mark Taylor, a prophet in Florida, had a really good insight. He said you can tell people or you can show people. People have warned the blind people in this nation about the demonic left wing for years, but most people didn’t listen. Now they are SEEING AND EXPERIENCING the left wing up close and personal: lawlessness, trying to defund police departments, blaming it all on President Trump, not taking responsibility for their own actions or their sin. Sin always plays itself out. The whole world is seeing how evil the American left wing is: people are fleeing the Democrat Party, gun sales are through the roof, truck drivers are refusing to haul supplies to cities that plan on defunding the police. The Lord is exposing the wicked.


    Here is a dream from 2011 that is similar to yours:

    Brenda’s Dream about Egypt

    In Brenda’s dream, she saw the River Nile and it was very turbulent. Then Joseph (the son of Jacob, Book of Genesis) came out of the River Nile dressed like an Egyptian. Joseph presented Brenda a little baby in his arms–it was wrapped in some sort of wrapping. Joseph then unwrapped the baby. The left side of the baby was crippled–the baby’s left arm and left leg were swinging around and around–it was very mechanical–it was not normal. The right side of the baby was normal. That was the dream.

    I told Brenda that the baby was the new nation of Egypt that would be birthed from the turbulent Arab Spring. Joseph (in the dream) means that Israel or spiritual Israel (Judaeo-Christianity) will help birth the new nation of Egypt. Joseph was the savior of ancient Egypt and Joseph (Judaeo-Christianity) will be the savior of present-day Egypt. The left wing of Egypt would cause a lot of trouble, but the right wing of Egypt would be stable.

    The above dream came from this post:

    A Dream about Egypt


    Here is another dream from 2016 that you may find interesting; it is from Brenda Harris (not the same Brenda as mentioned above):

    I also had a dream about Donald Trump a few months ago. I asked the Lord, “Is Donald Trump going to be elected or is Hillary going to be elected?” I’ve been so very concerned about the direction of our country.

    That night I dreamed that I was outside on our property. I heard a barking dog coming from the east of our house. I looked over and saw a calf coming from that direction. He was headed West. He was loping like a horse. I looked at him so intently. I was trying to figure out if he was dangerous or not. He had a reddish color to him. I looked at his chest. I knew (as you can know in dreams) that there was no evil in his chest. I looked at his face. His face had a longish look to it. His eyes were slanted. His jaw looked liked Trump’s jaw. When I kind of moved, the calf looked over at me. Immediately he started running towards me at lightning speed. He never cracked a smile. He was totally serious. I did not have time to even run. The calf was running at top speed. He was right in front of me and made a jump over me before I could do anything. Then I woke up.

    I could not figure out what the barking dog meant until one day we were watching videos about Trump’s speeches. I told my husband, “He reminds me of a barking dog the way he hammers away at the media and the corruption.” Then it hit me – that was my dream. I heard a barking dog in my dream.

    I think the Lord was revealing to me that there is no corruption or evil in Trump. In my dream, I could see no evil in his chest. Him running like lightning means that he would overtake the common people like me. His message is to the common people. I do not totally understand why God used a calf symbol for him. I do know that God uses symbols in the Bible all the time. Calves were used for sacrifices in the Bible. The fat calves were considered the choicest sacrifices. The calf in my dream was a reddish color. Red calves were considered good sacrifices. So, I think God sees good in Trump to be used to get this nation back on the right path. I hope this means that Trump will be elected. God uses methods that surprise people at times. Just look at all the things that God commanded His prophets to do to illustrate His point.

    At this point, I believe that this dream means that Trump will be elected. Time will tell. I could be wrong in my interpretation of the dream. I like to see other people’s dreams and visions about this election.

    Here is my reply:

    Brenda: Thank you for telling me your dream.

    I believe the calf means that Donald Trump is young or new to politics—he is definitely anti-establishment. The east side of your property probably means that Trump will start from his home state of New York and campaign his way to the west. I am not sure what the color red means.

    I was hitchhiking someplace in the past few weeks and this guy said that Trump has zero political experience. George Washington had zero political experience; U.S. Grant and Dwight Eisenhower had zero political experience. People used to make fun of Ronald Reagan because he was an actor. The Lord uses the foolish things of the world to confound the wise. Also, Trump can’t be bought because he already has money.

    Here is my other reply:

    Sometimes things are so obvious that you don’t see them at first. The red color of the calf is obviously Donald Trump’s red hair.

    The above comments came from this post:

    A Dream about Donald Trump

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    1. Fascinating, as always! Thank you for the cool info and other dreams. What could we learn if the body of Christ all came together and shared their dreams?! Only one other comment – I had a slightly different take on my shouting to my husband in the dream. My husband represents my “bridegroom”, who in the spiritual (aka dreams) is my Bridegroom, Jesus. He did go after it, and then it ran out of the water on the other side, away from him. I don’t know what it would have done if he didn’t go after it. I guess that’s life, though. We never know what we are saved from on a daily basis.

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      1. Thanks for telling me about the Bridegroom as the husband. That would make sense that Jesus–the Power of God–chased after the cow and the cow ran away. So we might as well keep praying that the Lord gets rid of this evil.

        Psalm 80:16: “They perish as the rebuke of your countenance.”

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