His Divine Plan in Place

These days, I’m growing accustomed to hearing odd phrases in my spirit. Today was no exception.


While tossing and turning under the covers and ignoring the wailing cat outside my bedroom door (she’d already been fed by my early-riser husband, so the only thing she wanted was my lap on the sofa), I debated getting up vs. trying to catch a few more zzzzzs.

But, sleep would not return. In the midst of this, I suddenly heard three distinct words or phrases in my spirit: Parking lot. Holy Algorithm. Chocolate.

It took me awhile, but I finally realized the phrase, parking lot, is one I use when we get stuck in terrible traffic on the highway, while sitting still when we should be moving. COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions! Life’s super highway turned into a parking lot this year in America. Next… Holy Algorithm.

flow chartAlgorithm? Hmmm. Not a word in my vocabulary on a daily basis, for sure. Cannot remember the last time, if ever, I’ve used that word. Of course, I’ve heard it, in general, and associate it with savvy scientists programming computer code. A path to a goal or method to accomplishing something.

Still, to be sure, I googled it. Sure enough, Algorithm, in the most broad sense according to Merriam-Webster, means a step-by-step procedure to reach a goal.

Wikipedia informed me: in mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a finite sequence of well-defined… instructions, typically to solve a class of problems. Solving problems, I like the sound of that!

Before going to bed last night, I had the privilege of praying over the phone with two of my favorite people. One, my son, who is taking final exams this week in his first year of law school.

The second, an old friend from my college days. We prayed for the nation, for God’s deliverance from all who war against His plan for her.

This phrase was God’s answer: Holy Algorithm!

He was telling me, I do not only have a plan, I have a step-by-step PROCEDURE IN PLACE BEING IMPLEMENTED FOR MY HOLY PURPOSES!

Finally, the Lord knows chocolate is one of my favorite things! So, to bring all three phrases together, the Holy Spirit was telling me, 1) the slowed life and restrictions of this year are 2) part of a divine plan, and 3) you will love the result!

Strange as it seems to think even COVID is serving a purpose in God’s Kingdom, we can choose to trust Him and know He is working all things together for our good.

eagle soaring

Family of God, remember your prayers have POWER! You have been praying, fasting, crying out to the Holy One many years now for our nation, and He is at work answering those prayers with a Divine plan in place, working as we speak!

The prayers of a righteous person are very effective. James 5:16

Stay pure. Keep praying. Fast regularly. Trust Him. Our Savior rises with healing in His wings!


Don’t forget to join us tonight at sundown as we begin a 24-hour fast for our nation, as part of National Day of Prayer!

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3 thoughts on “His Divine Plan in Place

  1. Holy Algorithm. That really bears witness with my spirit. Since it is from the Lord, I am sure it is very complex and it will take time. Every sequence of His Holy Algorithm will happen in God’s perfect timing. What is required of us is patience and faith in Him. His Presence will sustain us. Glory to God in the Highest!

    Remember in the Book of Esther? The Lord ALLOWED Haman to build the gallows for Mordecai. The building of the gallows took time; the exposing of the wicked takes time. Then when the Lord had enough of Haman’s shenanigans, the Lord had Haman hung from his own gallows. Praise the Lord!

    Gallows by Jess Ray

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