Dream: Path to Sanctity of Life Just Made Easier? Special Call to Prayer and Fasting

Source: Fine Art America, The Power of God by Larry Landolfi

Ruth Bader Ginsburg died yesterday. While this shocked and saddened our nation, the significance of the timing of this event cannot be overstated. She has been a pillar for liberal-minded Americans on the Supreme Court for over two decades, could always be counted on for a vote on the Left side of political issues.

With this backdrop, I was very surprised by the dream I had this morning. FYI, I’ve had a dream at least twice before this year where I am walking to my car and realize it is much further away than I originally thought.

Walking to my car in one dream was also accompanied by someone in the dream advising me to “go right, right, right”. I understood those dreams to be the Holy Spirit’s analogy of getting to the Lord’s ultimate goal this year for America, His heart for our nation long being a deep passion of mine to support in prayer and fasting.

In addition, the Lord has revealed in dreams He stands behind Donald Trump, I believe for the one most basic reason: Donald Trump is pro-life, the most pro-life President we’ve had in my lifetime. God, the Creator of life, values human life beyond our understanding. I believe it is the one single issue dearest to His heart.

If you believe in the Biblical concept of dreams, and understand the Holy Spirit gives them to His people, especially to His prophets, then we cannot deny their value. Every dream I’ve had this year on a political theme (all posted in this blog) have shown me a shift in America, a movement from left to right. But with many obstacles.

Today’s dream had a very different message. It indicates a huge change in the path, no longer distant and no longer as complicated. Okay, now the dream:

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Dream: My car was in a distant parking lot, the “Red” lot. I saw an old boss (a Democrat) and asked him to give me a ride to my car. He agreed. In the car, we used a phone app to “Find My Car”. I was surprised how easily it worked. The app showed my car almost in a direct straight line from our location, easier to get to than I’d previously thought, and it showed the path to it using a series of large red dots. The next to last red dot, nearest the car, was slightly outside the direct line (in other words, revealing a slight obstacle just before the final goal), but getting there nevertheless appeared fairly easy and it was closer than ever before.

Notes: My first thought was, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died yesterday. And now my dreams (from the Lord) of getting to a distant goal turned into a much easier path. This dream is not only a relief (or solution) to those dreams, but is also more direct in its messaging. The Holy Spirit placed the goal in the “Red” lot, meaning to me His goal involves Trump victory. A Democrat helped me get to the goal – interesting – wonder how this plays out? And just before the goal, there will be an obstacle (my crude image displays what I saw, a straight, but right-leaning path with a bump to the left before the final goal), but it will not prevent the final goal from being reached.

My belief is RBG’s death means Trump gets his conservative (and probably pro-life) appointment to replace her on the Court either before or just after the election.

God knew, planned in advance, from the moment of her conception, the timing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death. He ensured it would occur during the most conflicted election season in American history. But is it about the election, or is it about something else?


Friends, all this year while I’ve been having dreams and visions about America, I’ve been thinking God’s ‘goal’ was Trump victory. But, today, I’ve had a major revelation.

The more important goal is the sanctity of life, to remove the Satanic practice of murdering babies at their most vulnerable: when they are supposed to be safe in their mother’s womb!

In recent months I was listening to the Pentateuch (Genesis – Deuteronomy, the books of Moses) in my audio Bible. I paid attention to the old laws, and one stood out to me. It is this: God forbade His ancient people from cooking an animal in its mother’s milk (Exodus 23:19, 34:26 and Deuteronomy 14:21).

At the time, I pondered and came up with only one reason this would matter to the Lord. It makes sense when you realize it is offensive to the heart of Creator God to use anything from or involving the mother in any way other than to protect and nurture her baby. Mothers (and their bodies) are for nurturing babies! No part of a mother is to be used against her baby, whether animal or human!

I’m fully awake now. It took me awhile to get here. The Lord’s GOAL is to end abortion. So, I say, yes Lord! I hear Your heart and I will support You in that goal through prayer, fasting, and discussion here on Faith and Fasting.

Friends, please realize we have to act! To see the Father’s heart and will carried out on this earth, we have to DO something. We must pray, fast, and vote! Do NOT fail to vote! It may be the most important thing you do this year outside of praying and fasting.

Believers, please join me now in praying to this end for our nation:

Precious Father God, You have an adorable and tender Father’s heart. You are so beautiful, pure, perfect, and worthy of praise! We surrender now to Your Spirit and ask You to fill us completely. Dearest Jesus, we Your people unite with Your goal of reversing the destructive legislation of Roe v. Wade, to the farthest possible result. We are within sight of this being possible, and we will not stop petitioning You to send all of Heaven’s power to make this happen. Bind the forces of Hell that have been murderously pursuing the most innocent human life for millennia! From the temples of Baal to the halls of Planned Parenthood and their doctors, and every one of their kind, bind every single demon from having one more victory in the death of a precious child in the womb.

Oh God, forgive us for not understanding this single most important issue to Your tender heart. Change us now. Use us in every way to see this through to completion. Give us wisdom and make our feet swift to act. To vote. To pray and fast for Your goal. Thank you, Lord Jesus, for giving Your life in exchange for our salvation as we simply trust You for this remarkable gift. It is in Your name and for Your glory we pray. Amen.


[Roe v. Wade was overturned in the U.S. by the Supreme Court on June 24, 2022. This victory was made possible in great part by the three Trump appointees (recalling dream, “right… right… right…”): Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett. Thanks to all readers of Faith and Fasting who joined us in prayer and fasting for this most precious mission to the heart of God. Praise to God Almighty! We wait and watch with expectation there is more to come.]


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