Florida Under Water? A Dream from September 30, 2019

When I listened to a message by Amanda Grace with Christopher McDonald today (video is no longer available) and heard her mention a hurricane, this dream from last year flashed in my memory. It was a dream I’d forgotten.

September 30, 2019:
I saw a map of the State of Florida in front of me. Suddenly, a hand bigger than the State was drawing little squiggly lines all over it.

My first foggy-eyed impression within the dream was, the lines looked as if an artist was drawing grass. Waking reflection had me write in my journal, could the lines be waves? As in water over the State? Could a giant storm be coming that will devastate Florida?

Except for the absence of the giant hand, the dream scene looked very close to the above picture.

Prior to 2020, the only prophetic dreams I’d been aware of having had to do with my own family and an occasional friend. I was ignorant then that I was having dreams for the nation. So, at the time, I walked away from this dream in confusion and quite honestly, forgot about it.

I present it to you now to get it on record. If it does prove prophetic, we will know the Holy Spirit was speaking a warning in advance. Also, that another woman of God mentioned hearing from the Spirit about a hurricane makes it seem more significant.

Let’s pray about it, and we’ll put it in God’s hands.

Lord Jesus, You are great and worthy to be praised! We love you and invite Your Spirit to fill us now. Lord, if you have warned Your people of a devastating storm or flood waters coming to Florida, then we ask You guide Your people to protect themselves, to prepare. Please shelter them and cover them. Lord, please mitigate the damage wherever possible within Your mighty plan. If You will remove the threat, we ask You to do so. Show mercy to Florida and to her people. We trust You and know You have a plan. We leave this in Your capable hands. In Jesus’ name, Amen.