Dream: A Destructive Group Follows a Death

As with so many dreams, this one didn’t make any sense initially. And while I came to a general conclusion, I still didn’t know where to specifically aim its application. But, it seemed broader than my life, a feel of being large, so I was compelled to share it with the people of God.

Saturday, May 16: I was shown a complex, flat or two-dimensional, metallic sculpture of many small faces shaped together in a way so as to form one large head. I was told, “look at the ‘death faces’.” Then, I noticed a skull laying sideways in the neck of the sculpture.

Let’s take this dream apart piece by piece: A sculpture is man-made. Metal is formed from material out of the ground. A head symbolizes authority. Many faces means many people. A skull represents death.

That the voice in the dream told me to look at the “death faces”, plural, seems to indicate this group is destructive in God’s eyes. A sideways (dead) skull appearing at the neck of the sculpture symbolizes the saying “cut off at the neck”, which is another representation of death.

Putting all of this together, I would say the dream was symbolically demonstrating this message:

[FYI, this was my original interpretation, until the events actually began unfolding… Don’t miss addendum at bottom for update.] A man-made, destructive earthly body comprised of many people is, or will be, in process of being cut off at the neck (ending).

Watching and waiting for the full meaning to become clear. My suspicion is it applies to some sort of influencing organization, perhaps even a terrorist group, or possibly some evil governing body, that will be cut off from power or authority.

Will you pray with me over this one?

Lord, we praise and honor You, our all-wise God! We surrender to You today and every day, and ask for Your precious Holy Spirit to fill and guide us. Father, whatever this dream means, we ask Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven! So, if You are tearing down an earthly source of power that has served up death and destruction, then we agree with You and pray together for it to come to fruition. We give You all the glory. Thank You for Jesus, for always being our Savior and Deliverer. Bless Your Holy name forever. Amen.


[JUNE 4, 2020 UPDATE: Friends, after watching part of the George Floyd Memorial today, the full meaning poured out of this dream. One of the news commentators kept saying, “the neck, the neck”. This dream flashed before my eyes. George Floyd died while a police officer had his knee on his neck. And an abundance of death and destruction has followed. This dream was prophesying all of it. And, yes, I do pray the violent groups that grew exponentially after George Floyd’s death will be CUT OFF, in Jesus’ name!]


6 thoughts on “Dream: A Destructive Group Follows a Death

    1. Tim, I had the same thought this week! I hope that is true. After watching so much discouraging news coverage, I’ve had to remind myself of another thing the Lord spoke to me recently, that He has a “Holy algorithm” in place, a divine step-by-step plan to accomplish His ultimate purposes. It comforts me no matter what is going on, He is in control. If anyone wants to check that post out, it is here: https://fastingforamerica.net/2020/05/06/his-divine-plan-in-place/
      God bless, my friend. Keep encouraging our people to ‘be humble, seek His face, turn from our sinful ways and pray.” Our prayers move mountains.

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