Calling Believers Worldwide to Pray for Muslims

27C556CB-9D19-4155-8FEA-379233603171_1_201_aFriends, in this season of Ramadan, the Lord brought an unusual and new burden to me to pray for Muslims. Here is how it happened.

Some months ago, I had a dream I was walking through a pavilion where Muslim children were sleeping in beds close to the ground. I was gently patting their cheeks, softly calling them to “wake up, wake up, wake up…”

After I woke, I prayed for our Muslim neighbors, but didn’t think much of it beyond that week.

Today, my friend, Pat, called me. She’d had a dream about praying for Muslims with fellow believers from all over the world! We both had to admit we haven’t had a real burden for them. Before hanging up the phone, we prayed to be given that burden, and for their salvation.

Something happened to me while Pat was praying. I saw the heart of the Father specifically for the Arab people. They are also Abraham’s children!

Abraham walked with God, and he taught his sons, Isaac AND Ishmael, to know God. We know Abraham is in Heaven with the Father, and he must weep for his children, ALL of his children.

The Lord saw fit, through a friend’s dream and prayer, to give me a glimpse of the heart of father, Abraham. It is the SAME heart Father God has for us, for every human, His creation.

So, people of God, followers of Christ worldwide, will you join me today, during this Islamic season of Ramadan, to pray for Muslims? To pray that their eyes would be opened to the love of God, that they would see Jesus is more than a prophet, but IS the God who loves them!

Let’s pray:

Heavenly Father,

We praise You today, great and glorious One of old! Holy Spirit, we surrender and ask You to fill us completely.

God, thank you for Your Father’s heart that looks upon all of the children of men and… loves!

Lord, we want to share Your heart and burden for not only the Arab children of Abraham, but for those in Islam. Give us that burden. Forgive us for our fears and prejudices, and unite us in love, with Your heart, for the Muslim people.

Holy One, please wake up all of Abraham’s children. Take the scales from their eyes. Show them You are calling them! Show them the truth about Jesus, that He is Your Son who died for them, who yearns for relationship with them just as You enjoyed relationship with Abraham!

Overwhelm them with knowledge of the truth, of Your heart. Send Your Holy Spirit to draw them out and into relationship with You. Loose all of Heaven on earth to release a great spiritual revival and harvest. Bring home every last soul that can be reached for Christ before You return.

Lord, refine us, fill us, Your beautiful bride, with Your Spirit like never before, like you promised in Joel 2 and Acts 2. Use us in every nation where we walk to love the world to Yourself. Give Your people extra protection in lands where they are not free, and free those imprisoned for Your sake. Let them know they are not alone, and show Yourself mighty for them.

Lord, we need You. We trust You. We are Yours.

For the love and glory of Jesus Christ, always. Blessings upon the people of God, and peace.