PROFOUND MUST WATCH: Kynan Bridges Dream About President Trump on Sid Roth


Praise God, He led me to this video tonight. I had been watching an older video on YouTube after which it rolled to this one automatically. I knew within minutes I had to share it, later realizing it was only posted today. That was the Spirit of God! MUST SEE – PROFOUND!!!

While this is a MUST WATCH for all believers in America, African-American Christians, this is a special and precious word for you. Let me pray for you even now, and for all who will watch:

Lord, we praise You for your miraculous intervention into our human lives, into the natural realm. Jesus, You are Lord. Holy Spirit, we surrender to You and invite You to take complete control of us, to use us for Your glorious purposes.

Father God, we ask You now to lift the spirit of blindness off of all American Christians, and off of America! Set us all free to see and hear truth, and to realign with Your agenda! We want to support Your heart for this country, Your Fatherly heart to protect this nation.

Lord, I ask a special anointing and Heavenly blessing upon every African-American believer today, that You would lift each individual and family up to walk in Your ways, to hear Your precious voice, and to lead America to spiritual revival and renewal for generations to come!

In Jesus precious name, we ask these things. Amen.

May God bless every person who will ever watch this video whether here or through any other source, and open the eyes and ears of our souls and CHANGE OUR NATION for God! It can be done!

For Jesus, because He has sacrificed ALL for us, and HE IS WORTHY to be trusted and followed!