Prayer and Fasting for America

Today, I find myself more contemplative than talkative, so just posting my prayer today. We are fasting for America, as we do once a week. Please join us in this focused effort in 2020 to change our nation in the MOST powerful way, through prayer and fasting! This kind comes out only by prayer and fasting. Mark 9:29.

Join me in praying for our nation? God bless you and yours today and always!

Lord Jesus, You are our soul’s delight. You are wise, pure and loving. You are truth and right. You are LIGHT in darkness.

Holy One, we need You! We surrender to You, ask You to cleanse us, renew us, and fill us with Your Holy Spirit. Take over our day’s agenda, and use us to accomplish Your perfect purposes.

Lord, this is a tough year for America, and it isn’t over. Please remind Your people You are for them. Remind us to rest in the shelter of Your wings, Father God! Thank you for your perfect Father’s heart that adores us and delivers us.

Turn Your people’s hearts toward You. Unite us to seek Your face on behalf of our nation.

Please take charge of the huge challenges we face in this year, the distrust and disrespect of good and holy things. Protect the peaceful and bring fair justice to the lawless.

Defend the innocent. God convict those stirring rage and violence of the greater crime of allowing innocent children to suffer in the wake.

Lord, expose those manipulating people, inflaming them falsely for political gain and reduce their influence to a pile of rubble. Cause those with evil, dark hearts, whose agendas do not agree with Yours, to fall away to nothing, to swiftly lose power and respect for good.

Promote those whose hearts are genuine in care and good will to the American people, and to the people around the world. Open up blind eyes and minds and hearts to truth! Tear down all the lies that shred our American soul.

God, protect Your nation from succumbing to evil. Stop Satan from winning anymore victories in Your land. Let the shaking we’ve experienced this year have its perfect result, to wake Your people, clean us off, and renew Your land for good.

Bottom line, have Your way in America. In Your people. In protection and justice for the innocent. In the minds and hearts of the leaders locally and nationally. In journalism. In law enforcement. In the revitalization of our economy. In the election. And above all, have Your way in bringing a great harvest of souls for Your kingdom!

We trust You. In the almighty, matchless name against Whom is no power equal, JESUS! Amen.