Dreams: Voter Fraud, with Hope in the End

Friends, I’ve had several dreams this week with a theme of stealing or cheating, related to election fraud.

On Saturday, July 18, I dreamt a Democrat, Hispanic woman in Dallas County, Texas, was purposely registering individuals multiple times.

On July 19 and 21, I had dreams about a Democrat young man taking something of value that didn’t belong to him, but getting caught. He wasn’t evil, he just couldn’t resist the temptation he believed was to his advantage. The amount he “stole” was $182. Could that translate to literally 182 electoral votes?

The dream of the Hispanic woman in Texas, in particular, is the one I’m the most certain of interpreting. It was about voter registration and the election.

Every dream had to do with Democrats stealing or cheating. After 18 months (really 4 years sporadically, then steadily beginning 18 months ago) seeing my dreams play out accurately over and over, I have come to trust Him who gives them to me.

Praying friends, please pray against all election fraud in our nation. I believe those who so bitterly hate Donald Trump will stop at nothing to steal elections wherever they can get away with it, either to keep him from being reelected or to sway congressional seats to gain power over him. I understand they believe their agenda to hold so much virtue that the end justifies the means.

It should go without saying that especially people of faith, people who claim to believe and follow the Bible should understand, if you have to cheat and steal to win a contest, then you weren’t meant to win. There is no excuse to commit voter or election fraud! That is not democracy, it is tyranny!

Before I share my final, hopeful dream, I’m going to pray, and ask you to join me:

Father in Heaven, blessed be Your name and magnificent are Your ways! We surrender to Your Spirit now, and ask You to fill us completely. Take over our thoughts, our agendas, and make them Yours.

Jesus, I believe You’ve shown me there is a serious plot underway in many places, Texas for one, to steal elections in 2020. Lord, please expose and demolish every effort, in Texas and in every State, to cheat or steal in order to gain or retain power. Bring swift justice to every cheat and thief. But more, call them to Your side and bring their souls to repentance and salvation.

Lord, we know there was election fraud in 2018. Please do not let that happen again! We boldly ask You restore every race the locusts have stolen!

Holy One, we once again place America in Your capable hands this pivotal year. No matter our feelings or personal opinions, we want to align with Your agenda, with Your choices for our nation. And we want the processes to get there to be fair and honest. Please mobilize Heaven and earth to remove every corrupt politician and leader in America and to replace them with Your people, with those who respect Your values and love America.

God, please bless every person reading this and praying today. Comfort Your people, assure us You are for us! In Jesus wonderful name, Amen!

Finally, I’m going to share one more dream that gave me encouragement. Also on Saturday, July 18, I dreamt I was on a boat ride with other people and there were dinosaurs in the water that I realized were man-made (like a ride at Disney where you see pretend creatures attacking), and was told the boat would appear to start sinking, but it would come back up and really nothing would happen. I understood it was all part of the show.

This dream was tied together with the Democrat Hispanic woman cheating in Texas, so I know it relates to the craziness of this year and the election.

I think the boat ride dream was letting us know that God’s plan may appear to be derailed, stalled, or sinking, but in the end it will not fail! His plan will succeed, just hold tight, and enjoy the show!

God bless you. Keep praying, and God bless America!

[Please join us to fast one day (or one meal) a week for the rest of 2020, for America! How much power could we release from Heaven if we unite in this way?!]