PROFOUND MUST WATCH: Kynan Bridges on Sid Roth – Part 2

The first part of this powerful and vital dialogue between Pastor Kynan Bridges and Sid Roth was posted on Faith and Fasting, July 14: (PROFOUND MUST WATCH – Kynan Bridges Dream About President Trump on Sid Roth). The video above is Part 2.

I urge every believer, but especially African-American believers to view, and go back and watch the first video if you have not yet. They are absolutely PROFOUND! Believers, God is at work, He is speaking to Christian leaders in the African-American community and we need to listen.

For just a preview of his comments, Kynan shared his prayer for all believers, but especially for the African-American community is as Paul’s for the Ephesians: that the eyes of your understanding would be enlightened, that you would know what is the hope of your calling and the glorious riches of your inheritance in the saints!” Amen!

He went on to say this especially strong and beautiful statement, with which Faith and Fasting declares full agreement in the spiritual and natural today:

“The black church is a sleeping giant and the powers that be have anesthetized the church, they have lulled the black church to sleep. It is time for this giant to shake itself and rise up in power and authority. When that happens we will see one of the greatest awakenings that we’ve seen since the 1900s.

WOW, just WOW!! Be assured, many other sleeping churches of all races need to do the same!

Lord Jesus, wake all of us, but give a special and precious anointing (as it seems You are already in process doing) to our African-American brothers and sisters, and especially to their pastoral leaders to rise up in knowledge and confidence, revival and restoration in Jesus. Thank You in advance for this glorious awakening and let NOTHING from Hell or earth stop Your movement of healing and grace in the AA community, our people, and to Your nation! Amen!

Isn’t God good!? May He bless every reader this day and every day.

Don’t forget, we plan to fast and pray for the election from sundown, October 31st through sundown November 3rd. Join us as much as you are able, and let’s trust every result to the Lord!