I had a dream about the Rapture

I had a dream yesterday in which I witnessed the Rapture. The Rapture is the teaching that Jesus will take up His family, His followers, before (or some say during) the end time tribulation when all hell breaks out on the planet.

B99AF599-84EE-491E-8FA9-791EA69CD63B_1_201_aI’m going to tell you something I’ve not mentioned before, but the Holy Spirit showed me the moment of the Rapture in Revelation a few years ago. And I’m going to share it with you, hopefully as soon as tomorrow. I’ve already started gathering all of the pertinent verses and writing.

But, first, the dream:

April 3, 2020

I was watching children walk down the middle aisle in church while an audience looked on. It was a joyous celebration, everyone seemed happy to be there, like at a wedding. The children were walking toward the stage wearing wreaths of flowers. Flowers were on the pews.

I found particularly odd that there was snow everywhere, all over the pews, the floor, inside the building. Then, even odder, as the children were walking down the aisle, they suddenly disappeared. As soon as I was thinking, ‘how did they do that?’, I noticed the audience was gone also. And the snow was gone. The place had literally emptied in the blink of an eye.

Next thing I knew, I was choosing a pretty seashell from one of two display tables at the front of the church. It was a very unique one, unlike any I’d seen. It was small and round like a ball. But on one side some of the shell was curved up and doubled back over itself to the halfway point on top. I loved it, and in the dream I planned to give it to my friend, Pat.

When I awoke, I prayed for interpretation and very soon realized I’d witnessed everyone in the church suddenly disappear: it was the Rapture!

That morning, I began studying all the passages I knew that hinted of this event. I couldn’t find my old notes from a few years back, so I started over.

Within an hour or two, Pat, the very friend I’d thought to give the shell in the dream, called me! This is not a frequent thing, we typically talk every few weeks at best. We chatted about a dream she’d had, and then my dream came up.

I told her I believed the Holy Spirit had revealed the moment of the rapture to me in Scripture and shared it with her. This was a fulfillment of the dream prophecy! Just as in the dream, I planned to share a unique gift with her, I did it that very day in real life.

In the dream, the shape of the seashell was the shape of the world! The part that gracefully curved up and back over itself to the top reminded me of two things: a truth partially covered, and the literal motion of people ‘rapturing!’ Up, over and out! Note, the shell had been left on a table at the front of the church, like on a gift table during a wedding. It was a gift for the bride with a partially hidden message!

More symbolism. The snow can mean two things: White means purity. This was the bride of Christ, the holy people of God celebrating Him. Second, white means winter, the last season of the year, representing the last season of this portion of human history.

I share the dreams, the symbols and interpretation in order to help you learn and perhaps grow in interpreting your own dreams, with the help of the Holy Spirit. Please see recent posts about dreams that will give you resources to begin learning this very biblical skill and gift from God.

Be encouraged! The rapture is real. See accompanying post: Rapture Event Revealed in Revelation Timeline.

It was there all along… just partially ‘hidden’, like the gift of the little world-shaped seashell. It is waiting to be discovered. Let’s do it together!

Back soon!