Pastor Dana Coverstone – PREPARE for what is Yet to Come in 2020 – Three Prophetic Dreams


[July 4th Update: It is coming to my attention how much fear the video below is stirring in the people of God. Let me tell you about a dream I had around the 1st of June that contains a profound message of comfort.

I dreamt a whale was coming after me, the very whale from artwork I’d attached to an older post about Jonah and Ninevah. So, from this image in the dream, I understood the Lord was telling me, like Jonah, I would be used to help deliver a difficult message to God’s people in America.

But, if you study the story of Ninevah, there is HOPE! After hearing Jonah’s warning of pending destruction, their righteous response – repentance, prayer and fasting (for 3 days only) – prevented the destruction!

Now is our time, American Christians. Join us to fast and pray for America regularly (we are doing so 24 hrs per week to the end of 2020). I believe OUR response to the warnings delivered by Pastor Dana can and will change things.

(July 18 Update: A real solution to the video below is found in a more recent message I received from a vision: An Incendiary Vision. Putting on the full armor of God and uniting to pray and fast for America will destroy the works of Satan in this land.)

Be at peace. Pray and fast, and let the Lord do the things only He can do for His people!]

Posting below a video by Pastor Dana Coverstone of Living Word Ministries Assemblies of God in Burkesville, KY, in which he shares three prophetic dream warning messages for God’s people in 2020. What really caught my attention is when he repeated several times this phrase from the Lord: “Brace yourself, brace yourself, brace yourself.”

It stood me at attention because within an article I published in April (Coming Clean: Dreams and Visions About COVID-19), I briefly touched on a verbal warning I heard from the Lord in the middle of the night on March 6 of this year: “Gird your loins, wait for it.”

What followed that word was the smell of burning garbage (burning crap, to be honest). When I awoke in the morning, however, I smelled sweet perfume which disappeared after opening my eyes. I don’t wear perfume. All of it was a message in the spiritual.

After watching the video below, I now understand my experience on March 6 better. It was not just about COVID. It parallels Pastor Dana’s dreams and is about the entire year. The Lord is showing us a refining happening, still coming to the people of God. The refiner’s fire is to purify gold, to burn the dross out. We are the gold, and this year is our refining.

But who can endure the day of his coming? Who can stand when he appears? For he will be like a refiner’s fire or a launderer’s soap. He will sit as a refiner and purifier of silver; he will purify the Levites and refine them like gold and silver. Then the Lord will have men who will bring offerings in righteousness, and the offerings of Judah and Jerusalem will be acceptable to the Lord, as in days gone by, as in former years.” Malachi 3:2-4 (NIV)

[Please listen to this song: Refiner. It is absolutely prophetic in every way for this year! Ask yourself, am I truly willing to be refined?]

Many prophets of God have foreseen that Trump will win reelection. I’ve also had several dreams regarding the left losing power, all posted here on Faith and Fasting.

Therefore, the prophetic warning in the video below that all chaos will break out in the streets in November might make sense. We must prepare ourselves, but know our great God has a plan and it is for our good. We may see martial law for a time if our country appears to be heading into civil war.

People of God, while I urge you to share the video below and take the warnings seriously. Even Pastor Coverstone’s name may be a sign from God. The followers of Christ are His gemstones, the rocks that will cry out! Pastor Dana may be assigned in this hour to provide a sheltering cover to His stones, through speaking truth and advanced warning to His people.

One additional comment on the video: He speaks of seeing in a dream ‘foreign soldiers’ on our soil. I personally do not take this literally. In my dream journey, the Holy Spirit has used foreigners to symbolically represent in the spiritual those ‘who don’t belong, i.e., not of God’. Meaning, spiritual warfare. So, I am tentatively suggesting his comment regarding foreign soldiers on our land may mean spiritual attack on our nation will be at a pinnacle in November.

Prayer warriors, I believe the whole point of this video is: it is urgent and imperative we pray against Satan’s forces trying to divide and destroy this nation. Repentance, prayer and fasting are the means to redemption.

Be merciful to us, O God, be merciful to us! For our soul trusts in You; And in the shadow of Your wings we will make our refuge, Until these calamities have passed by. Psalm 57:1 adapted

Please join us to fast one day (24 hrs) a week for America through the rest of 2020. We need all the spiritual power we can get, and fasting is maximum power. “This kind comes out only by prayer and fasting.” (Jesus – Mark 9:29)

Let’s pray over this year and our nation:

Father in Heaven, You are holy beyond measure, wise beyond understanding. You warned us of a difficult year in advance, and Your words have been true.

We surrender to You now, to Your plan, even in difficulty. We trust You.

Holy Spirit, we need you filling us like never before. We surrender to You completely. Pour Yourself into Your people. Purify and refine us, make us ready to stand. Help us to listen to each other, to the faithful and true words You speak to Your prophets.

Quicken our ability to identify false prophets in the days and years ahead. Weed out the Kingdom of God and isolate false voices misleading the sheep that none would continue to follow them.

While You warned us of a rough year, You have also promised peace will eventually return. We trust Your word on that, too, and hold on tight waiting for You.

Father, please shelter Your children under Your wing, deliver us from every personal attack against us, our families, our homes. Cover us in the dark hours and keep evil and harm away from Your people, in every way possible within Your perfect plan.

Jesus, throw the net far and wide, bring as many as possible into Your family, another great harvest of souls before life on this earth as we know it is wrapped up in the last days.

We need You. We love You. We trust You. In the mighty and matchless name of Jesus, we ask all these things. Amen.

2 thoughts on “Pastor Dana Coverstone – PREPARE for what is Yet to Come in 2020 – Three Prophetic Dreams

  1. He said that he “did not see President Trump……”

    So, was trump re-elected or not ???? If he was re-elected, where was he?!? If he was not re-elected—who is doing the rioting?!??


    1. Hi, David, for some reason the blog didn’t show me your comment until today. I’m sorry for the delayed response. While I don’t claim 100% clarity on Pastor Dana’s dreams, my thoughts are, just because he ‘didn’t see Pres Trump’ doesn’t necessarily mean he wasn’t President. Pastor Dana admits he is new to understanding dreams. My personal dreams (3X) have indicated ‘Republican victory’, so I’ve been hesitant to guarantee Trump’s victory, but if my dreams are prophetic then we will see a shift to the right in some way. However, other prophets (Lance Wallnau, Mark Baker, to name two) HAVE said they have seen Trump reelected in dreams, at least the confirmation that is God’s plan. May I make one other comment: Pastor Dana sees Russian and Chinese soldiers in his dream. I recently heard a news headline (or rumor?) that those foreign nations have been providing arms to Antifa. I don’t know if it is true. But, if Antifa is leading the rioting in Nov with foreign arms, that would explain Dana’s dream further. I wish I could give you solid, guaranteed answers. With prophetic dreams, there is always a ‘wait and see’ element. And sometimes, they are warnings that we need to change course, to allow us to avoid the worst possible scenarios. Here is how I handle all this, personally: I pray daily and fast once a week for America, and tell every believer I know to do the same and spread the word. God is for us! He is a delivering God. I am praying even now for your comfort and wisdom, as I pray for all of God’s people in these trying days. We must all cling to Him, seek purity, stay in prayer, and fast to keep spiritual strength at maximum. Heaven really does move mountains when we pray and fast. Blessings upon you, and peace.


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