Praying for truth and integrity in the midst of FISA memo-gate

I am dismayed by the FISA Memo that was released today by the White House. It indicates evidence of collusion between at least a few individuals in positions of power to unethically, if not illegally, surveil members of the Trump campaign and White House on shaky at best, fabricated at worst, grounds.

Those who are supposed to watch over and safeguard the people were allegedly found putting their political agendas above honesty and integrity. This must not be.

People need to understand that truth, honesty, and integrity ARE what keep us strong, and are the only points that matter. The ends do not justify the means.

Don’t like who the people elected? Doesn’t matter. Let the voting public have their voice in each state where they live. This is democracy. Then let the chips fall where they may. It requires integrity, letting go of control, and humility!

In a self-correcting democracy such as America, the next election cycle is our route to change. NOT cheating, lying, stealing, covering up, i.e., all manner of criminal activity.

In a Democracy, elected leaders and those they appoint to government agencies, along with those who work for them, are supposed to SERVE the people! That means WE THE PEOPLE are their bosses. Our taxes pay their bills.

Wake up, America, the corruption has only begun to pour out of this can of worms. Partisan politics has caused this embarrassing disgrace.  And sadly, the path to which extreme partisan politics most often leads is one away from integrity.

Precious Jesus, wonderful Lion of Judah, we ask you to battle for our nation today, and bring your wisdom and grace in the midst of political chaos. Give us Your vision. Open the eyes of this nation to all TRUTH and restore our important agencies to Your path, a path of integrity.

Wake up Your people, Jesus, and guide us to walk in Your ways. Place men and women of wisdom in positions of power and leadership. Bless and safeguard our leaders and their families whom You have called, “for such a time as this”. We understand only You can make our nation great. We trust You with the precious gift You gave us we call the United States of America.


Blessings and peace to all reading today. United we stand. There is no other alternative.