Dreams and Visions for America – updated 12/03/2020

The purpose of dreams from the Holy Spirit is to inform God’s people for prayer and/or preparation. We become part of His plan when we agree with Him in prayer. FYI, since early 2016, we’ve logged over 1200 dreams and visions. This page compiles ongoing every dream, vision, or Spirit insight which may be prophetic for America. Some are shared in other posts, many not. The list is in reversed chronological order, so newer ones are at the top. Occasionally, an older dream is revealed by the Lord as significant for America. When that happens, we update this list and call attention to it in notes at the top.

Thu, Dec 3, 2020
Before going to sleep last night, I had two visions:
Vision 1: A smiling and happy Indian woman in fancy Indian dress was in the wings waiting at a special event in which she was to be honored. To my left, I saw only the tail end of a rope she was about to take in her hands (to be led somewhere). There was an odd, large wreath made of bare, brown twigs sticking straight up all the way around, hung over her right shoulder. In the dream, it appeared she was about to be made royalty, and whenever it happened I presumed the strange wreath would be moved from her shoulder to around her neck. I did not witness more than the “almost” of this presumed result. As soon as this vision ended, the next one followed it immediately.
Vision 2: The head of a pig with a closeup of the snout.

Thoughts: I have been cringing over sharing these, but I believe the woman was Kamala Harris. She is half Indian. (BTW, a man was nowhere in sight.) It appeared she was ‘about to be crowned royalty?’ Well, that sounds like life as it currently stands right now in America. She is expecting to be inaugurated Vice President. Or is she really presumed to be headed for more than VP?
As for the 2nd vision, the pig symbol in Scripture is nothing but negative. Unclean, trample and devour everything in sight… a symbol of filth and careless, wasteful destruction.
One glimmer of hope in these connected visions was the rope. The woman was “at the end of it”. Hmmm.
(See separate post on December 4, “Latest Visions and Prayer to move Mountains in America”, with more detail and prayer over these visions.)

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Vision: I was praying about the election and had a foggy vision before going to sleep of Jesus swinging a lasso above his head. There was crap in the air surrounding the lasso (either on it or being stirred by it).
Thoughts: The purpose of a lasso is to stop a wild animal, usually a young calf. Could this be the wrap up to Oct 7, 2019 dream about one crazy cow that scared a lot of people (which represented the year, 2020)? Might also be a connection to July 23, 2020 election dream where God and I were in the bathroom and there was a bad smell in the air. But this vision tells me 1) He is in control, 2) He is ready to throw the lasso to stop the madness, and 3) crap may hit the fan in the process. Amen, Lord, we are with You. Bring it.

Saturday, November 28, 2020

(Dream or Vision, not sure): I saw characters (numbers?) arranged in a weird “E” shape. What stood out to me was the middle section appeared especially thick and pointed like a large arrow to the right.
Interpretation: When I woke, I thought maybe the strange E was a Greek character, maybe an Epsilon. But after looking up the Greek alphabet, realized I had not seen an Epsilon, but rather a Sigma. The Greek Sigma is a symbol for “standard deviation”, a statistical measurement used to determine how close any process is to perfect (conversely, what percentage of error it may contain). What standard deviation can also, significantly, reveal is normal error vs abnormal error, i.e., fraud. A large amount of error in patterns reveals human manipulation vs onesy-twosy errors considered normal. Friends, the Holy Spirit is saying, “pay attention, the statistics applied to the election results will reveal everything, and they will point to the truth being much farther right”! (Thank God for science and math, for the brilliant Creator who created them and talks to His people!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Vision: When I awoke this morning, I was pondering the election and the dreams of fraud (in addition to many dreams of “right or red” victory). I said to the Lord, “so Trump really won”. I immediately had a clear, quick vision of a skull on faded, printed fabric (like a wall hanging).
Thoughts: The last time I saw “death” was the day the news called the election for Biden. In a dream I literally saw the grim reaper standing in front of me. But in this new vision, the image of death was a print of a skull on fabric. (Why?) I am also hearing clearly, and multiple times, in my spirit this morning, “death is swallowed up in victory…” [UPDATE on 11/27: I went over this dream again with my husband, and believe with his help the meaning finally came out! In military battles, the conquering army is allowed to bring home war trophies. The flag of the enemy is one such trophy. I believe this is what the Holy Spirit was showing me! The flag of the enemy displayed as a sign of victory. His voice was trustworthy: “Death will be swallowed up in VICTORY!”]

Monday, November 16, 2020

Dream: I went inside my dad’s house looking for my dad and found other men inside who didn’t belong. Two were in the master bedroom, one laying on the bed and another standing. I didn’t trust them or know why they would be in the house at all, and I didn’t see my dad, so I called out to him and realized he was in the master bathroom. I knew he would come out soon and trusted he would take control. Thoughts: My dad always represents God the Father in dreams.

Thursday, November 12, 2020

Dream: Had a curious dream about trying to get home in heavy traffic and ordering food online to be delivered once we got there. I remember paying a lot of attention to the online order form. I typed our address in two (2) places and our street number was eight (8). We got home very quickly in spite of the traffic, and the food also arrived quickly. The delivery person went first to the front door, but I didn’t get there fast enough, so he went to the back door where I did greet him. He was a young, African-American male with a big, gracious smile on his face. I remember tipping him $5.00.

Thoughts/interpretation: Two terms for 8 years total? And will the delivery of that result come in through a “back door”, through recounts or court order? Does the $5.00 have any significance? The fact the delivery person was an African-American young man? More questions than answers now.

Dream: I saw people in a parking lot dressed in fancy clothes launching sizeable objects at each other. One side would throw something and the other would catch it and throw it back. I didn’t see anyone get hurt. (I won’t add any additional thoughts yet, but these two dreams and the next vision seem to go together.)

Vision: I had a VIVID vision while waking this morning. I saw tall, thick, white letters hovering over a dark background (looked as if they’d been painted). This is what it said:


Praise God for this assurance of victory! We receive it, Lord, Amen! (But, Lord, how long will we wait for it?)

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Dream: I was talking with a former boss, and suddenly saw ahead of us to the right the “grim reaper”. It walked past us on the right and approached a door behind us. Although it did not look directly at us, I believed it might be looking for us, so we tried to sneak away. Just as we thought we were in the clear, I suddenly found myself standing face to face with the grim reaper.
Thoughts: This was a very unnerving dream. The grim reaper is a symbol of death, supposedly the one who comes to take us. At first I thought this dream might be reflecting a fear. [And it may also have been a prophecy of how we would feel today upon hearing a couple media sites declare Biden President-elect.] Later, the Lord led me to 2 Corinthians 1:8-11. Listen to Paul’s words:
“For we would not have you ignorant of the trouble we had in Asia, we were pushed beyond our strength, so much that we despaired even of life: But we considered ourselves dead, so that we would not trust in ourselves, but in God who raises the dead: Who out of so great a death did deliver us, and does deliver: in whom we have hoped that even yet He will deliver us…

Friends, praying and fasting for America is not about what WE can do. By all appearances in this election, “we” have come to an end! We need to consider ourselves DEAD to ourselves! So that only the One who RAISES THE DEAD can deliver us (if He chooses to do so)! It is about us letting go and saying, we CANNOT do this. WE are helpless, so we fling ourselves at Your feet, and ask YOU to take over completely! We know You can deliver, and we will place our hope entirely in Your hands.

Vision: Waking on this day, November 7, I had a brief, faint vision of Biden morph into Jimmy Carter.
Thoughts: Later this very day, some in the news media projected Biden the winner. Will he actually become a one-term President, like Carter? Paired with other dream this same day (above) about coming face to face with the “grim reaper”, this is very sobering. However, this vision was vague and not vivid. I suspect that means it is not settled yet. It may go with dreams from mid-Sept (9/14) and following. Note dream on 9/15 about fraud being corrected. Despite the negative nature of these dreams/visions today, dreams on November 12 swing back to hope and faith. But, HOW LONG, Lord? How long until victory?

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

The morning after the election, after all the crazy flip flop results, I felt worn out. I was standing by my kitchen sink looking at the pine tree behind our house, and there saw three doves resting in branches directly across from our deck, facing us. I’ve never seen doves anywhere near our yard before. A message in creation from the Creator? “Be at peace, from your Triune God”.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Dream: I was in my parked car sitting in the driver’s seat with my door open. My husband was behind me in the backseat leaning with his back to the window. A blonde young woman approached my door and me, and I knew who she was. She was holding a knife and asked, did you vote for Trump? I said, yes, we did. She became agitated, got closer to me and stabbed the car seat in anger. I tried to close the door. Then, she tried to cut my left hand, but barely knicked me because I reached over with my right hand and held the knife firmly so she couldn’t do anymore damage. I told her, we know who you are and will report you.

Thoughts: This dream was disturbing, especially on election morning. I knew there would be something wrong, an attack from the left, but in the end it would only be a flesh wound, stopped by the “right” or “righteous”.

This same day, later in the afternoon, a strange thing happened. This is not a dream, but is connected to two prior dreams I never realized were election prophesies.

In real life, my husband and I were finishing the last couple hours of the 3-day fast on Nov 3, election day. We drove to a place we enjoy sitting, overlooking a river from a balcony patio. It is fairly high up from the water, and quite a ways back. There are a lot of trees and brush between where we sit and the water.

We held hands and prayed together for the last time during the fast, and as soon as we finished, we heard a noise below us. It was a rustling noise maybe 200 yards away in the brush. My husband jumped up and went to the railing while I stayed still. Moments later, we both saw a fairly large fox with a dead squirrel dangling in his mouth. He stood still for a moment, looking right at us! I noticed the fox had significant white markings and a light colored coat. I later learned he was a “Red Fox”.

As we drove away, we both reflected we had never seen a fox catch prey before. Truth is, I’ve seen a live fox in the wild maybe 2 times in my entire life. Then, memory suddenly flooded back to me. I later looked up the dates, but I’d had a dream on August 28, 2019, that I was taking care to protect a fox from someone who might wish it harm. Then, ON November 3, 2019 (exactly one year prior to this experience on election day, 2020), I’d had a dream of a squirrel accidentally being let into a building where it didn’t belong and creating havoc.

After seeing in real life a live fox catch a squirrel on election day just as we prayed to close a 3-day fast for President Trump was NO accident. It was the Lord speaking through His creation. Never doubt the Creator can use His creation anytime He wishes to communicate with His people.

The message? The large, sly red fox you sought to protect WILL catch the one causing havoc.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Dream: A friend sent me an elaborate greeting card that contained information about Covid-19. The card verbiage included the names of Dr. Fauci and others responsible for setting the terms of the American response to Covid-19, in addition to other data points about the crisis. The verbiage was arranged oddly, in two, maybe three vertical sections. The thing that stood out most was the first section on the left was shaped like a dagger pointed down and to the left.
Thoughts: I suspect the Lord is revealing Covid-19 itself has been a dagger to the left wing. Their handling of it has oppressed their regions with excessive lockdowns, killing jobs and businesses and demoralizing their people. As a result, they may turn out in surprising numbers to vote Trump and Republicans tomorrow, and in years to come.

Friday, October 30, 2020

Dream: My husband and I were inside a structure which may have been a ship and saw the launching (throwing, hurling?) of what appeared to be grenades from one side (somewhat at a distance) of us to the other side (also at a distance), way above our heads. We remained safe in spite of it. The grenades were coming from my left view.

Thoughts: Could this be describing election aftermath? Or is this solely spiritual, of the attacks coming against the righteous in this historical moment? Either way, we can pray against attacks, pray that violence is quickly quelled, and pray for the safety of God’s people and their protection. Amen!

Dream: A young carpenter I knew was building a house above an older structure on the ground. With a crane, he lifted and redirected a large portion of it on the right side that had jutted way out and turned it’s smaller end into the wind instead of being broadside against it. The older structure below was gone by the end. The house was now on tall stilts, so, in addition to being rebuilt and strengthened against the wind, it had been made flood and vermin proof!

Thoughts: I was inclined to see this one only in the spiritual at first. For one, I believe this was Jesus, our Carpenter, probably about the body of Christ as He refines and strengthens us. But, it could also be a national or political prophecy. When I shared it with my husband, he said to me, “Do you know where houses on stilts are built?” I replied, “on the coast”. He responded, “And also in swamp lands”. Wow. I love his perspective. Time will tell, as they say. Praise the Lord for His awesome work, whether in the natural or spiritual! Jesus is wonderful!

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Dream: My nephew was sick in bed and frogs surrounded him. Interpretation: My nephew in real life had Covid-19. This identifies the frogs as plague, since they were an actual plague in the Old Testament.

Dream: There were frogs, many frogs of all sizes everywhere. As I scooted and pushed them away from me, they would morph into what looked like little dinosaurs, hissing. But then, they all either died or disappeared.
Interpretation: The frogs are Covid-19, and the frog symbol identifies it as being used for a plague of judgment, a wake-up call to America and the world to return to God’s agenda, Biblical values. This dream also indicates Covid-19 will pass. However, in the Bible, frogs were only one of ten plagues of Egypt. So, does this mean there are more to come?

Dream: I saw my old Pastor walking toward me to the right, and then realized it wasn’t him, but actually Donald Trump.
Interpretation: This dream goes with the last one and identifies one way we can avoid more plagues in America! We are under a plague of judgment, and what is it so many are refusing to see? The Lord is showing in this dream that He is using Trump as a minister to America for His purposes. Yet, so many hate him with a vengeance. Even many Christians won’t vote for him. Trump is the first out-spoken pro-life President since Roe v. Wade, desiring to protect life in the womb. And he protects the freedoms of Christians and the sovereignty of Israel. Never forget God and the Bible are adamantly pro-life, from conception. His first role to humans was Creator. We may not always like Trump’s way of talking, but God finds favor in these things that he does, has told His prophets we must support Trump and expects us to listen.

“Say to them, ‘This is what the Lord says: If you do not listen to me and follow my law, which I have set before you, and if you do not listen to the words of my servants the prophets, whom I have sent to you again and again (though you have not listened), then I will make this house like Shiloh and this city a curse among all the nations of the earth.’” Jeremiah 26:4-6

Please watch the video posted earlier today with Francis Myles and Sid Roth. Dr. Myles reveals what a vote for the pro-abortion party means in the spiritual. Every Christian needs to know. Sobering.

Friday, Oct 23, 2020

Woke, heard Spirit say, 73 million. But, immediately after, I doubted myself and thought it could have been either 73 or 74 million. I was never 100% sure after that. Wonder if He intended it to be somewhere inbetween?
Thoughts: A few weeks ago, the Lord gave me a dream in which I was told 73% of the people are for Trump. Connection? At the time, I thought the 73 was related to 7 being the perfect number and 3 the number of the Trinity, in other words, “If I am for him, who can be against him?” [Update Nov 8, 2020: The election results came out saying 70 million voted for trump, but the Lord said 73 million! Up to 3 million votes were either thrown out or switched to Biden? Update Nov 12, 2020: Trump tweeted out that his vote count is now up to 73 million legitimate votes.]

Thursday, Oct 22, 2020

Dream: I realized I’d left my bank card at the ATM and went back for it but it was gone. Though no one had used it yet, the bank replaced it and I put the new one in my wallet, but then learned somehow the number had been stolen again. Still, I wasn’t afraid because I knew nothing would happen. Between me and the bank, there were too many security checks in place.
Thoughts: I’ve had a handful of dreams this year about money being stolen, and a recent one about security checks and me trying to get through them. I don’t know if this is literal or symbolic. But the key phrase I like is, “I wasn’t afraid”. Though something in my life was vulnerable, I knew I would not be harmed.

Saturday, Oct 17, 2020

Dream: I entered a large building which was the size/shape of a warehouse. We were there to vote. Another girl and I got up to the table on the far right and someone manning the table only answered questions cryptically. Since she did not answer my question, I walked away and went to another table on the far left. The girl with me was complaining about her treatment, too.
Thoughts: There is a symbol in this dream of starting out on the right but ending up on the left. [Now that we are post-election and the level of alleged fraud is known, this makes more sense. It may be letting us know votes WERE switched from right to left. ]

Dream: I was looking at a post on Twitter and seeing every comment blocked.
Thoughts: [Events would prove the censoring on social media and by tech giants reached an exponential rate two weeks before the election. They were blocking conservative accounts, posts that were negative toward Biden, and also making sure Democrats got reminders to vote, while conservatives did not.]

Friday, Oct 16, 2020

Dream: I was with a man and we were trying to get thru security, almost like at an airport. I remember dancing at one point, by myself, as if nothing would bother me no matter what was happening. As we were planning to go through, another woman came up, and just ran for it, going thru the first check door, then dodging to the left before the next one, and making a flat out run for the other side on a narrow dock. The man tried it next and did the same thing: went through the first door on the right, but then dodged left. I went after him and followed the same pattern. Last I remember running, unable to open my eyes, on a narrow dock in-between the security checks.
Thoughts: The only noticeable symbol is the one where the woman dodges left after getting thru the first security check. Sounds like election cheating. I do remember in the dream being doubtful any of us would get thru the rigorous security checks, felt certain we’d be stopped. [Again, now that we are post election and the alleged fraud is coming out, this dream must have been another warning of vote-switching, alleged by Trump’s legal team of the Dominion machines!]

Saturday, Oct 10, 2020

Early this morning, I had two dreams that seemed to confirm many previous dreams about the election, that Trump is God’s choice and will win. [11/09 Update: Since Summer, I’ve had many, many dreams of election fraud, in addition to many potential/seeming Trump prophecies. All are preserved on the blog. So, was God saying Trump will win, but the results are stolen away? I must concede this is possible. God could have been potentially warning fraud would overcome the true results. I’ve come to believe we are at the place we should consider it over, dead and buried. HOWEVER, there is a caveat: we serve the God who raises the dead. So, now, it is up to Him and only Him. Whether or not He chooses to deliver this moment, He is good and deserves all the glory for every good gift He gives, the greatest of all being His Son, Jesus, who gave Himself on the cross to offer us salvation if we only believe it and trust Him.]

Friday, Oct 9, 2020

Dream: A man took my bag and I got angry, told him to give it back. Then, he spilled my bag onto the ground, and I scolded him, got it back and put everything back together in the bag.
Thoughts: Could this be connected to the other dreams since July about my wallet being stolen symbolizing election fraud, but somehow it all gets made right in the end?

Thursday, Oct 8, 2020

Laying in bed last night and heard strange phrase: “peer (?) dalmatia”. I had no idea what it meant. I was very sure of hearing dalmatia, but later doubted, “peer”. I’m still not sure.
Notes: Looked up dalmatia this morning. It is a place!
Meaning (from abarim-publications.com): Land Of Shepherds
Etymology: From the Illyrian word for sheep: delme.
Dalmatia is a region of the world (in former Yugoslavia) along the Adriatic coast of Croatia, plagued by violence and with multiple ethnic groups. In 1995, in Bosnia/Herzegovina, Bosnian Serbs massacred 7,000 Bosnian muslims (men and boys), and 20,000 civilians were ‘ethnically cleansed’ or kicked out. The UN and Western nations did nothing to intervene, including the U.S. under Clinton’s leadership.
I don’t know if this is a warning or prophecy. For the U.S., or if not, which country? I pray it is not a warning of intense violence to come in U.S.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Dream: I went inside an old acquaintance’s apartment and discovered it was filthy. There was trash and old food left out. The oddest thing was water and small fish were coming up through every drain. I went out and found the man in charge of the building and brought him in to look at the situation. He bent over and adjusted something connected to one drain, and before I knew it, the water was gone, the place looked clean again.

Notes: This old acquaintance was a conservative working inside a branch of the liberal entertainment industry. I believe the message on this one is simple. Believers – wherever you see signs of ‘the swamp’, whether that be in your neighborhood, locally or nationally, call out to Jesus. HE CAN AND WILL DRAIN THE SWAMP when we bring Him into the situation. In other words: PRAY! “The fervent prayers of a righteous person are effective.”

Wednesday, Sep 30, 2020

Dream: I was working on a process that had a measure of art to it. There was a prediction involving a slump or negative thing coming, but with the promise it would all work out in the end.

Sunday, September 27, 2020

Had this vision before falling asleep: Saw a light-haired woman to my left try to grab the back end of a vehicle moving to the right, and being very briefly dragged on the street. The car drove on unhindered. Thoughts: I fear this may be about Amy Coney Barrett. Does this mean she goes through the hearings (dragged through that sometimes ugly process), but they don’t get the votes to confirm? Or does something happen to stop the process? Alternate: A second possible interpretation could be that someone on the left tries to stop the court from moving further to the right, and fails. Believers should pray for the Lord’s will and, as always, be prepared for anything.

Sat, Sep 26, 2020

Dream: I was looking at something on a shelf way above me, then reached my hand up to it when suddenly a gun shot rang out and hit the item I was reaching for. I was not hurt.
Thoughts: I believe this is a prophecy for something to come in the future, maybe even next year.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Dream: My car was in a distant parking lot, the “Red” lot. I saw an old boss (a Democrat) and asked him to give me a ride to my car. He agreed. In the car, we used a phone app to “Find My Car”. I was surprised how easily it worked. The app showed my car almost in a direct, straight line from our location, easier to get to than I’d previously thought, and it showed the path to it using a series of large red dots. The next to last red dot, nearest the car, was slightly to the left outside the direct line (in other words, revealing a slight obstacle just before the final goal), but getting there nevertheless appeared fairly easy and it was closer than ever before.

Notes: My first thought was, Ruth Bader Ginsburg died yesterday. And now all of a sudden my dreams (from the Lord) of getting to a distant goal turned literally overnight into a much easier path. The Holy Spirit placed the goal in the “Red” lot, meaning to me part of His plan is Trump victory. And just before the goal, there will be an obstacle, but it will not necessarily prevent the final goal from being reached. Obstacle – contested election? Probably.

Tue, Sept 15, 2020

Spirit’s Voice: Woke and heard, “You are witnessing pursuit of darkness objective”. I heard the last four words more clearly, and then vaguely remembered the first three. This was not a clear sentence as other times when I’ve known the Spirit was speaking. It was faint and I almost missed it.
Thoughts: Again, because the whole sentence was faint, that tells me it is unsettled, but there will be an attempt. I think this and the one on Sep 14 about election fraud are warnings. Still, there is hope in the very next dream paired with this one.

Dream: I went to an office of three ladies to tell them someone there had an old cc number of mine and had tried to use it twice. The woman on the right said she was taking care of it.
Thoughts: The cc being stolen is similar to other dreams over the summer about election fraud. Is the Lord is saying the problem will be fixed by “a woman on the right”? Sidney Powell? Amy Coney Barrett?

Mon, Sept 14, 2020

Dream: I was inside a house which had been freshly painted white. A woman I knew was in charge of the master bedroom, and I’d painted a smaller one. Later, I was setting up a tray of 4 small artist paints to personally use and scrubbing dirt off of countertops. It wasn’t easy and wasn’t all coming off. However, the paints morphed into small pots of dirt with little scruffy, half-dead plants in them, and there were an infinite number of tiny bugs in the very loose dirt that kept pouring out every time the dirt was disturbed.
Thoughts: The first time I dreamt of this woman (July 18, 2020) she represented a Dem poll worker committing election fraud. It now seems very obvious that God was warning me cheating Democrats might actually determine the Presidential election. Then, 4 “containers of artist paint” (years??) would turn into 4 “containers of unhealthy corruption”. HOWEVER, I remember the July 18 dream where this woman was first used was paired with a very significant dream about our boat “seeming to sink, but never actually sinking”. Several prophets had similar dreams with that same theme, so we know the fraud cannot ultimately determine the future of our nation. We must hold onto this. But, I don’t know how long it will take to make right.]

Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Dream: I saw a scene of severe destruction in a coastal community, as if a large hurricane or tornado struck. Structures were in collapsed layers one on top the other. I’d never seen such destruction up close. Others were surveying the horrific damage.
Notes: I believe this goes with the very next dream, and is a warning to the Democratic party.

Dream: I was reading the Bible and saw a warning of destruction addressed to certain groups. The name at the top of the list was “Party of Moahlah”. Moahlah turned out to symbolically combine two names of women in Scripture who had the laws changed for their favor.

Notes: The bottom line of this dream is the Democratic Party is being warned of destruction. I believe their party will ultimately collapse (as shown in first dream today) if they do not repent of the evil of abortion, and call it evil instead of calling it women’s rights. (This dream is thoroughly explained in separate post on September 21 – A Warning of Destruction to the Democratic Party.)

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Dream: I cannot tell you if this was a vision or a dream, whether I was awake or asleep, it happened so fast. I might have dozed off. But, I saw a quick, distinct vision of the rear end of a cow laying completely down on its right side. Its back legs were moving somewhat slowly. It was dying and only slightly agitated. Its udders appeared somewhat bulged, in other words, had some milk remaining.

Notes: A year ago, I dreamed of one crazy cow. Genesis revealed cows to represent years in a dream Joseph interpreted. I hypothesized per my one crazy cow, 2020 would be a bumpy ride. How true that has been! This time, the Holy Spirit is revealing the “tail end” of 2020 will end with a whimper instead of fury. I believe the cow being completely on its right side probably means Trump victory. Will share more detail today in a separate post.

Monday, August 24, 2020

Dream: I saw a man try to open an impressive white door, literally pressing his body up against it in dramatic fashion wanting it to open to him. The door was hinged securely on the right, and had a steel lock on the left. The man failed to get in. Thoughts: I believe the man is Biden, and his bid for the White House may ultimately fail.

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Dream: I was on a campus that resembled a university campus or perhaps a hospital, in a gift shop asking for directions. The male clerk behind the counter directed me to “go right, right, right”. He said it just like that, three times.

Thoughts: I believe the vague identity of the campus was on purpose. The gift shop was on purpose. Three times was on purpose, the number of the Trinity. Whether we are looking for wisdom or good health, a gift of God for our nation in this season is coming from the Right, not the Left. Whatever answers we are looking for from God for our nation in particular are very much on the Right. Look closely at Trump’s platform. It more closely aligns with God’s values. You don’t have to like Trump’s personality, but he is God’s choice for such a time as this. He is pro-life, as is the Lord per Scripture, he is pro-America and pro-Israel, not to mention a brilliant businessman who knows how to free and stimulate an economy to grow and put people back to work. He is tough enough to face down enemies and bullies to our nation. He is God’s man for such a time as this. Don’t reject this gift.

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

In that split second moment just between sleep and awake this morning, I heard this very distinct sentence:

Party of dark awareness, you will not win a fight against a 600-foot tall man.

I blogged separately about this one (posted also on Aug 12), so I will not go into the details. I will only say, I believe this was a subtle message from the Holy Spirit that Trump has God behind him and will not be defeated. Read the separate post, if you wish, and see what you think.

Friday, August 7, 2020

Dream: I saw very tall and vast fencing outdoors. There was a large lower section with a short uppermost section somewhat different in appearance. At first, the whole thing was straight up and down. Then, it changed and the top, shorter section was now leaning slightly downward (to left of my view).
Thoughts: I believe this is the border wall, and Holy Spirit may be showing me there will be compromise between right and left over the illegal immigration issue. Perhaps the short, upper section represents DACA?

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Dream: Jesus was telling me He wanted me to see something positive and encouraging. He showed me, from above, what looked like an RV camper moving from left to right. There was at least one other in front of it within my line of sight.
Thoughts: This is the 5th dream or vision I’ve had of movement from left to right. Once again, God is revealing both His choice and what is happening behind the scenes. [11/09/20 These dreams would later prove to have a literal quality – boat parades, car caravans, and more, for Trump…]

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Dream: I was handed a computer tablet and asked to analyze data, in attempt to figure out the true percentage of people for Trump before the election. The data was confusing and hard to nail down, at first it appeared a lesser percent was for him. However, when the facts finally emerged, it turned out 73% were for him.
Thoughts: Seven is “the perfect number” and three the number of the Trinity. Could God be saying, ‘if I am for him, who can be against him?’

Friday, July 31, 2020

Dream: Daytime, in full color, normal looking human bodies in civilian clothing laying en masse in a field, then I saw many being carried out on stretchers. Someone said, “all they did was obey”.
Thoughts: This dream was a scene in the natural. These were normal, apparently law-abiding humans, who had suffered a great injustice. Could it be related to companies, businesses dying (and the ripple effect on human lives) because of covid shutdowns? Could also be the many additional deaths in the aftermath of George Floyd protests-turned-riots. Or, God forbid, more to come.

Dream: Nighttime, saw dark grey, inanimate bodies en masse all being lifted up into the air as if they were being taken away by something unseen.
Thoughts: This dream was a scene in the spiritual. The grey bodies were being removed supernaturally. Since the two dreams were connected, I believe the injustice of the first dream causes a spiritual rebound, which leads to the second. Spiritual darkness being removed.

Mon, July 27, 2020

Vision: I saw a tree on its side on the curb. It had a very small red tag on it.
Thoughts: Background, I’ve had a dream before where I saw a tree branch fall to the ground, and that very day, I received news of a family member’s unexpected death. I believe someone is going to die. The red tag is confusing. Connected to Republicans? [Two days later, former presidential candidate and Republican, Herman Cain, died of Covid.]

Vision: I saw a blue door unhinged on the left side.
Thoughts: Democrats unhinged? Connected to the death? [Some on the left said, ‘he deserved it’ upon hearing the news of Herman Cain’s death by Covid.]

Thu, July 23, 2020

Dream: With God, He was looking at a pamphlet. When I looked at it, it became a movie from Star Trek. Captain Kirk was in command, but then lightening came from his fingers and the ship went into an alternate timeline where Janeway (female Captain of Trek offshoot, Voyager) was in charge instead of him.
Thoughts: I believe God is showing me Biden will be replaced or just overshadowed by a woman (perhaps his VP). Background: Star Trek debuted as a show just over 50 yrs ago. Biden’s political career began 50 years ago. Biden was considered a ‘swash-buckling’ type of ladies man, exactly as character, Captain Kirk, was portrayed on Trek. Roddenberry (creator of Trek) had a determined political agenda to be progressive and move toward the counter-culture youth without being forthcoming to the networks (per Wikip.). There were also themes of one-world government on earth. No Star Trek series displayed belief in God and they paraded nothing less than moral superiority over more powerful beings. The Democratic Party has been sliding these directions many decades. The Holy Spirit is stunningly accurate. [Note: Captain Janeway was even more defiant toward supreme beings than Kirk.] [Sep 16, 2020 Update: this is happening. Just this past week the news revealed Kamala Harris is the one doing the intense campaign traveling, while Biden stays home most of the time. Just a day or so ago, she accidentally on camera referred to the Biden/Harris administration as the “Harris Administration”.]

Dream: God and I were in a public bathroom with multiple stalls. I complained of the smell in the air. Next thing, He was in the far right stall, still holding his pamphlet from the previous dream scene.
Thoughts: Does God’s plan end up on the ‘right’, but only with “a stink in the air”?

Tue, July 21, 2020

Dream: I discovered my ‘wallet’ was missing. It was in the same style as my bag.
Thoughts: Another theme of ‘stolen’? In reality, I don’t use a wallet. Does this mean that something less significant than the ‘big one’ will be stolen in the upcoming election? Or, could this be an ominous message about the value of money taking a hit in coming months? Some sort of deeper financial crisis? We should pray against this, or for it to be mitigated and God’s people to be protected.

Sun, July 19, 2020

Dream: I realized my credit card was stolen, and found out the young (minority) man who took it had given up quickly because there were so many security checks to use it. He had only spent $182 and been stopped.
Thoughts: Again, over 3-4 days, I had approximately 4 dreams of ‘stealing’ or ‘cheating’ themes. Based on two of them containing either obviously or presumably left-wing characters, I believe Holy Spirit was revealing there is cheating happening on the left. The amount he “stole” was $182. Could that translate to literally 182 electoral votes?

Sat, July 18, 2020

Dream: I was at a store trying to buy a couple of rings. I tried to put the purchase on my ‘account’ but they couldn’t find it and needed more proof of my identity. A Democrat former coworker from Texas was there asking for more info. Instead of finding my existing account, she created another one, which I learned the next day when I went back and realized they weren’t interested in finding my existing account, they just wanted to create multiples, I presumed for commissions. I confronted them.
Thoughts: A Democrat worker wasn’t honest, was cheating, using people to create multiple ‘accounts’. Holy Spirit is revealing election cheating, in Texas, for one.

Dream: I got on a boat with windows surrounding 360 (a touring boat) with a few others. As we moved away from shore into the water, I noticed a dinosaur with a long neck and then started noticing more of them in the water. I knew I was on a ‘ride’ and the dinosaurs were not real. I expressed concern over what would happen if a T-Rex popped up attacking the boat, and a lady with us said, the boat will seem to sink a little, but then it will come back up.
Thoughts: I believe this is a prophecy of a bumpy ride yet ahead in 2020, but is also comforting that no matter what is happening around us to scare us, we won’t sink.

Friday, July 17, 2020

Dream: I saw angry people standing on ground (mostly dirt with some grass) that was falling out from under them.
Thoughts: I believe this is a comment on what IS happening in America now. So much corruption is pouring out, being exposed. The ground is falling from under the feet of many.

Thu, July 9, 2020

Dream: A friend and I were walking together thru an arched walkway where there were scary looking characters. Next, we were walking past nursery equipment, cribs, etc. I saw one crib with a painted wooden sign under it that said Trump in big letters under a carved cartoon image of him flying, as if he was an angel.
Thoughts: The crib with the Trump sign tells me God’s view of Trump, who speaks out to protect the unborn. To God, this is precious. We should not take this lightly. What was God’s FIRST role to humans? Creator. Nothing is more sacred to God than every life He created, and in particular the most innocent and vulnerable.

Wed, July 8, 2020

Dream: Large creature of ash standing over an open Bible, tearing at it, trying to shred it. Tiny bits of it were flying up.
Thoughts: This one is ominous, and I don’t know what it means yet. Spiritual warfare? [Would prove a prophesy. On August 1, images of rioters in Portland publicly burning Bibles hit all news sources.]

Tue, July 7, 2020

Vision: Laying in bed awake this morning, saw a sudden, vivid vision of a flame start on my husband’s nightstand. It moved from left to right in a thin, straight line, as if moving along a line of lighter fluid. It looked to be about 16 inches across and 8 inches high (when compared beginning/end points to my 13” laptop).

Thoughts: Fourth dream with symbol, from left to right. It took me a while, but finally clued in these numbers are not random! Trump was elected in 2016, and based on prophetic dreams, it is my firm belief he will be reelected and serve the full 8 years!
Is the flame a sign of the Refiner’s fire? Certainly. I believe this whole year is a refining for the people of God. But there is more.
The implied line of lighter fluid and flames support the belief that rioting will worsen leading up to and perhaps especially after the reelection of Trump.
More, is this an indicator violence will spread from the political left to the political right?
Finally, Jesus is my Bridegroom, but doesn’t sleep or need a nightstand. So why was the flame placed there? A nightstand is personal for one person. In this case, to my bridegroom. So, the flame placed there for me to see was a personal message from Jesus the Bridegroom to His bride.
In the vision, the flame on the nightstand was diagonally right smack in-between a clock and a weapon. A subtle warning in the spiritual, “it is TIME to take up the weapons of divine power and put on the full armor of God”.

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Dream: I saw a circle of people who ‘had holes’. One by one, they were removed.
Thoughts: “Had holes”. Does this mean holy? Or, does this mean their stories are false? The two versions would have radically different interpretations.

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Dream: I was looking at an impressive water craft moving slowly from left to right through shallow, murky looking water like a marsh, next to a road. It had a pointed front end, overall shaped like an arrow. It was light, or white in color. It was late evening, not light out.
Thoughts: Third dream with a theme of ‘left to right’. Could this be another sign from above the political shift in our nation following the wake of lawlessness, violence, and COVID? Per the symbols, the movement is ‘not in the spotlight’ although in plain sight (by a road). There is directional determination, per the arrow shape. Could it be part of God’s Holy algorithm (from May 6 message from the Spirit – see below)?

Thursday, Jun 11, 2020

Vision: A hand/forearm suddenly appeared and pointed straight down, then angled in an arc (like a clock hand) downward and to the left. I got the distinct impression it was pointing to 12:00 on a clock.
Thoughts: Is God telling me it is “high noon” or “midnight” on His time clock?

Tue, Jun 2, 2020

Dream: I was with a former, liberal boss, and others. He and his friends sat in a car on the driveway smoking pot. He parked his car backwards on the drive, and I told him he should marry a right-wing girl and ‘change each other’. His group was saying they should go home, but I said, no, I’ll drive you in the van, since I could tell they were getting high. He agreed. They went back into the car to keep smoking. Then some liberal cousins showed up to visit. Inside, people were sitting around eating. The only food in the house was sweets, cookies and pastries. No meat or vegetables. I finally settled for a couple bites of a pastry since that was all there was available.

Thoughts: Every person in this dream is politically far left. In God’s eye’s, it would appear He thinks their ideologies have ‘no meat or vegetables’. It is all ‘comfort food’. Policies built to sooth and comfort people’s emotions, but not to sustain health long-term.

Sun, May 31, 2020

Dream: I was recalling a biblical story of a big fish. Friends had seen a play which was a prophesy for end times. “Rewound” to a place I could show someone the large fish. The fish came to life and was then heading our way. Thoughts: The big fish sounds like the Jonah story. Am I Jonah the fish is coming for, with an uncomfortable message to deliver as we progress toward end times? (Considering the very next dream above, wonder if they go together?)

Sat, May 23, 2020

Dream: I was in a large, expensive home where there were many people trying to help one man who seemed to be dying. I was encouraging one of the helpers, a young female celebrity. Another young female had to leave and stand outside for being overwhelmed with grief. I went out to encourage her. When I went back in, at first I couldn’t find the sick man. But eventually found he had moved to the corner instead of the middle of the room where he started. There were lots of others in beds around. It seemed everyone was suffering, both the sick and the caregivers. Lots of discouragement all around.

Thoughts: This could be connected to Covid, but my stronger suspicion is it is related to the Democratic party. The “dying man” being helped by celebrities and young women could be Biden, later marginalized, and their suffering and crying a prophecy of November election results.

Sat, May 16, 2020

Dream: Looking at complicated, flat (two dimensional) sculpture of metal shaped with many smaller heads forming one larger head. Someone told me to look at the death faces, and I also noticed a sideways skull in the neck.
Thoughts: At the time of this dream, I pondered if it was related to Antifa eventually being cut off. [This dream was a prophecy. It was basically saying, because of one man being killed while someone was stepping on his neck, more death and destruction will follow. George Floyd was killed around two weeks later.]

Sat, May 9, 2020

Vision: A bear stirring up dust in NY.
Thoughts: I don’t know what this means. Perhaps someone else will assign meaning to it.

Wed, May 6, 2020

Dream: I was shown a net of protection (like a wall), told to plug it with elephants.
Thoughts: Is this a prophecy of more Republican (whose symbolic animal is the elephant) victories to come, as part of God’s plan to safeguard His people?

Waking, heard in my spirit: Parking lot… Holy algorithm and Chocolate
Thoughts: This year has been like America sitting still, waiting to move again. Think traffic jam because of an accident. I’ve been stuck in traffic many times and thought, “it is like a parking lot”. The term ‘holy algorithm’ was most curious. I looked it up and found that broadly speaking, algorithm means “a step-by-step procedure for solving a problem or accomplishing some end”. So, not just a plan, but one implemented, actioned! Basically, God has a plan being carried out, and even sitting still in Covid lockdowns have been for a purpose! In past months, God has used chocolate in dreams to show me I will love the result of something coming. So, we are standing still as part of His divine action plan, and the result is something good.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

This evening, before a phone conversation with a friend in which we would pray for the nation, I would have the distinct feeling/impression of the US tilting to the left toward CA. It lasted several seconds and was a strong impression. Holy Spirit revealing something that will play out, we ‘lean left’ during this year of crisis? That is a consistent theme with a previous dream of being on a ledge, almost falling off to the left (but we didn’t).

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Dream: I was heading home to get ready for a party. Someone gave me something to put on my boss’ desk, it was an artsy object by George Takai, a golden glass pear with white vines, etc coming out of the top and down one side like in a spiral. I struggled to get in the door because I was carrying so much stuff. Couldn’t find the key, but then did. I went to the boss’ office (in my house) to put down the glass pear. I saw someone had been there, put boxes of stuff everywhere. It looked like preparations for an event were being made, maybe a wedding.
Thoughts: The boss’ office is representative of God’s authority in our home. Was the wedding prep for the marriage supper of the Lamb?
[Apr 29 – the pear portion of this dream was revealed today. I happened upon a documentary on Amazon Prime by NASA about the AMS (Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer) which was put on the ISS (International Space Station) in 2016. The doc was narrated by George Takai, and a Chinese American man named Samuel Ting had the idea for the AMS, advocated, pushed it thru Congress over many years to the completion of the project. The AMS is searching for particles of anti-matter, similar to the Hadron collider at CERN. It has already found some. The white vines coming out of the top of the golden pear indicate something dangerous, explosive. I researched and learned anti-matter is incredibly dangerous and destructive, hard to contain, and would make a weapon more powerful than a nuke. I believe God is telling me we have research in motion that could lead to devastating destruction in the future. We need to pray that this effort is either stopped or never falls into the wrong hands, as the dark result could be real mass destruction.]

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Dream: I was talking to a visiting Uncle. He wanted to find my dad’s old mates from the Navy. I said I had the info, but would have to find it. I looked in a closet and it was very messy, stuff laying on top of other stuff, etc. I did find a few things, though, including a book by “Jimmie Milne”, and a card from “Jimmie Moran”. The book contained wartime scenes and stories. The card had a photo of a group of people in Israel playing games on a lawn.
I was showing them in a semi-dark room to my uncle, and to a younger woman. Then, my dad showed up. I started to show dad the items from his old friends. But I commented I wasn’t sure how he could get in touch with any of them now since it was so long ago. There didn’t seem to be any phone numbers or clear addresses.
Thoughts: I looked up Milne and Moran and quickly found two men both with first name, Jim! Jim Milne was the first principal of the State of NY Univ. SUNY has a library in Milne’s honor that now includes a database on Covid. IRONIC since in the dream the book was from Jim Milne.
Jim Moran was a Democrat Mayor of Alexandria, VA, near Washington, DC. So, these two men connect Covid and an elected official.
In the dream, their ‘artifacts’ were a thing of the past from the crisis years of WWII. Covid has been like a war, and Trump has called himself a wartime President because of it.
Wondering if this is God’s cryptic way of telling me the whole thing will be a thing of the past, along with the Democrat’s power?

Friday, April 17, 2020

Dream: Vague memory of a couple I wasn’t sure I trusted making decisions for the American people. Probably about Drs. Fauci and Birx working on Covid team.

Awake – laying in bed awake this morning, the random phrase “Bat… rivers” hit my mind. Could this be a reveal about more of the ‘accident’ that started the virus traveling? Could the lab have (accidentally) disposed of bat remains in a river, and released the virus that way?

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Dream: I was outside looking at a large green lawn. Heard someone say, they’re digging the mass graves up to make something else.
Thoughts: When I woke, I thought maybe the new thing would be a memorial or something, but I am not sure. I don’t know if this is about the end result of the covid crisis or something else. The most basic message seems to be that God will bring beauty from ashes. The deaths will have served a purpose in our land.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Vision: Upon awaking, I saw a video short of Uncle Sam turning from upside down to right side up. As he stood, his legs were steady, but he was not fully upright, his torso and head partially bent forward/left while his arms were angled slightly downward and out.
Thoughts: What a lot of information is packed into such a short clip! America has been turned upside down by Coronavirus, but will stand back up with arms still stretched out to the world, standing on two feet. Bent and leaning a little to the left due to hardship and restrictions, but with hope of full restoration.
Lord, thank you for this promise. And in time, restore full strength and upright posture to our nation! Amen.

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Dream: I saw a swimming pool with plastic covering over the entire pool. Thoughts: Sounds like US being covered to protect it. Water being a mass of humanity? Covid quarantines.

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dream: I went to a wedding in my old church’s original building. The front half of the seats had been turned to face backwards, so the front and back halves were facing each other. The groom was a “Muslim sheriff’ and was waving a gun all the way down the aisle, shouting Islamic teaching. My husband and I whispered to each other, as soon as the wedding party passes us, we need to leave. We weren’t the only ones, the place practically emptied when the wedding party had reached the front of the auditorium.
Thoughts: That this scene was in my old church’s original building indicates something that has already happened in the past. Sadly, much of the Christian world has embraced the fallacy that all religions are alike, that we will all get to heaven. But the real wedding of the bride of Christ will not include any who have rejected Christ as Savior and God.

Thursday, March 19, 2020

Dream: A very large hog/sow was on a stage giving birth while a small crowd watched, like at a state fair. She gave birth to 11 baby piglets, which already had tag collars when they came out. I was suspicious of the whole thing, thinking the birth was contrived for show. After this, the sow transformed into a woman named Rebel, successful, modern and cleaned up, much, much smaller than the sow, and was sitting next to me exhausted since she’d just given birth.
Thoughts: I suspect China is the giant hog giving birth to diseases, but ultimately it will reduce them in size/worth, and that they are a ‘rebel’? Are the tags just indicators that they are viruses identified by scientists? A week or so later, did research as to epidemics ‘birthed’ in China over history. Coronavirus is number 11! Perhaps they will clean up their act after this, ultimately becoming leaner, but more modern and still successful. [Sept 16, 2020 – again, per update under March 12 dream below, Chinese Virologist, Dr. Li-Meng Yan last night confirmed publicly that COVID-19 was manmade, spliced together from a bat virus and enabled to transmit to humans.]

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Vision: I had a vision soon after waking of a being I knew was ‘death’ and another being behind to its left I recognized as ‘decay’. I believe it was a prophecy of the spread and destruction of the coronavirus. In retrospect, it may have also been a forewarning about George Floyd and the violent riots which began several weeks later.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Dream: I was inside a building with others. Outside it appeared some guys were testing a remote helicopter, flying it away from the building (looked like a military exercise). In the next scene, on the other side of the house, a real helicopter was being flown too near the house, the guy lost control of it and accidentally flew into the house, crashing into the house as I and others ran. But, next scene, when I examined the window he’d flown into, only the outer (of two) window pane was cracked. Everything else was intact.

Thoughts: I believe in the end this was about Covid. That it was being tested in China, but then flew into America on the opposite side, to NY, where the most cases broke out (note the symbolic imagery of an aircraft flying into a building. Covid has been more devastating to NY than 9-11). But the end result is we come through it with only scars remaining.

[Update Sept 16, 2020: Chinese Virologist, Dr. Li-Meng Yan, who worked in a virology lab in Hong Kong during outbreak of COVID, was interviewed on Tucker Carlson last night and confirmed COVID-19’s genome contains proof it was manmade. She explained she saw clearly the original virus from bats had been spliced with other material to enable it to transmit to humans. She suspects the CCP released it on purpose. Since my dream from the Spirit indicated an accident, I will trust Him that it was an accident. Dr. Li had to escape Hong Kong in order to avoid being “disappeared” in China.]

Saturday, March 7, 2020

Another very strange “sense experience” happened to me this day, something I’d not experienced before. In the middle of the day, I ate bread with butter and honey, and for the first time in my life, my stomach was bitter afterward for quite a while. It was so unusual, in fact, I questioned if there was a meaning from the Lord. I was reminded of this passage:
Revelation 10.9 And I went unto the angel, and said unto him, Give me the little book. And he said unto me, Take it, and eat it up; and it shall make thy belly bitter, but it shall be in thy mouth sweet as honey. 10 And I took the little book out of the angel’s hand, and ate it up; and it was in my mouth sweet as honey: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. 11 And he said unto me, Thou must prophesy again before many peoples, and nations, and kings.

It was very soon after this experience, I began cluing into the fact I’d been having prophetic dreams about Covid, and begin sharing them.]

Dream: I was on a bridge in a car with others and we saw a huge tornado storm headed toward us, coming from our right, across water. It did hit us, but we survived.
Thoughts: This was about Coronavirus. It hit us in NY the worst, from Europe (“right” of the U.S., across the water)!

Friday, March 6, 2020

In the middle of the night in our room I smelled an odd smell I’d never smelled before, like ‘burning crap’. My husband did not smell it, but it lingered for me long enough to make a lasting impression. Hours later, I woke to the smell of sweet perfume, though it was gone after I fully woke up. I don’t wear perfume, didn’t have a window open…

Found two incredible songs this day. The Blessing, by Elevation, and Refiner by Maverick City. Incredible. One covers the people of God in His Numbers 6 blessing, and the other reveals the Refiner’s fire. When we are in the refiner’s fire, all the ‘crap’ gets burned up, and what remains is pure before Him. I reflected back to the bad smell in the middle of the night, ‘burning crap’!

The Blessing would go viral and global, just in time. Not much more than a week later, a national emergency would be declared over Covid that would eventually lock down all of us in our homes. I believe this year is the shaking Jonathan Cahn predicted, which I also saw in dreams beginning in 2016.

Before going to sleep last night, I sensed the Lord saying in my spirit, “wait for it” and “gird your loins”. I wondered what He was getting me into, or what might happen.

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Dream: I witnessed a half-circle of men who looked alike and were dressed in the same, all white suit, standing at podiums. They each said, one after another, beginning with the man on the left and ending with the one on the right: “Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory…”

Interpretation: Second dream with movement from left to right. Could this be a prophecy of political victory this year? Could this be a view of the next several presidential elections?? The men in my dream were identical, and were dressed in the same clothing. Symbolizing identical in policy, or actually related to each other? After reading Jonathan Cahn’s book, The Paradigm, it is revealed Trump is a mysterious parallel to King Jehu in ancient Israel. After Jehu leaves power, his four sons ruled after him. A Trump dynasty?

Saturday, February 22, 2020

Dream: We were in a home with big picture windows and views to the ocean. I looked out to the water and noticed there were many big turtles in the shallows. Next, I saw many turtles inside the house. A very large, sluggish man was in the house, and I was telling him to look at the turtles. The man appeared foreign, either Pacific Islander or Asian blend.
Notes: In Numbers 6, turtles were a sin and burnt offering for the circumstance of a Levite accidentally killing someone! [Oct 4: This dream flashed back to me today. Realized I missed it at the time, this dream was likely prophesying COVID-19 lockdowns, quarantines and accidental death! Turtles, which should be in the water, are instead indoors behind glass: lockdown/quarantine symbols. Could the large man represent China, slow to act and responsible for the virus spreading to other nations? Also, I believe the Numbers 6 passage is connected, telling us the virus – which brought death – was accidentally released, not on purpose. While I do believe China was testing it in the lab, I do not believe they intended to release it when it escaped. Dream on March 12 also revealed the spread was accidental.]

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Dream: I was a young adult, and my step-father was Obama. He was trying to tell me my parent’s divorce was the best thing, and I was adamantly telling him ‘the best thing for a marriage is to stick it out, to plant your feet and survive the hard times, that is what commitment means’. We ended up having a long conversation, and ended at peace. Then, I was leaving to roller blade, and he said he would shout out at me if he passed me on the street while I was roller blading.

Interpretation: I learned to rollerblade in the 90s, when Clinton was President. I wonder if Holy Spirit is showing me the country really split in values in that decade, and that what was done cannot be undone. But, that we don’t have to be unfriendly with those who don’t agree with us.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Dream: I only remember repetitive scenes of Presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg and a woman.

Interpretation: For months, I’d been telling my husband my suspicion Buttigieg is the dark horse who will end up with the Democrat nomination. And he will choose a female running mate. However, he dropped out of the race. Then again, could be a prophecy applicable to 4 years from now.

Monday, February 10, 2020

Dream: I saw an underground room where people had a dragon-like beast contained in a sophisticated looking cage. It was maybe the length of a man, or a little bigger and a little wider, like an adult alligator-sized lizard. I warned them they may think they have it under control, but it had its own agenda and wanted to kill something.
Interpretation: I believe the beast was Covid, enabled to attack the world by China which did not contain it. I had now dreamed all four of the beasts from Revelation 13:2 “And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.”

Dream: Woke up with the residue of a scene in which I was standing next to the President, and a phrase was resounding in my head, “I stand with Trump”…
Thoughts: This is the Lord’s position. So, He DOES have a side, or rather, an anointed choice for His purposes. If He stands with Trump, so must we.

Saturday, February 8, 2020

Dream: I was outside looking at a shrub in green grass near a curb with little folded white cards all over and around it. There was one unfolded note from a person stuck in the ground that said, “How many is too many, 240, 250?” I knew there was a problem with the notes sitting there, felt I or someone should pick them up.

Interpretation: Green was dominant, which to me means life. The folded white cards were blank and inanimate. Could they mean death? The CDC would eventually project up to 240,000 people will die in U.S. from coronavirus. Learned on April 29 that Asians believe the color white to symbolize death. That the virus came from China is significant and white did mean death! The death toll, worldwide is now pushing 240 thousand people and climbing.

Friday, February 7, 2020

Dream: I was walking thru a huge, outdoor factory where people were seated in a long line of two (side by side), with giant machine arms reaching down from above them that suddenly stabbed them with vaccinations. People were screaming and crying with the shock and pain. It seemed like a glimpse of the past, maybe the 50s? Or, of a dystopian future.

Interpretation: I believe the government will eventually mandate vaccinations.

Dream: I was walking with others, leaving the factory from the previous dream, and noticed there was a ledge to our left that we might fall off if we weren’t careful. In that moment, I said, the style of leadership we had witnessed was an authoritarian model. We didn’t fall off the ledge to the left of us.

Interpretation: Perhaps reflective of the current circumstance under almost national lockdown over COVID-19 panic. Yet, the Holy Spirit was showing it may feel we are teetering close to falling off the ledge into totalitarianism, but we will not.]

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Dream: Observing the ground outside and seeing it get heavily shot up from the sky.
Setting: Could this have been when Covid hit New York?

Vision: Observed Adam Schiff dressed as a large, distorted (like an inflated parade balloon) cartoon character in white wig and black outfit, suddenly falling over backwards, out of sight.
Interpretation: This dream was prophesying Schiff and his power would soon fall away and mean nothing. True to this prophecy, the House impeached Trump, but the Senate did not support it, so it fell away to nothing.

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Dream: There was a storm coming, and a couple of people and I got on jet skis to ride the shallows and get ahead of the storm. While we were on the water, I saw a leopard riding a wave to shore just ahead of us on a body board. It looked at us but didn’t mess with us as we were a ways from it. Overall, I didn’t panic and knew God would take care of us. We watched for a safe place to go ashore, kept passing areas with shady looking characters. Sure enough, we saw a place to land safely which was clean and had decent looking people. It looked like a station of some sort, well lit… a glass enclosed waiting area. The storm calmed.

Interpretation: I believe the Holy Spirit was showing me something had arrived to our shores that meant harm. It was the month Covid came to America. The glass enclosed areas were a nod to quarantines. The body board the leopard rode I believe was symbolic of air travel (something used to travel above water), again symbolizing the arrival of Covid-19 by air. The good news – there will be a calm after the storm.

January 2, 2020

Dream: Outside walking by a median near a forest area. There were formerly wild animals now domesticated being groomed by owners. Walked past a bear having its toenails filed. I believe I also saw a lion getting its teeth brushed? I mostly felt safe, but concerned. An untrustworthy person hugged me from behind. Everything smacked of “watch your back and trust nothing”.
Interpretation: This scene reminded me of Revelation 13:1-2. “And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy. And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.”
P.S. I dreamt of a leopard coming out of the sea on January 19 (see above).

December 25, 2019

Dream: I was walking outside in public and watching a large mass of people in the streets. They were Asian. It seemed more than half of the people were young men dressed in green uniforms. I asked if the men were military and was told, ‘yes, there are 200 million of them’. Within the dream I recalled, in Scripture there is an end-time army of 200 million mentioned.

Interpretation: Revelation 9 reveals in the sixth seal, there will be an end-time army of destruction used to destroy 1/3 of earth’s population by fire. I think this is symbolic, not a literal army. Could this be connected to China or North Korea, per the symbolic nod to Asian people in the dream? Could it be prophesying a nuclear attack that ultimately destroys or ruins the lives of over 2 billion people?? This is a very sobering subject. [For anyone who has watched God Code, provocative documentary aired on the History Channel in April, 2020, a prophesy was discovered hidden in code of scripture that indicates a devastating nuclear attack on Korea someday.]

December 22, 2019

Dream: I was watching downhill skiing into a charming downtown street where people were lined up to watch. A group of skiers who came down were all African-American, and everyone was cheering for them. They looked at me in surprise and returned my smile.
Setting: I was watching the news this week and heard Trump’s support among the A-A community has grown.
Interpretation: Perhaps the Lord was showing me the news was right, there are some in the AA community who are beginning to believe the ultimate success for their community lies in more conservative policies. And they are discovering the people on the right welcome and cheer them.

December 20, 2019

Vision: Another quick sight of a rocket (or man?) flying at high speed from my left to my right across the sky.
Interpretation: [July 2020 Realized this was the first possibly prophetic dream of political change “from left to right.”]

Vision: Had a quick vision of a disfigured, dead man’s face and upper torso.
Interpretation: I’ve never been sure of this one, but time will tell.

November 25, 2019

Dream: I saw dancing vegetables on a stage, over and over and over. Not cartoons, but animated human-sized vegetables.
Setting: The night before, I had been watching news on the impeachment hearings and praying about it.
Interpretation: God literally showed me His view of the impeachment hearings! Democrat and media elites putting on a show for political reasons, and it is a show with ‘no meat’!

November 24, 2019

Dream: I worked for Donald Trump. I was trying to gather up my things to leave and make sure I didn’t forget anything. There also seemed to be care taken to leave behind someone who knew what was going on and where things were?
Interpretation: Although I’m not 100% sure, I believe pulling together all the dreams and visions I’ve had about America is an effort to organize things and leave behind a record of what God has done. And, after the dreams I’ve had, I believe God is on Donald Trump’s side, that Trump is His instrument of protection for this time in American history.

November 14, 2019

Dream: I was at a dinner with Donald Trump and his daughter, Ivanka. Across the hallway was another dinner, and I realized the other people were praying. When they finished, Dolly Parton walked by, leaving that event.
Interpretation: Trump was in the midst of impeachment inquiry. The Holy Spirit was saying nothing would come of it, that literally, ‘out of the prayers of God’s people will come ‘pardon’”.

October 17, 2019

Dream: In a fancy outdoor mall or office complex, in the middle courtyard area. There were lots of concrete stairs up and down to get to various sides and levels. I was standing at the top of one set of stairs watching a windstorm blowing so hard it was literally bending one concrete pillar above the roof of the building. Oddly, however, the pillar didn’t break. I was trying to film it to share and warn others to stay clear of danger, to show them the power of the storm.
Interpretation: No matter the strength of the storm, God is in the miracle business, and can keep our nation from breaking. [Believe this was another dream of a storm coming for America in 2020, but that after all, we would NOT break!]

October 7, 2019

Dream: A large cow was running chaotically, back and forth, not in a straight line. Then, it ran into the river where there were a lot of people who reacted in shock and fear. I shouted to my husband to stop it. He swam after it, and it got out on the other side safely and disappeared into the woods.
Setting: Could this dream be a prophetic warning of a bumpy year ahead? Cows represented years in the book of Genesis. There were 7 healthy cows that represented years of plenty and 7 skinny cows that represented famine.
Interpretation: [I had written in my notes on Nov 2, 2019: “Could this cow represent a year of chaos on the national scale, but that His people will escape mostly unharmed? I pray so!” Of course, now we all know 2020 has proven to be a terribly difficult year, and isn’t yet over.]

Sep 30, 2019

Dream: I saw the State of Florida and a hand bigger than the State drawing little squiggly lines all over it.
Setting: My first impression was the lines looked like grass, like an artist would draw to display grass. But, further reflection realized it made more sense it was waves, meaning water over the State.
Interpretation: Wondering if a giant storm is coming that will be devastating for Florida?

Sep 28, 2019

Vision: Saw two very large silos of grain side by side with no space between them, one on the right more colorful than the other with many tiny tiles of varigated colors. Small little people were spread about the scene on green grass below the silos. Lush, soft scene like a watercolor painting. It was a scene of peace and plenty.
Setting: Silos of grain are storage that house food for the people. The vision made me think of ancient Israel and America, both of which have housed, nourished and protected God’s people in their time. It also made me think of ancient Judaism and the new covenant which ushered in all of the world’s peoples into the family of God if they believed in Messiah.
Interpretation: God giving me a glimpse of the provision, peace and abundance of being His people… his nation…

Sept 26, 2019

Dream: Looking at a thick, square piece of wood with a big crack in it. I wondered if oil would help close the crack. The crack was large, but only on one half of the wood, coming from the center to one side.
Interpretation: Wondering if the wood represented America and her division. But from God’s perspective, it is not divided all the way through, only on one side. Holy Spirit is the oil, the healing balm. He is able to heal what needs to be healed if we, His people, will only bring Him to the table.

September 6, 2019

Dream: A godly woman who worked in the church left 3 large frogs with me to keep while she was away. They had pull-pin devices in their mouths to keep them from overeating, which had to come out at 7 PM. The frogs knew it was time and were expecting me to remove the devices. The frogs’ color and with the devices made them resemble grenades.
Interpretation: I misunderstood this one in the beginning and had ignored it! It is now Oct 29, 2020, and after having another dream about frogs and Covid-19 just this morning, I finally understand. It was a warning that Covid-19 was coming. The frogs are PLAGUES, ready to reap destruction on America, a judgment FROM GOD (as identified by the numbers 3 and 7).

August 30, 2019

Dream: People on the street suddenly marching with fishing rods and just as suddenly putting them away. A woman tried to take clothing from a storage area where poles and more were stored, but she was caught.
Interpretation: This dream was a prophecy of 2020 becoming a year of protests and looting. Could the fishing poles represent that these are people with the means to feed (take care) of themselves, but chose instead to riot and steal.

July 23, 2019

Dream: I watched a spot on my left forearm get deeper and wider, forming a hole nearly to the bone, and then a smaller spot on the right arm doing the same thing. I told mom in panic that I had a flesh eating virus and we had to go to the hospital. Somewhere in the midst of these dreams, I caught a quick glimpse of two alligators sitting menacingly in the distance, watching.
Thoughts/Interpretation: I misinterpreted this dream in the beginning (in this time period, I had not yet clued in I was having prophetic dreams about America). In this dream, I am America (Holy Spirit used me to represent the nation at least once before, on 5/27/19), and my mom is the Holy Spirit as she has been before. The corruption is connected to the “swamp”, as represented by the alligators. Basically, it means, the left arm of our nation is corrupt to the bone and probably needs to be spiritually/symbolically “amputated” to prevent destruction of the entire body. However, the right arm also has corruption, it just hasn’t spread as widely yet, but it also needs “surgery”. This dream may have been a precursor or partner to dream warnings we published on Sept 21, 2020: “A Warning of Destruction to the Democratic Party…” God, now that we are learning what we are learning, this isn’t a shock as it might have been a year and a half ago! We agree with You. Please do whatever is necessary to remove the growing poison from our body before we are lost. In Jesus’ name and for Your glory, always! Amen.]

July 18, 2019

Vision: Saw a bird crash and die. Also saw something else crash, but don’t remember what.
Interpretation: At the time, I dismissed it as spiritual attacks. But, could this have been a prophecy of the next year in America? Unknown.

May 27, 2019

Dream: A man surprise attacked me twice. I got away from him and then realized it had been Obama.
Interpretation: I had wondered recently to the Lord if Obama was still trying to regain power in the U.S. God revealed Obama’s real influence ended with his 2 terms. Interesting God may view his terms as ‘attacks’ on America (symbolized by me)?

Nov 2, 2018

Dream: Was staying in a small village near farm country. Looked out window of cottage and looked past fields of crops: in the distance several rockets or missiles shot off in a line right to left. Called others to look and we all had a heightened sense of danger. Next, something fell very close by and started a fire. My dad was with me.

Interpretation: This dream was a prophesy of the election results, days away from this dream. The House went from Right to Left, being overturned by Democrats. [Feb/2020 Realized more symbols in this dream. At the time, we lived in CA, so my view of the rockets going from right to left from across corn fields represented things which would happen in D.C., on the other side of the heartland farms, opposite from CA. My dad represented God, always with me. What was the “fire” started in CA? Either an ominous glimpse of life under Democrats, or a prophecy of destructive events to come.]

March 26, 2018

Dream: Was on a campus with structured walkways and buildings. Life there was double-layered (think Inception). People were in masses on ground, the bottom layer. Another layer, opposite, above – where people appeared upside-down to those on ground. I was in the above layer. Was warned of a coming shaking – that high-walkers would have to hold onto something firm lest they fall. It seemed to shake only a little and I felt secure.
Interpretation: When I woke, I realized the “above life” is the reality of knowing God and having perspectives rooted in His kingdom while those who don’t have their lives rooted in this world. We literally live above this planet, ‘in the world but not of it’. To the world, we appear crazy or upside-down. Jonathan Cahn also warned body of Christ of a ‘shaking’.

February 12, 2017

Dream: enemy ships and other vessels forming a threatening wall coming to our shore. I, along with a few others, escaped in a truck through a back way out.
Interpretation: (Apr/2019) I don’t remember the circumstances surrounding this dream, only that I had written it down as concerning. Only thing I can conclude now is the knowledge of having a way of escape was comforting. [Jan/2020 – Could this be about America and nations coming against her, but there is a way of escape?]

January 5, 2017

Dream: Storm coming; Drill hovering over the earth; a notable American Pastor clinging to a thin branch near outer edges of a giant tree, watching monkeys playing in the outer fringe branches. Those branches had pushed above the large church and safe structure from which they sprouted.
Interpretation: Within days of having this dream, saw that Pastor on TV. He was participating in a group of diverse religious leaders for a united outreach effort. A few of the leaders were men I didn’t respect for their support of the Pope, who has proven a false prophet, his telling more than one crowd on record, ‘We will all get to heaven, even atheists…” [Jan/2020 I believe this is an ominous prophecy about the final storms of the world gathering and the many false prophets who will be part of the trouble. “If possible, even the elect would be deceived.”]

May 5, 2016

Vision: Just spent some time praying and crying out to God over the increasingly secular state of America, asking Him to reverse our course. After this, had the distinct, albeit brief, vision of the children of God in our nation being lifted up, almost like a giant cloud, above the fray of everyday life. There was a slight shaking involved in the lifting, like the kind you give an object left on the porch too long, to get the dust off.

Thoughts: This vision would predict a ‘shaking’ coming, presumably to wake up the people of God and unite them in prayer for the many needs in America, for her need to return to the Lord as sure foundation of our land.

One thought on “Dreams and Visions for America – updated 12/03/2020

  1. “Thursday, April 16, 2020
    Dream: I was outside looking at a large green lawn. Heard someone say, they’re digging the mass graves up to make something else.”

    When I read this, I thought about the fraudulent deed of using dead people to vote for Biden in this election. Your thoughts?

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