The Solution

Often, I catch myself fretting over the continual cultural slide and division in the United States. The fabric of our American soul is being pulled so hard at both ends, it is thin and close to being torn to shreds in the middle. At least, it seems that way sometimes. One sleepless night recently, I … More The Solution

Trusting in Troubled Times

8 Don’t get angry [literally, Hold back from anger; Abandon wrath].     Don’t be ·upset [worried; angry]; it only leads to ·trouble [or evil]. 9 Evil people will be ·sent away [literally, cut off],     but those who ·trust [wait/pin their hope on] the Lord will inherit the land. 10 In a little while the wicked will be no more.     You may … More Trusting in Troubled Times

O’Lord – Lyrics

[At the end of a day fasting for our nation, the Lord reminded me of the lyrics of this beautiful song. The assurance that He will make all things right is so precious, such a comfort. We will stand our ground. He will make it right.] O’Lord Tho times it seems like I’m comin’ undone, this … More O’Lord – Lyrics

The Bridegroom

Before the time of Christ, the leaders of Jerusalem and Israel were expecting a conquering King to rise up for the nation, to make it great again. They did not get what they expected. Those who know Old Testament prophecy may remember the prophet, Isaiah, had centuries before the time of Christ proclaimed that the … More The Bridegroom

2 Chronicles 7:14 – How to Change a Country for Good

Hello, friends of Faith and Fasting! Happy New Year! My prayer and encouragement is broadly for the people of God today, not just in America, but around the world. God’s precious people fill the whole earth, just as Isaiah prophesied they would some day, after the Redeemer had, well, redeemed them. The followers of Messiah, … More 2 Chronicles 7:14 – How to Change a Country for Good

Heart of God

Yesterday morning brought one of those unusual God-moments, a touch of love in the midst of my human nonsense. Some will think I am a nut. I am a nut. A nut for the Savior Who loves me no matter what mess I make! My dietary health has been a challenge the last couple of … More Heart of God

You and Me Time

Do you have a relationship that is extra special in your life? A spouse, friend or family member, someone you make time for just because you enjoy the relationship and are blessed by it? How does it feel when you have not seen that person in a while? Something is missing, you feel out of … More You and Me Time

The Burden of Pride

In my youth, I remember hearing often the comforting verse, cast your cares upon Him, for He cares for you (I Peter 5:7). The word care was understood to be some type of burden. At the time, in my young mind I thought a burden was only something that caused worry or sorrow. This morning, … More The Burden of Pride