Jonathan Cahn: Harbinger Returns – from Last Trump conference, posted 1/13/2021

Friends, if you haven’t seen this one, it is a MUST WATCH. I missed it when it came out, and judging by the views, it has not been circulated widely. Powerful word regarding the mystical matching of current events in America with Biblical events and prophecy.

Every believer would be well-advised to follow Jonathan Cahn. He is an important teacher and prophet to America.

Last year, on May 9, 2020, I had a vision of “a bear stirring up dust in NY”. It is still recorded on our Page: Dreams and Visions for America. Now, wondering if this connects with Jonathan Cahn’s explanations of how NY brought judgment into America decades ago via their early acceptance followed by policies on abortion.

Well, please watch and share with your believing friends. Stay in prayer. God is allowing a time of judgment, but He is not done with our country. Believers, hide in the shelter of His wings and know His love and grace are with you.


Jonathan Cahn; Image