Operation Valkyrie DECREE – Dutch Sheets, 12/01/20

Dutch Sheets is fairly new to Faith and Fasting, but this prayer and decree, Operation Valkyrie, came to our attention as striking a chord with God’s people, so we are pleased to bring it to you today. The concept is, believers in every State agree and pray this 3-minute prayer/decree over their State and our nation. (FYI, the Decree begins at 08:39 on the video.)

BTW, we believe the Lord will honor the prayers of His people even if it wasn’t at the specific time they requested in the video. Remember, God operates outside of time. He can make our prayers today effective yesterday, today or tomorrow! That is how big He is! We will continue looking to Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith.

God bless His people as we continue to hold each other up and hold up the Lord’s will in His nation, America!


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