SHARE & PRAY: Trump Campaign Legal Team Press Conference 11/19/20

Whether you watch this here or directly on YouTube, do not miss this briefing. (To go directly to the beginning of the briefing, skip to 58:00.) There may be news clips of it later, but if not, everyone should have access to this information in its entirety.

Keep praying. God bless every reader and prayer warrior!

Let’s pray together again:

Father God, we love and praise You. We surrender our spirits to Your Holy Spirit. Lord, use us to get this information out to the American people!

Holy One, right this grievous wrong, we beg You. Bring every incident of fraud whether small or great, to the light of day! Convince every person in America who still has ears to hear!

God, please protect all these fighting for the President and justice! Protect their families. Protect those giving affidavits, witnesses to fraud, whose lives and families may be threatened for speaking the truth. Guard them against all odds.

Lord, bring true justice and transformation in our election processes, in our governing bodies. Return their procedures and policies back to truth and righteousness. Restore us to Your vision for America, to our foundation of Biblical values and precepts which seeks the good of all people.

Lord, we cast our cares on You. We unite to place this terrible season in Your hands. We know You are for us, You deeply care about us and our nation, more than we can imagine. We choose to trust You now and in the days and weeks going forward.

Protect Your people, keep us close to You, and sheltered under Your wings. Holy, we look forward to seeing You work out Your plan, and we wait with anticipation of Your triumph.

Bless Your Holy name! Thank you. In Jesus’ name and matchless power, we commit these things to You. Amen!

One thought on “SHARE & PRAY: Trump Campaign Legal Team Press Conference 11/19/20

  1. god please overlook our failures in the presidential trump election ,please help us find recovery in the results of the election with mr trump the victor with your name and blessing amen

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