PROPHETIC WORD FOR 2021: Amanda Grace

Forgive me, I normally don’t publish more than one post per day, and rarely two. But the Spirit pressed this word into my thoughts, and I think the timing must be appropriate.

A friend shared this video just before the election, but I’ve held off sharing it because I didn’t want it to get lost in the election madness. It is an important, intense, but deeply hopeful word for 2021.

If you missed this prophetic word from Amanda Grace released on October 17, please take the opportunity to view and listen now. It contains a prophetic word of both warning (to the corrupt) and promise to God’s people for America. [To skip all the intro stuff and go directly to the main message, begin around 17-18 minutes or so into the video.]


God is NOT done with us, as all the doomsayers have drummed for years. I told a friend recently, we should remember He is “the Great Physician”. And as the Great Physician, he is a very skilled surgeon. He is in the process of cutting out the cancer in this nation and in His people.


Per Amanda Grace and other prophets who’ve heard so clearly from the Lord, restoration is His plan. But, it will involve the falling away of many aligned with corruption in both political parties and in His church!

God bless His people and let us agree to support His agenda as He declares it!

7 thoughts on “PROPHETIC WORD FOR 2021: Amanda Grace

    1. Interesting question. I would have to honestly say, I am not sure. The one person I (and other respected prophets) know has God’s anointing is Donald Trump. However, I do think there may be many in places of power who aren’t supporting him as they pretend to be. We should pray for his protection and for every hint of ‘swamp’ to be brought to light and weeded out… so that God can accomplish His full agenda in our nation.


      1. God did say there was a path to the presidency and I fully believe in order to save our country he needs to do what President Lincoln did and declare the insurrection act for a new election in just the key states! Then lets see how well that cheating lizard Biden would do then! There are too many lowlife traitors like Mitch McConnell, Mark Meadows and possibly VP Pence to rely on jan 6th! President Trump wants his supporters there on the 6th thinking it will be a celebration but instead it could very well be devastating! The one senator Tubervile was going to represent us, but dirty McConnell talked him out of it! He wants to continue getting money from his china buddies at our expense! I am so angry with these lousy traitors! President Trump deserves a loyal armyband not a bunch of spineless toads! General Flynn and Lin Wood is right, declare the insurrection act!


      2. I know how you feel, being angry. We have been angry, too. Ultimately, though, it makes me realize only the Lord can stop the injustice and restore truth and righteousness in our election and beyond. God bless you for caring so much about what is good and right. The Lord knows the heart of His people. He is on our side, and I believe He has a good plan that no man or enemy from hell can stop. I can’t promise when, but His plan will prevail.


      3. Well God has not turned His back on america! If declaring the insurrection act is a path to saving our country from being enslaved, then he should do this! This isn’t breaking our laws and is made available to us because of our constitution! I fully believe that cheating puppet will not get into our WH!


  1. Powerful Prophetic Words, I come into agreement with the words of God and what He is doing with and through president Trump and his plans for the USA. I have been praying and fasting for justice throughout this land. Will continue to pray Gods will be done on earth as it already is in Heaven. Thank you for this on time word from our Heavenly Father, may He continue to bless you and your ministry work.

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    1. Amen! God bless you, Jessie. Thank you so much for your encouraging comment. Together, we stand strong in prayer and support for God’s plans for America! Oh, God, we pray, “Let justice run down like water and righteousness like a flowing stream…” (Amos 5:24).


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