Prayer For Election Integrity

God’s people should keep election integrity on their prayer list this year and beyond. So, let’s rally together. Will you join me now as I seek the Lord on this critical matter that determines our national destiny:

Heavenly Father, we praise and adore You, Father of light, in whom is no darkness, no corruption. We surrender ourselves now completely to Your Spirit. Fill us and give us Your wisdom, Your mind, Jesus, and Your precious presence, Holy Spirit. Guide our thoughts, words and actions.

Lord, please, reach the heart of every one of Your people in America. If they are not on board Your agenda for our nation, if they are against Your will, shake and awaken them and call them to return to You. Show them the powers of darkness trying to destroy Your nation and Your people. Do not let them remain in ignorant blindness!

Father, the elections in our nation continue to be a concern. We know there are those working every day to steal races, to force their will upon the people, and who feel righteous in doing so. Please put honest people in every polling or election office to prevent, stop and expose attempts at fraud right now and going forward this year!

God, in the power of Jesus, please bind and stop every evil plot to corrupt this election and to take over our country! Loose all of Heaven to come to the defense of Your nation, to secure it for Your people and Your purposes for generations to come.

Lord, please continue purging Your enemies out of American houses of power! Sweep in a solid majority of Your righteous people in leadership of every branch and department of government. Move these leaders in days ahead to clean up election processes, to make them secure, unhackable to foreign powers, and fraud-proof so American citizens are guaranteed to have their voice heard and honored in the results.

We ask all these things in the mighty and matchless name of Jesus. For Your glory! Amen.