Spirit Code: Exploring the Biblical Matrix

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This one is going to be about a bit of a brain teaser. Readers, if you are not familiar with any of the videos or books on Bible/Torah code, or have not heard of the God Code documentary which came out last Spring on History Channel, then this post may make not sense to you.

The concept of Bible code begins with the original languages of Hebrew text. Imagine, if you will, treating the original text as if it is more than just words on a page, but as if it is also a crossword puzzle. Then, search for additional, intelligent phrases that come out of that crossword.

Obviously, anyone can find words here and there within a large mix of letters on a grid, but when you start finding coherent themes, phrases and sentences is when things get statistically interesting. The longer the encoded phrase or sentence and the more pointed the meaning, one starts to believe it is not random coincidence, but rather design. And design by a very, very intelligent Creator, One who enjoys “teasing” our brains.

With that, I want to share something with you that still has me astonished. It’s okay if you think this is nuts and dismiss it as such. But, regardless the reception, I am compelled to share.

On August 12, I woke and heard a distinct, full sentence in my spirit. I have to be honest, I’ve heard the Spirit speak to me many times, but never, not once, did I hear a full sentence as I did that morning. Here it is again:

Party of dark awareness, you will not win a fight against a six hundred foot tall man.

Usually, when the Spirit gives me a message, after I post it, I let it go and don’t dwell on it. But, this sentence has been replaying in my head daily.

Finally, a few days ago, I remembered the documentary, God Code. The host of the show had emphasized the importance of finding the oldest, original manuscripts in order to search for hidden codes, to be sure of their integrity.

Reflecting upon that, the thought came to me: I know at least one full sentence in its original form which the Spirit has directly spoken to me. I wonder, if I laid it out like a crossword, would any additional message come out with coherent meaning?

Well, you can guess where this is going, or I wouldn’t be posting about it, right? I’m going to share snapshots of my work with you. I can tell you, when I saw what I saw, I wept. Yet, I’m still incredulous, not 100% trusting because it is so… well, beyond my usual realm of truth seeking.

Take a look. Decide for yourself if you agree the Lord built additional meaning into that one cryptic sentence spoken on August 12.

Once again, the sentence: Party of dark awareness, you will not win a fight against a six hundred foot tall man. The first time I analyzed it, I laid it out evenly. It contains 68 letters, so I assigned the grid to 4 X 17 characters. See here below left, and then, look out to the right at all of the phrasing which poured out of it:

Let’s start with the first one: “Part of ark or art of war”.

In Biblical symbolism, the ark represents rescue or salvation. Then, there is literally a book entitled, Art of War, which I believe is read or referred to by all or most military personnel in the course of training.

Part of ark or art of war, to me has two meanings, one in the spiritual, and one in the natural, just as the original sentence spoken by the Spirit also had two meanings:

1) Spiritual meaning – Either choose salvation in Christ, or be a permanent casualty to the war from Hell.

2) Natural meaning – Since the original sentence contained a word of warning to the Democratic party, we can see God saying to His people: “You have two choices, you can be part of: a) a rescue for America, or b) a guarantee of continued war. (I realize depending on your affiliation, you may take that one of two ways, but I will simply remind you it is Trump who is expressly against endless wars, having worked to bring our troops home since he was elected.)

Next phrase: “Yawn, I, on sin (with ‘idol’ connected to sin!)?” Meaning, “Do I (God) ignore sin and idolatry?” The obvious answer, in line with Scripture: No! The sins our nation is committing, which He finds most offensive are all those in direct opposition to His Word: abortion which defies the sacredness of human life, the idolization of anything other than Him, and more.

The last two phrases were a question and an answer! Are you ill? Gain a Dr., man! Now, we could say “man” means gain a human doctor. I hear more than one shade of meaning.

Again, I hear both a spiritual and a natural meaning in this set. Are you ill, as in, is your soul sick? Seek the soul doctor, (Jesus Christ)!

But in the natural, this is interesting and amusing. Again, as the original sentence was a warning to Democrats, I find it funny the Spirit may be mimicking Joe Biden. Anyone who has listened to Biden speak more than once has heard him say the phrase, “C’mon, man!” He says it all the time.

It is as if the hidden code is saying it right back to Democrats in this season of COVID. And, if this code is from the Holy Spirit, then He is letting us know His view on how to handle COVID!

He is saying, here is how you should handle sickness: if you are ill, go to the doctor! In other words, you don’t have to lock down in vain attempts to avoid illness! Illness will always be with us. We still get the flu every year, and though it kills many more children than COVID every year, we never lock anyone down for it.

You see, I think God is very practical. He is not a germophobic nanny who keeps us in a sterile room in order to avoid all infection. He IS always with us, watching and available, but He is a God of freedom. He encourages us to learn, explore, play and risk. He picks us up after we fall and bruise our knee, but He doesn’t prevent it altogether, for strength and learning come from the bumps and bruises. Then, I think He steps in when we are truly offending Him by pursuing non-stop evil. Or, He steps in when He has a specific, divine direction for our lives, for His purposes.

I’m still shaking my head. Do you realize if this is real, how very big, very intelligent and mentally intriguing is our God? It also means, His word, in whatever format it comes to you, is reliable. You can press it every which way, and intelligent truth comes out.

How anyone doesn’t believe in Him is beyond my understanding. Knowing God is the adventure of a lifetime!


3 thoughts on “Spirit Code: Exploring the Biblical Matrix

  1. Immediately upon reading your post here, it came into my mind the Art of the Deal. “Art of War” triggered this. I googled the the title “Art of the Deal” and “Trump” as I wasn’t for sure it was the title of Trump’s book. Reading the description of the book, along with what you are saying here, fascinated me and has inspired me to read the book. Mainly, because I’ve been very down-trodden concerning things that have been happening and the election results but have been recently encouraged by the thought that the Lord still can prevail. (He can expose and weed out the evil and election fraud). And also, Trump’s determination and skill in being a winner keeps crossing my mind lately: How he realizes people’s gifts and uses them in key places where they can utilize their gifts which adds to his success. These ways of his keep entering my mind as I ponder frustrations my adult children and I are having with the local church we are involved in where the leadership is weak. I keep telling my husband (trying to encourage him to action) that Trump would do this or that. (My husband likes Trump and is a business man/entrepreneur type, himself). So, your post has added to what I believe the the Lord is showing me (how to proceed to successfully share the Gospel)…This post has encouraged me in how to possibly motivate other Christians and church people surrounding me, including my own family, to not give up but persevere and expect success. The Lord has also recently impressed upon me to not fret, but that I should be praying and believing for the destruction of the Democratic Party…that’s how I ended up here on your page (through a series of googles). I’m also now intrigued to read “The Art of the Deal.” Interesting posts you’ve made. Thanks, as I think we need to be very careful these “dreams” and ideas are from the Lord…but I’ve had similar experiences and seem to have found a connection here with you.

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    1. How kind, Tammy. Thank you for taking the time to write. Your comment is very encouraging and I like your thinking. Walking with the Lord is an adventure, isn’t it? As a younger woman I never “dreamed” where I would be now, yet here we are. One thing I try to do is never trust my own interpretations until I see things come to pass. Until I see it, I consider it tentative and subject to correction. But, God is so good. He brings so many precious and wonderful people together as family, supporting each other. It is a blessing beyond measure. God bless you and use you for His kingdom, mightily!


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