WARNING: GOD’S JUDGMENT UPON AMERICA (and one wing, in particular)

[Spoiler alert: this post will address topics very hard for some to hear, but exposes the true views of the heart of God on some subjects which have become politicized and must be brought to the attention of His people today.]

On Sunday, August 23, I had a crazy dream in which I was reading Amos, a book in the Bible I’ve never studied before. Take a look at my initial notes, and then let’s discuss the deep and profound spiritual, social, and political implications of the dream message.

Aug 23, 2020
: I was reading from the book of Amos in my old green Bible from youth, and saw some of the words were crossed out. There was an African-American man seated next to me on my left. He noticed the crossed out portion, too, and I told him I didn’t know why some of the language had been covered, but that it happened many years ago. So, I picked up a modern Bible to see the same text. Was blown away by the modern sounding language: I saw the word, “woke”, right in the text.

Notes: Need to read Amos right away. Something there is important. After reading it later, saw exactly what the dream suggested. It was as if 2,770 years ago, the Lord through Amos was speaking directly to people in 2020.

Friends, I’ve never studied Amos a day in my life. I don’t remember hearing a sermon preached on Amos. That book has simply never been on my radar. So, having a dream about it is unusual, to say the least.

More, I believe it is a divine and very stern wake up call. It is a warning of judgment that is coming unless we repent and change. If we do not repent and change, God will act to change us, but we might not like how He does it.


Before unraveling the dream, let’s take a look at Amos. For in it, God is revealing some of the most offensive things He hates, the things that earned His punishment. Consider the following excerpts (modernized from old language) out of this profound book:

AMOS 1:2 The Lord will roar from Zion… and the leaders shall mourn… 3 Thus says the Lord, for their transgressions I will not turn away their punishment; because they have trampled (the land)… 4 I will send fire to the house… and devour the places of the leaders. 5 I will break the stronghold of the aggressors and cut them off… send them into captivity, says the Lord.
AMOS 1:9 …I will not turn away punishment… because they forgot to be brotherly: 10 I will… devour their places of leadership. 11 …because they pursued their brother with the sword and CAST OFF ALL PITY
AMOS 1:13… because they have ripped open pregnant women (killing unborn babies). 14 I will send fire and devour their places of leadership, it will come as a tempest and whirlwind. 15 Their leader will go into captivity, he and his associates.
AMOS 2:4 … because they have despised the rules of the Lord and have not kept His commandments, and their lies caused them to sin, in the same way as did their fathers. 5 …because they sold the innocent for greed and the poor for rewards. 7 They oppress the poor and ignore the gentle, they are sexually impure and profane My Holy Name…
AMOS 3:10 For they know not to do right, says the Lord, those who are violent and steal…

AMOS 4:11 I have overthrown some of you, as God overthrew Sodom and Gomorrah… yet you have not returned to me, says the Lord. 12 Therefore this is what I will do to you… prepare to meet Your God…

Amos is a powerful judgment message for all the many ways the leaders and people were failing His rules. The ancient people were called out by God for killing babies in the womb!

They were violent, were stealing! Had forgotten brotherly love, failed to show any pity, and were being judged for it. They oppressed the poor, were sexually immoral, and much, much more… God was SICK of it and destroyed those responsible.

Ironically, Bible verse often cited as quoted by Martin Luther King, Jr., is Amos 5:24, “Let justice pour down like waters, righteousness like a flowing stream.”

In the original language, the word, “justice” was interchangeable with, meant the same as, “judgment”. But no one quoting MLK says, “let judgment pour down like waters”, but that is what God meant.

Are today’s admirers of MLK telling the rest of the Amos story? How God HATES sinful actions (as listed above) and that is why judgment pours down?

Now, with Amos as our backdrop, let’s look closer at the dream.

First, the dream reference to the word, “woke”. Do you know what “woke” means today and how it began?


Per dictionary.com, woke is a slang term that began in the black community in the 1940s. It meant “socially and politically awake”. In the 60s it was used to mean politically informed during the Civil Rights movement.

By 2014, woke took off as a hashtag on social media with the beginning of the Black Lives Matter movement. It had become and still continues to be part of a call to activism.

In truth, just like the crossed out language from the older Bible in the dream, the original, more righteous meaning of woke for African-Americans has changed, expanded, and has been taken over exclusively by today’s liberals. Woke now goes hand in hand with concepts like white privilege, oppression, gay discrimination, and every other social or racial injustice as seen through the eyes of the political Left.

Bottom line, “woke” is no longer the exclusive property of the African-American community, it has been hijacked by modern liberals, most of them white! How ironic. They can’t seem to allow the African American community to keep even one thing for themselves.

I will pause to comment the more I study what is going on in the BLM movement (or should we say the 80% white liberal and maybe 20% black movement), the more I realize the outcome is only more oppression of minority communities.

Think about it. Every city where the protest violence continues is seeing the destruction of minority owned businesses, the taunting, attacking or killing of often minority law enforcement officers. Minority families in terror and wondering what happens if police are abolished altogether.


And the worst truth of all: every one of the cities not containing the violence are Democratic Party run and have been for decades.

Don’t believe me? Here is a short list of a few of the most violent cities:

Baltimore – run by Democrats for 53 years
Detroit – run by Democrats for 58 years
St. Louis – run by Democrats for 75 years
Chicago – run by Democrats for 89 years
Oakland – run by Democrats for 100 years

This is only a handful. I have the statistics and could give you a list of 25 cities considered most violent and they are all run by the left wing, liberal Democrats, for decades! And they want to abolish police??

Doesn’t it seem as maybe the real oppressor has managed to masquerade for decades as the hero and savior? Talk about irony.

If we are really, really brave, we could go further and discuss the history of the “Democratic” Party. It was the party that opposed ending slavery! They fought against Republican (yes, he was the first Republican President – look it up if you don’t believe me) President Abraham Lincoln. Democrats gave us Jim Crow laws. Democrats birthed the KKK. Democrats fought against giving women the vote! It wasn’t until a Republican majority was voted back in that women got the right to vote.

Now, I know Republicans have not been perfect, but it sure seems Democrats were on the wrong side of important things far too many times in history. Again, if you just cannot believe this, then Democratic elites (and the media that supports them) have hidden their racist and misogynistic history very well. But, the information is readily available on the internet. Don’t be ignorant of it, because there is a deep spiritual significance to this ugly truth.

The Bible tells us curses pass from generation to generation, until they are stopped with the power of God by obedient people dwelling in His Spirit.

Given how many in the Democratic Party today are opposed to even the mention of God in their party’s platform, I’m guessing their curses really haven’t been broken, have they? Those curses continue today, obviously still hurting minorities wherever Democrats retain power, regardless of the persuasive promises they make to woo voters. “Free this, free that… and more” Yet, their inner cities look like war zones.

Their words result in the opposite of what they promise. Consider the spiritual reasons as to why.

Until the Democratic Party has a return, or perhaps just a “come to Jesus”, time of true rejection and deep repentance over their history, they will continue to hurt those they claim to love.

Until they cease promoting the killing of the unborn, the tiniest, most vulnerable lives God created, they will live under a curse from Hell. And so will their constituents, those unfortunate enough to live under their power.

If you have heard testimony by Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood clinic director who is now a pro-life activist, you know Planned Parenthood’s racist history.

Margaret Sanger opened the first birth control clinic in America which eventually led to the widespread network of Planned Parenthood. What you may not know is she was a very racist white eugenicist who wanted to wipe out minorities!


Guess where most Planned Parenthood offices are located? In minority communities. Guess which race, by far, is the one that aborts the most babies? African-Americans.

The curse of Margaret Sanger’s racism is still the heaviest, demonic fog over the African-American community, and guess where it is promoted the most? Through the Democratic party.

In modern times, Democrat support of abortion has increased to a desire to allow the murder of a baby 9 months grown in the womb, ready to be born! This is Hillary Clinton’s position. This is Kamala Harris’ position, the nominated VP candidate running with Joe Biden.

Think of the spiritual significance! Democrats perpetuate their murderous, racist history, the stinking curse of it still hanging on them like slime. It has not been broken.

Abortion is abominable to the Lord, extinguishing the most vulnerable black Americans, not to mention the most vulnerable from all races! How many change-makers are being eliminated? Perhaps the next Robert Smalls, Dorie Miller, Harriet Tubman, or Martin Luther King, Jr.

These are very sensitive and controversial subjects, even for the people of God. We are a diverse people. But family, we must speak and defend every human being created and beloved by God, regardless of age or color. We must expose the truth where a group is truly being oppressed and pray for their deliverance. Pray for our nation’s deliverance from the evil behind it all.

I didn’t want to write on these topics, but God, through the dream, put these subjects literally in my face, in effect saying, “Share this burning message I reveal and what is to come if there is not repentance!”

Something I’ve not told you before now, but I’ve had more than one dream recently where my husband or I are African-American. In reality, the two of us are a blend of races, but we are primarily Hispanic. Just FYI, I’m Caucasian/Hispanic.

Do you know why I believe God had me see us in dreams as African-American? Because He sees us as NO DIFFERENT!!! WE ARE THE SAME to God.

We are all beautiful in His eyes, His beloved creation, His people. That is where we find true equality, in the Lord! If only the world would understand this spiritual reality.

What we chase that continues to elude us in secular society through politics is FOUND in following Christ. True equality, real family, brothers and sisters in Him. Isn’t His heart adorable!? His vision is beautiful!

God’s people need to be truly “Woke”! Less woke to social and political matters, although we should not be ignorant, but more woke to His Word. Woke to His heart for ALL of His people.

Particularly on the subject of violence, I want to call something out. Violent protestors, do you really think your little fires in the cities are bringing vengeance for racism?


Do you realize, less than 2 weeks ago, God allowed 12,000 lightening strikes on one day, to set over 500 giant fires in California alone that still aren’t contained? And much of the West is currently fighting crazy wildfires.

ROM 12.19 Dearly beloved, do not avenge yourselves, but rather put wrath in its place (contain it): for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, says the Lord.

Per fire.ca.gov, in California, over 1.5 million (million!) acres of land have been burned! Of the top 10 fires, only one has been 100% contained.

So far, there have been over 7,000 incidents of fire there with nearly 2,000 structures damaged or destroyed! Yet, only 7 fatalities. He really does love the humans, doesn’t He? Now, that is an act of God.

Napa County, Calif.; Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2020. (AP Photo/Noah Berger)

But, do we really understand, how very sick God is of the hypocrisy of so many of our people. He is sick of the killing of the unborn. He is sick of the excuses for violence, the lack of love, the lack of brotherhood, the sexual perversion. The lies, stealing, and fraud. And judgment is coming.

Reflect back upon the giant can of rotting worms that has poured out of Hollywood: sexual harassment, rape, child molestation. Jeffrey Epstein’s island. Then, the subject of child porn. Human trafficking to cross our borders.

WHY are sooo many of the main perpetrators of these horrific crimes (or those who shelter them) on the political Left? More cursed fruit of the Democratic party, the party whose terrible history is overlooked or ignored? Judgment is coming. Upon their house, their leaders, because they have not dealt with their own corruption.

Not just them. All who call themselves the people of God, the followers of Christ and yet excuse or turn a blind eye to every one of these devastating sins also bear the blame for the judgment of God upon our nation!

I will utter my judgments against them because of all their wickedness (sickness, mischief), who have failed me, and have put other gods before Me, and worshipped the works of their own hands. Jeremiah 1:16

WAKE up, American believers, no matter what color you are! Repent of your ways that mock the heart of God, that violate His word!

God is unchanging. He does not bend or break with secular, modern thinking. Yet, His Word still perfectly fits the needs and circumstances of His people today.

Diluted and liberal churches, including many African-American churches, WAKE UP! Instead of delivering social justice messages, rise up and speak out against violence. Speak for repentance. Speak for LIFE. Speak for brotherly love. Speak for humility. Speak for lawful living. Speak against addiction and sexual immorality.

When we as God’s people repent of our own hateful hearts that crave vengeance and instead unite with the heart of God for all people, then we will find the social and racial justice we crave. But it won’t be by our hand, it will be by God’s hand. And peace will return to our land.


Finally, faithful believers, hear this hopeful passage from the book of Joel, chapter 3. I believe we will see, are in the process of seeing, the Lord work His divine plan to wipe out the (truly) guilty and protect the innocent in America.

JOEL 3.16 The LORD also shall roar out of Zion, and utter his voice from (the home of His people); and the heavens and the earth shall shake: but the LORD [will be] the hope of his people, and the strength of His children.
19 …“(The rebellious) shall be a desolate wilderness, for their violence [against] the (innocent), because they have shed innocent blood in their land. 20 But (the innocent) shall dwell for ever, and (their home) from generation to generation. 21 For I will cleanse their blood [that] I have not cleansed: for the LORD dwells in Zion. Joel 3:19-21

God bless and WAKE the soul of every reader, of every believer in America today. May He receive glory.


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  1. There are evil people in the Democrat and Republican Party, but the Democrat party is run by Satan. The Democrats aggressively promote abortion and homosexuality: the Democrat Party is cursed and the cities and states that are run by Democrat mayors and governors are also cursed: this is why so many Democrat-run cities are burning to the ground (literally and figuratively). God is not mocked: whatever a man sows that is what he shall reap. Evil shall slay the wicked. Judgment on the wicked is already here.

    People are waking up more and more to the sin of pedophilia. I believe that the people who scream the loudest and attack President Trump the most are pedophiles and pedophile enablers–like Hollywood and the left wing mass media.

    Turkish News Report on Adrenochrome


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