Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Video (Aug 25) – Election Warnings, etc

Pastor Dana’s latest, for your information and prayerful consideration.

Don’t forget, dreams are not always literal, but often a combination of literal and symbolic imagery. Let those trained in dream interpretation share potential outcomes, and the rest be prepared.

When I say prepared, I mean prepare in the spiritual and prepare in the natural. Preparing in the spiritual: purify your life, your home, and stay in prayer for your family and our nation.

Fast regularly – this is the time. We fast at least once a week, sometimes one meal, sometimes 24 hours. During that time, we pray for our nation, for God’s will to prevail. For leaders to either return to Him or be removed. For God’s people to wake up and get on God’s agenda for the country. And whatever else the Spirit leads on a weekly basis.

Preparing in the natural, just FYI, we will stock our pantry and supplies before November in case we need to stay in our homes a few weeks for safety (like we did during COVID back in the Spring). Don’t forget your pets’ food and supplies. Make sure your home is secure as much as you can make it so. Don’t forget, you can ask the Lord to cover your home in protection every day, and we know from experience He is trustworthy.

Even without hearing any of Pastor Dana’s dreams, I’ve believed we will see more trouble post election. So, let’s be ready in every way we can.

I may add more comments as this new information has time to settle. Until then, stay in Jesus and BE AT PEACE. In Jesus, we are warned, and we can be prepared. Trust Him. Connect with fellow believers and have conversations about these things. Pray together. Talk about how you can support each other in the event of additional trouble.

I would sincerely hope every church in America gets its people on their knees together in prayer for our nation the remainder of this Fall!

God bless all of God’s people. We will get through this, and I still believe next year will be a much better year.

Lord, we praise and adore You! We covet Your Spirit’s filling of us right now as we surrender to You. Forgive us our sinful thoughts and ways. Refresh and renew our spirit in Your wonderful presence.

We once again place our homes, families, and our nation in Your capable hands. We trust Your plan, even when it seems chaos surrounds us. We still choose to trust You. We know You are working all things out for our good!

Restore this nation to Your ways, to Your will. Remove all conniving and ungodly leaders who war against Your Word. Replace them with Your chosen servants who have wisdom and compassion, and who love America.

Protect the leaders You’ve put in place for this time, and cover them and their families. Protect their homes and lives. Secure our constitutional freedoms for generations to come.

The last thing I will ask today, Lord, is please move mountains to install legislation that secures America’s freedom of speech on the internet, in social media. Do not let those who wish to control even what we say or read have their way.

May You get all the glory from us when we see Your plan accomplished! In Jesus name, and for His glory! Amen.

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