White Door Dream – Election 2020 Game Over for Biden?

Monday, August 24, 2020

Dream: I saw a man try to open an impressive white door, literally pressing his body up against it in dramatic fashion. The door was hinged securely on the right, and had a steel lock on the left. The man failed to get in.

Thoughts: The man’s body pressed against the door was the same shape I’ve seen so often in chalk outline images. In common symbolic imagery, it means “dead, game over”.

This dream has a door theme similar to another dream from July 27, when I dreamed of a blue door unhinged on the left side. In that dream, the symbol was of the Democratic party unhinged (in conjunction with another dream that day related to the death two days later of former Republican presidential candidate, Herman Cain, and the Left said he deserved it).

Is this a political dream? Perhaps this dream is the parallel view to the blue door, of maybe the White House door symbolically, safely locked – meaning it will NOT open for anyone else this election season. That the door is also securely hinged on the right means the Right is not unhinged. It is not at risk of losing control or having a meltdown. The other side, however… ? Could be a subtle warning.

Stay in prayer, American believers. 2020 has been a beast and there is more to come.

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