Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Dream (Aug 10) – Warning About October

Once again, I am honored to point my readers to Pastor Dana Coverstone’s latest video on YouTube in which he shares his most recent dream from August 10. Like I said the first time I shared his “Three Prophetic Dreams”, my spirit bears witness with him, with his demeanor and spirit. I know he had these dreams and desires to be of use to God’s people.

So often dreams are full of symbolism. I cannot tell you if his dreams are literal or symbolic, or a combination of both. He says his first dreams (from last year) ended up playing out literally. I believe him. I am very certain this most recent dream is true in the spiritual, is a warning of intense spiritual warfare. How far beyond that in reality it will go, time will tell.

I will share I’ve also had dreams of election cheating, dreams of a bumpy ‘ride’ this Fall, and dream warnings to be prepared and that there will be violence. So, in that sense, Pastor Dana is not alone. And there have been others who’ve been warned through dreams. I’ve shared some of those here on Faith and Fasting in previous weeks.

For those who are curious and for whom denominations matter, I am not apostolic, charismatic, nor pentecostal. I am Protestant evangelical, a lifelong Southern Baptist! I worked twelve years in three “mega-metro” Southern Baptist churches.

About six years ago, I began daily asking the Holy Spirit to fill me, realizing being filled is a daily/as-often-as-needed pursuit, not just something that happens at salvation. And having prophetic dreams is fairly new to me and was shocking, since I wasn’t raised to know they were still relevant today. I began noticing them four years ago, but they ramped up in the Spring of 2019. I believe the Lord is arming His people in these last decades with the full armor and gifts of the Holy Spirit, as He told us He would do in Joel 2 and Acts 2.

Back to Pastor Dana’s newest revelation, I will simply echo him: get and stay in the Word, get right with God, and be prepared in your mind and spirit for anything. I will add, surrender yourself daily to the Holy Spirit and ask Him to fill you. You will perceive the world around you through His eyes and have His guidance when you are surrendered and filled.

Pray and FAST for your family and our nation. We at FAF are fasting once a week for America. Usually it is 24 hours. Sometimes it is a couple of meals. But get in the habit of fasting and teach yourself to do it. If you need guidance on how, check out an earlier post: How to Fast. No fast is too small or without meaning and power to Heaven!

Believers, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. He is able. He is faithful. He is our deliverer.

Let me pray for you today:

Father in Heaven, we adore and look to You. We surrender ourselves right now, and ask you to fill us, Holy Spirit. Give everyone reading this today, and all of Your people, Your wisdom and direction. Let not our hearts be troubled. Show us how to prepare for whatever comes. Comfort our spirits with the TRUTH that You will not let us down. That You are our Provider, and You are our deliverer, that You have a plan and will complete it, for our good!

Join Your people in spirit for the purpose of prayer over our families and country. Also, connect us in person wherever possible, for support and encouragement, that not one of Your people feels left behind or abandoned. Let them feel Your strong and able presence.

Lord, we beg You to go before us this Fall. Deliver us from the violent people. Guard us against our spiritual enemies. Expose and bring justice to every cheat and deceiver in election season. Protect the people’s freedom to vote and express their will for Your land. Direct our choices to align with Your choices. Protect Your land for generations to come in the results of this year’s election!

Finally, we ask you to protect Pastor Dana, his family, and all who speak Your truth in effort to warn Your people. Let no evil or harm come near them! Jesus, we look to You. We trust You. We know this ride may be rough, but our ship will NOT sink. In Your name we ask and believe all these things. Amen.

16 thoughts on “Pastor Dana Coverstone’s Dream (Aug 10) – Warning About October

  1. I firmly believe also in Pastor Dana’s prophecies. Thank you Faith and Fasting for your very needed exhortations especially at this time.




    1. Well, I appreciate that you took the time to comment. I don’t agree with your comment, however. The role of a prophet isn’t necessarily to challenge other specific false prophets, unless the Holy Spirit directs them to do so. The prophet simply hears God’s message and shares it. I’ve no need to defend Pastor Dana, though. We only need to wait a few months to see whether or not he was correct. If he isn’t, we move on. If he is correct, then God’s people were duly warned.


  3. Acts 2:17

    “‘In the last days, God says, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your young men will see visions, your old men will dream dreams.

    Is this what the prophet Joel said would happen? Peter preached it!


    1. Hi, Kim! Thanks for your question. Yes, I believe the Lord IS pouring out His Spirit upon His body in unique ways now.

      By the way, I believe “body” (instead of all flesh or all people) is a more accurate interpretation of Joel 2 and Acts 2. The original language from those passages meant ‘the body’ of God’s people, but KJV used ‘all flesh’ which is a little misleading, and that got spread around thru teachers and subsequent versions. I just learned that a year or two ago and thought you may be interested.

      Back to your comment, I believe the Holy Spirit’s outpouring started in the upper room after the death of Christ, but I believe it is also meant to be a special outpouring in the end times.

      We are now seeing people have dreams and visions who never experienced that before. By God’s grace, He is warning His people thru every means possible. And a beautiful fulfillment of both Joel 2 and Acts 2.

      God is so precious and good to us. May He bless you and your loved ones today and in this season of turmoil in the world!


  4. Advising people to get right with God, get into His word and, be AWAKE, is NEVER WRONG!!!!!! You cannot go wrong with this ADVICE!
    I was saved in a prosperity preaching type of CHURCH, I was NOT saved by this MESSAGE but by seeking for TRUTH. The prosperity message has never sat right with me , and I have also been praying about the coming revival, and if there will truly be a wealth transfer…..I pray every day for his help, and HIS WILL to be DONE! I seek the TRUTH, not traditions of MEN!!!!!

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  5. Christ is coming for his bride, and I believe the women have not yet had their full place in the BODY! After being SAVED. I had a dream so vivid…I will never forget…the basics… I was taken to a farmhouse, I was working in the back yard in a garden with another, a harvest angel of the Lord came and took my hand, saying this was not where I was to work. The angel took me to the front of the house, and pointed to all the fields of potatoes across the road. She said…that is where you will be WORKING! And I was in AWE! Bracing ourselves is not ALL BAD….we should be prepared for some troublesome TIMES! HOWEVER…we should also be prepared to step into all we are meant to BE in Christ…as WE are made for such a time as THIS!

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  6. The BIBLE needs to be read as an entire book, not just by selected verses. SO MANY well intended Christians are quoting that no one knows the day and the hour…which is true…but the rest of the story, 1 Thess. 5 verse But you brothers and sisters ….are NOT in darkness, so that THIS DAY should NOT surprise you like a thief… on…so be AWAKE!!!! Encourage one another and build each other up! Christians who have spent little time in God’s word are tearing down their OWN!! How the enemy delights in this!


    1. Agree! Encourage you to check out my post from sometime back: Revelation 12 Study. In it, I actually hypothesize the year. He said we wouldn’t know the hour or day, but He never said we couldn’t figure out the year. It is a hypothesis, and probably many would disagree, but who knows? See what you think.


    2. Also, if you haven’t already, might consider my post about the Rapture (from maybe April?). The Holy Spirit showed me a few years ago where in Revelation the Rapture takes place. See if you agree with the logic, as I followed the trail of breadcrumbs to the conclusion. God bless you, Lori!


  7. Thank YOU! I just newly discovered your site when checking for Pastor Danas latest dream. I’m just starting to wade through some of your material. Looking forward to IT! My prayer right now is for the church body, particularly the women, be positioned where we are to BE! Giftings have been left unused! I’m currently learning to play GUITAR, and have started to write my own Christian songs! I really feel the Holy Spirit is stiring up the creative juices! I have the feeling of time being accelerated, and a mixture of a slight fear of the unknown, and excitement, as we step into our positions and giftings in these last days. I have been studying the Bible for the past 17 years. WhenI became a Christian I made it my mission to study and read the entire Bible that first YEAR! I was particularly interested in discovering how God viewed women in the church body. God placed a book into my path…In the Spirit We are Equal by Susan C. Hyatt…based on the book God’s Word to women by Katharine C. Bushnell. I encourage any woman reading this post to read this book, and become free to be all you are meant to be in Christ!!!! I was also made aware of the deliverance ministry, very early into my conversion, when I was bringing people to the ALPHA Christianity COURSE! I too love to do biblical research!!
    God rewards SEEKERS…..the verse from …. I believe proverbs, comes to mind….IT IS THE Nature of God to conceal a matter, BUT THE NATURE Of KINGS to SEARCH out a matter! We are KINGS KIDS!….so YES..,we are not to be in darkness, but be awate of the times we are IN!!!

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  8. Sent a reply, but not certain where it WENT! Technology is not my area of GIFTING! Thank you for your SUGGESTIONS! I just recently found this site and am enjoying going through your many STUDIES! The Rapture article was interesting, and Yes I am hoping that the church will be gone by the time of the Mark of the beast! I have thought perhaps Rev. 8 ,verse 1 might be when Jesus and his angels have gone to get the church because of the half an hour of SILENCE! The verse that comes to mind is from Proverbs I think….It is the nature of God to conceal a m,atter, and the nature of Kings to SEARCH out a matter…..and we are KINGS KIDS! God DEFINATELY rewards those who are SEEKING answers, And we learn so much in the JOURNEY! Continuing to enjoy your studies as I navigate THROUGH!
    Oh…yes your theory of the possible year was interesting ALSO! Without study I would guess 2040…only because 40 is such a generational turn around in the Bible. Your studies suggest 2070, and you have certainly done more study than I in this AREA! Thanks for all of your amazing research and INSIGHT! Again…I will continue to navigate THROUGH!!!!

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    1. Thank you for sharing your heart and journey! Just so you know, my blog has comments go to pending until I approve them in order to weed out spam solicitations… I love your comments on women. You are right, we have not all stepped up to our role, but like you, I believe we are waking now and ongoing. Thank you so much for visiting Faith and Fasting, and God bless and use you for His glory mightily on your amazing journey!


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