Message from the Spirit – Trump Prophecy?

Party of dark awareness, you will not win a fight against a 600-foot tall man.

Waking this morning, in that split second between sleep and awake, I heard those exact words very distinctly.

For comparison, the Washington Monument is 555 feet tall. Trump Tower in Manhattan is 664 feet tall. Take a look at normal humans standing next to the height of the Washington Monument, for reference:

This message could have one of two directions in its aim, in my estimation. And it may intend both.

Of course, it could be only a spiritual reference to the powers of darkness against God. They may win some battles, but they will not win the war.

The use of the word “party” in America often makes us think political party. But, it could also mean any individual or group in a general sense.

Very curious is the phrase, “dark awareness”. Remember, when we are dealing with messages from the Holy Spirit in whatever form they come, usually the message is not literal, but symbolic. And, most often is a message to be interpreted in spiritual terms.

So, in pondering that phrase, I finally landed upon the story of Adam and Eve. They were “unaware” they were naked so long as they remained in innocent obedience to God. But, as soon as they disobeyed His direct order, their eyes were opened and they knew they were unclothed. In other words, their awareness of sin brought along with it a sense of vulnerable exposure.

So, a “party of dark awareness”, to me means a group that is in spiritual darkness, disobedient to God, His word or His values. But their awareness does not bring with it enlightenment. They remain in darkness.

The symbol of the 600-foot man sounds spiritually to me like someone behind whom IS the Lord. Someone God Himself contends for…

I honestly didn’t think immediately of Trump. But, when I went to look up 600-foot tall buildings for comparison of the height mentioned in the message, the first one that came up in a search was the Washington Monument. That switched my thinking to Washington, D.C., which, together with the word “party” pushed me to consider this as another potential election prophecy.

Then, out of curiosity, for another comparison, I looked up Trump Tower. I was shocked to learn 600 feet would be almost the exact height in-between Trump Tower and the Washington Monument. Well, there is only one man who is currently directly connected to both D.C. in such a monumental way, and Trump Tower. Donald Trump.

That’s it for now. I leave this for others to determine in the Spirit what it means to you.

[Update: By September 3, I had realized there was more to this message than first understood. For a deeper investigation in Bible Code style, see companion post: Spirit Code: Exploring the Biblical Matrix.

By way of reminder, I have created a page which compiles ALL of my dreams and visions for America, in particular. Each new one will be added there in case anyone now or ever wants to see them all contained in one place. That page has its own tab just above under the header, which will also note whenever it is updated, as it was today. It is:

Dreams and Visions for America

We at Faith and Fasting are still fasting once a week (for the remainder of 2020) for our nation here in America. Please join us! Or do so for your nation! What can God do if every yielded believer is fasting and praying for their land? Gives me happy shivers to think about it.

God bless you all today!

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